foam around pipes / sill

andrelaplume2January 23, 2009

I am starting to XPS my basement and I have noticed 2 things around the 'sill' area. First I was surprised that this area with only fg shoved in there was NOT drafty at all. I noticed no air movement even after pulling the fg out. That was until I got to areas with pipes! I noticed a draft and after pulling out the fg. The draft was 10 times worse and you could see where the opening is much larger than the pipe. How could this have been left this way! I assume I should buy a can of foam and foam around the pipes? Is there a certain type? I heard about a foam that does not expand as much so as not to break the pipe? Also, I assume this foam should not be used in areas where there is by the dryer vent.

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Polyurethane foams are okay around the dryer vent, says DOW.

I prefer the low-expansion foams so you don't overfill, waste and make a mess.

How could this have been left this way!

Sometimes you're lucky and get an installer with a diamond hole saw. Other installers will hack away till they get the pipe in. Then the builder just stuffs whatever's lying around in the opening.

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