Help Identify Antique 5 gallon Crock Jar and Lid? Unusual!

shantichristoFebruary 1, 2014

Glad to be on the forum. I generally obersrve from a distance and cruise in and out of topics of discussion, but have reached a point in my current research in which I have been unable to find an answer, so I have decided to submit a post and see if there are any people who might have some information on this item. I am an avid researcher but have been unable to drag up any information on this Old Crock I came across a while back. I run with a bucnch of People in my local community who collect and deal with antiques, even crocks inparticular, and they have not been able to identify, or have not seen anything like this Crock.
It is a large stone ware crock and lid with no observable marks at all. It has a painted image that covers the front, although I do not believe it was original to the Crock, but would have been done at a later date, although the painting is still old in itself. The image is painted on, and not fused with the glaze. The writing on the painting says " Potassium Permanganate" and has a picture of a morter and peastal.
The Crock is glazed inside and out on both the crock and lid. It has two unique handles and a recessed lip that fits perfectly in the lid. The uniqueness of this crock exists in its shape and size. It is semetrical without and flaring lips or bulbous contours. It resembles a storage jar, but it is larger than anything I have seen. The Crock is 16" to lip, & 11" in diameter. I was able to fit 5 gallons of water in it.

If you could help me come up with any information pertaining to this crock, or have any ideas of where I can look, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you

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I googled it and the contents of the crock were used for poultry diseases and is poisonous. I'm sure others will give alot more info than what I found. I'll be following your thread.

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It was widely used as a disinfectant before antibiotics.

My guess is that it was used to mix up large quantities of solution for farm use.

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