rude neighbor is also courtesy cop

ddiannaApril 9, 2005

We live on the bottom floor of the apartment complex with our baby that is severely brain damaged and has cerebral palsy. Our upstairs neighbor has gotten consistantly louder in the last month and has not stopped when we tried to address the situation with him and his daughter. He is also our courtesy officer. What do you do when your courtesy officer is harrasing you at 1 am by stomping around and slamming cabinets?

We are at our wits end and the apartment is paying his rent just to live here and keep the peace!

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My heart just goes out to you.

I am not familiar with courtesy officers but from your post, is he supposed to be some sort of a liason between management and the tenants? A go-to if tenants are having problems with each other? This is just shameful - he should know better. You have spoken to him "neighbor to neighbor". He sounds spiteful so I would not deal with him anymore one to one.

I can suggest you speaking to your landlord about this. Don't know how successful you will be if he is working for them. What does your lease say about nuisance noise?

Can you move? If that is an option, you can speak to management about moving you to another apartment of theirs or moving out of the complex all together.

If all else fails, a lawyer might be able to help you. Just document everything - who you have spoken to, etc. Good luck.

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Yes, He is supposed to "keep the peace" Ha.

I tried to leave a letter on his door again today, since he does not answer when I knock about communicating and trying to be good neighbors, blah blah etc.

He slammed the door and yelled something at me, couldnt figure out what it was. I have just decided to make a formal complaint to the apt managers and owners by certified mail. Someone with that much power as a cop, can really try to mess with you, and I really want to get out of here.

I pray for a peaceful resolve, but I am not sure that is possible at this point.

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AT 1AM? I'd call the apartment management AND the cops. The REAL cops.

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Re: calling the cops--I think ddianna's neighbor IS a "real cop." That's what makes this problem so tricky. Apt. complexes like to have cops living in their properties, especially if they drive their squad cars home.

Go forward with the certified letter complaint; I'd ask to be moved to another unit. Unless he's a real danger or menace, I wouldn't think it'd be worth tackling any further than that. And you'd have to go the lawyer route instead of the cop route... not fun, not easy.

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If he's a "real" cop, I would have a chat with his superiors. Getting free rent doesn't entitle him to act like a jerk.

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But complaining to the cops about a cop can be risky, depending on how entrenched the "good ol' boy" system is in your area...

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