Avoid a Rent Increase

bwbwbwApril 25, 2006

Hey all,

I recently wrote an article about steps you can take to avoid a rent increase come lease renewal time.....what to put in your letter, how to negotiate with the company, etc. If your company or landlord has proposed a lease renewal and wants to up your rent, you may be able to weasel your way out of it - possibly. Here's my article:


Good luck. I know it has worked for some folks.

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Most landlords could care less about these reasons. A buddy of mine raises his rent everytime he buys a new vehicle. The raised rent pays his new car payment.

I just had a tenant look at an apt available June 1st. He tried to reason with me how good a tenant he was, he would pre pay all his rent but wanted to move in July 1st. He said I wouldn't have to show it again etc. I said June 1st take it or leave it. I knew he was good BUT the next person was even better and is moving in June 1.

Landlords mostly want their $$$$ and no phone calls. Vacancies also don't scare us. Its part of the P/L sheet. Also if your landlord has owned the building for a few years, like me, you only need around a 70% occupancy to break even.

On the other hand I never have risen any rents other than when I take over a property. That may have to change next summer but for now I have never risen rent in the 10 years I have done this.

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