Where to find Blue Star in Metro Atlanta?

acreed4January 31, 2009

Does anyone know of a showroom in Atlanta that carries Blue Star appliances? I can't seem to contact the only GA reseller listed on the Blue Star website, and the FL-based distributor says the GA company is the only guy in town...

Surely this can't be true?

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We tried to see one before we changed our minds and got the Lacanche. I had a similar experience. I could find only one distributor listed in Atlanta. When I called, the first guy barely knew that they carried them and said they didn't have one on display anyway. The second guy said the same, but also said that they had one that had been returned still in the back that we could see. That, among others, was what started us on the path to a different range.

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Thanks for the response, clinresga. That's very odd for a city this size. How long ago did you try to contact the distributor? I'm going to press my luck and try calling again tomorrow. I can't write-off BlueStar without due diligence, as this forum really seems to love them. And they're cheaper than a lot of the competition, too!

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There's definitely a yin-yang to the opinions about BS ranges on this forum. Be sure to spend some time looking over some of the countless threads here. Most are tremendously happy with the high BTU capacity etc, but opinions are much more divided on quality of construction, igniter problems, and customer service which has apparently ranged from terrible to outstanding. Sounds like since the addition of the white glove service many issues are better now. There was also a thread questioning the financial stability of the company, but many who appear to have information posted to contradict that. Just do your due diligence.

I did just check the website: it was the Guy Gunter dealership that I had contacted and which gave me such minimal interest. Perhaps that's changed.

Here's a quick link that's interesting

Here is a link that might be useful: citysearch review

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I saw that citysearch review the other day. It's a little disheartening on two levels. First, it's never good to get a bad review; and second, it's generally not a good idea to wait 20 months to post a rebuttal! That said, I'm refusing to give up so easily. I'll be sure to post a follow-up if I'm able to contact the distributor.

Thanks again for the wonderful information!

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I believe it was Guy Gunter that I spoke with in my search for a Range. The local distributors were more interested in showing me their products than Guy.

Needless to say I elected to purchase from a non-local source.

acreed4 - this is not the only example of things that I find odd about the way Atlanta operates/has to offer for a city as large as it is.

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Guy Gunter is the only (or at least was) retailer in Atlanta for the Blue Star. They did have a unit on the floor to look at but it was an older model. (Might not even be there anymore) You could always go there to see the range and then purchase elsewhere. There may be some showrooms in TN or AL that wouldn't be too far of a drive.

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My 36"RNB is almost 4 years old now. I think Gunter wanted to show me some other brand, saying it was 'just the same' at the time. I never even went into their shop as a result. The regional distributor in Tampa quoted me jacked-up prices. I finally saw one while on vacation in MA, and I bought mine from the left coast and had it shipped in. Hooked it up and started it up myself.

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