Illegal credit reporting from landlorf

hbo08April 9, 2005

Please help me!!! Two years ago I moved out of an apartment complex after my lease ended. My lease ended in July but I asked if I could extend to a one month lease in which I moved out in August. Well, two years later it shows up on my crdit report that I owe $1100 for what I have no idea. However, the attorney office they are using for my collection says that I only owe $800 which includes attorney fees. The apartment complex never sent anything to me informing me that I owed them anything and then they report a different amount to the credit bureau than they report to their collection attorney. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem!!!!!!

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did you pay in full the extra time you spent in your apt?

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I paid the extra month in full. As a matter of fact there was a $50.00 extra change for a month to month lease.

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Write a dispute to all the credit bureaus and include a copy of your check showing the amount paid.

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It may be a simple mistake--write the dispute, as indicated.

And, you might also consider contacting the landlord and asking what's up.

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