framing question - perimeter radiator plumbing

homeboundJanuary 12, 2007

I am framing basement walls, and want to make it "not impossible" to access the perimter radiator line, should there ever be a leak, etc.

I need all the ceiling I can get, and don't have the space to build the wall in front of the line, either. Not a good place for a soffit, either. So I'm thinking of having the wall framing end below the ceiling joists (and below the radiator plumbing), and then attaching the wall to the ceiling joist every so often with some sort of vertical nailer.. I'd then extend the wallboard over the radiator lines.

Generally speaking, is that doable or will that get flagged in the framing inspection? Thanks.

BTW, I considered furring it down in just a couple spots, but the wall top would still be "in the way".

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