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CherFebruary 7, 2012

Both pots I've had for 40 years. First pot as I recall there are no markings on it. Beautiful pot and too heavy with the sand and silk flowers for me to try and pick up. Not dumping it out right now, but I recall checking the bottom outside and saw nothing as I recall. I'm assuming some kind of chamber pot on the second one, although taller than normal? First one probably just decorative.

Number 1

Next pot has had the handle broke. Bad glue job. Need to redo it. The signature is not real readable but I believe it says Homer Laughlin which I've found on the web.

Number 2

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The brown one is exquisite. I have seen the daffodil pattern in Weller Louwelsa.........and it's not always marked. It was produced from 1895-1924. Rookwood, another Ohio pottery, also did a daff in the dark glaze, but theirs is almost always marked.

Where did you come by this vase? Don't get rid of it until you can have it checked out by someone familiar with art pottery, just in case. If it is something like Louwelsa, it doesn't come cheap.

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Thanks calliope. Yes looks just like Weller Louwelsa from searching on the web. This would be it for sure. Believe me it's going no where. One of my very favorite pieces and sits in the LR. I am in Ohio so I can understand even more so having come upon it when I did. It's been 40 years and at that time I did a lot of auctions in small towns where the deals tended to be better. :)

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Weller made quite a few daffodil patterns in the Louwelsa line....it's that signiture deep dark glaze that got me!
There were several potteries that made similar looking stuff, with that deep glaze, among them Roseville as well as Weller....and others but unfortunatly my midn won't recall the names.
Almost always such fine wares were marked....but not always. I have a small "Weller-ish" piece that has no mark.
But it's lovely....most likely Weller based on the shape of the pot.....which is just a hunch on my part.
But....know it's not your basic $50 cache pot!! Treat it well!
Linda C

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Most of the Ohio potteries did that dark, shiny glaze at some point in their history but Rookwood and Weller's just always stood out to me. The glaze is more intense. The daff is not a perfect match to the one I found on the net, but those were hand painted, so there will be some leeway on design. Tell me, on the brown piece, is there a raw edge on the bottom, or is it totally glazed. You can rule out certain potteries with that info. Or do you want to lift it filled with sand? LOL.

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calliope, calliope, calliope. :) You made me lay on the floor and lift/tilt and the bottom feels smooth but is not dark glazed like the top, but guess what? It's been years since I looked at the bottom since it's so heavy with what I have in it and I don't want to be moving it all over because I sure don't want anything happening to it. There is an engraved signature of louwelsa and weller directly below that. I could manage to get it tilted again and get a photo, but my camera is not the best, but the below is lighter colored so it's possible. When I tilted it to see bottom is when I saw something and thought well darn, now I have to try and pick it up to see what that marking is. LOL

So are you assuming this one was hand painted and that is why there isn't any exact photos of this particular pattern?

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LOL! I thought it screamed WELLER!!!.
Of course it was hand painted.....and there were lots of different daffodils depicted on Louwelsa Weller pieces.
See the assortment here.

Your other pot is either a slop jar or a sugar bowl....depending on the size.....and in spite of the bad repair, very desirable because of the christmas themed decoration.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: Louwelsa daffodils

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Thanks Lindac. You guys were right on it. The other pot by Homer Laughlin is as big as the Weller. In fact I just measured it and it's 10 inches tall by 14 inches wide (tip of handle to tip of handle). This one is not loaded with sand/dirt so easier to move, but I wanted the brown one on my floor and knew it was important to weight it. The handle on the white one I can't even remember if it was already broke or if I did it. One of these days I will get it loose and try a little better attach.

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I checked the link you gave for Louwelsa Daffodils and saw one similar but mine is bigger. I just measured it and it's 10 inches tall and approximately 14 inches wide also. Knew these 2 pots were about the same size. Thanks so much you two.

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Danged nab it Lady.....you hit the jackpot!

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I would assume it's a jardinier. Weller made a daffy pedestal base to hold them.

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