Furniture for first apartment

marti8aApril 1, 2009

My youngest is looking at furniture (actually finds it & wants ME to go look at it) for her first apartment. I have encouraged her to get a loveseat and a chair or two instead of a full sized sofa so it will fit any apartment, but sent me links for sofa & loveseat sets.

She does have a time crunch and I don't mind going after something if it is sure she wants it, but I still have the feeling that a sofa and loveseat in an apartment will take up too much space. I don't have the apartment room sizes but I don't think any rooms were oversized, just standard.

What furniture works in the apartments you have been in?

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When my cursor hovers over your link it goes to a vacation rental booking agency so I am not going to click it on.

Measure the rooms and doorways. Go from there.

Keep in mind that a loveseat cannot be used for sleeping for those impromptu overnight guests or even for laying down and watching TV, if that is how one likes to relax. Some people just do not like to sit close to others and a sofa instead of a loveseat makes more sense.

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I didn't post a link.

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The living room dimensions are 14x17 and that includes the entry and some dining space, since the dining room is only 9x9. There is only one solid wall, the other wall has windows and fireplace.

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I'd encourage you to cross post in Home Decorating forum here as well. It's loaded with whiz bang gals n guys with lots of decorating ideas!

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There was a link in your post. Now it is gone. I saw a thread that says GW is putting links in some posts on their own.

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Hmmm, all I know is that I didn't put one in there. I didn't see one after I first posted and then checked it either. Maybe it was a popup? Those things sure are annoying.

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A loveseat and a chair or two give you more furniture arranging options. They are also easier to move if you are doing all the moving yourself. How long does your daughter plan to stay in this apartment?

Dilly brings up a good point about sleeping on the couch. If your daughter wants to have guests, she can also look at loveseats that open out to a bed, but remember that those are heavy, if at any point she may be moving herself. Your daughter needs to look at what her plans are for this furniture.

The scale of the furniture is also a factor. There are huge sofas and smaller ones. If she got a smaller sofa and loveseat, or a smaller sofa and two chairs, thney might work well in the space.

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I don't think she has planned how long she will stay. Her lease is a year and then I guess it will depend on job and how well she likes where she is. She is getting a 2 bedroom apt so unless she gets a roommate, she will have guest room.

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If it is likely she will be moving a lot, check out the light weight LR furniture that places like Ikea and Target sell. It comes in apartment size dimensions, nothing too bulky. It won't last forever but it is still pretty good quality for the price and best of all - stylish!

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I remember my first apartment. It was many years ago because I am a little aged. But, my furniture consisted of a console tv, one of those foam couches, boxes with sheets on them for stands.

It wasnt much but it was home :)

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I just moved into a place with a living room about 14x17 and getting a loveseat through the door was a bit of a job in itself. I plan on just getting chairs that I can easily arrange for additional seating, so I'm with you. But she can probably handle a full sized couch and love seat if she doesn't plan on having much more furniture in the room (ie, a desk area or lots of shelves), but it'll definitely be limiting and tight. I'm not sure if you've looked at the apartment yet but if you look at it together maybe she can discuss how she plans on arranging the furniture and you can provide feedback on why or why not it'll work. She may warm up to the idea of a loveseat and chairs or you may see how her ideas might work.

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I would think a couch could fit in a room with those dimensions. Most people would rather crash on a couch than make up the bed inside of a fold out loveseat. Also, when they have the hide-a-bed (whether it is couch or loveseat) those frames make the furniture SO HEAVY. Just opt for a regular couch since A: she wants it B: it'll do double duty. Good point about making sure you can get it up steps and around corners for moving, though. Been there, done that.

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