upstairs neighbor constantly fighting!!!

nichole32285April 3, 2006

hi everyone, i live in a huge apartment complex. have lived there for about 5 months in the past few months have had problems with my upstairs neighbors.i dont think they are married and they cant be more than 19 years old. they have violent fights on a regular basis where i can hear her sreaming and crying and they throw stuff around and stomp constantly. i have called the police two times when the fights were really bad and i feared for her safety but they never do anyhting or even remove anyone from the apartment. i informed my lease office and they said that they couldnt do anything except send a letter and for me to keep caliing the police. since then i have not called because they know its me and they already dont like me or my husband (the woman, or girl calls me names under her breath every time she walks by)but i have tried to ignore it, because i dont want any problems but yesterday as i was coming out of the laundrymat she came up to me screaming calling me nasty names and asking me why i called the police on her so much and why dont i confront her if i have a problem. i kept my head and didnt really yelled back. this time i didnt call the police i called the courtsey officer and he came by of course her and her friends had left just before he got there. i tried to call the lady in the lease office and she has not called me back. so of course i spent all of yesterday listening to them stomp and yell and bang on things as loud as they can. i do not know what to do in this situation but i feel threatened by her and dont feel comfortable in my home. what can i do or what rights do i have?

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What does your lease say about quiet enjoyment and harassment of other tenants? If you can not get your landlord to take action, you have every right to file an official noise complaint with the police department, then bring the people above you to court.


Continue to insist that your landlord handle the matter, putting everything in writing, signing and dating it.


Consider moving away. This is not a situation I would want to exist in.

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Unfortunately, nothing will probably get done until someone gets seriously hurt, or God forbid, killed. Sadly, sometimes this is whatusually happens in certain instances before the police get involved. If you have to move, though, that may be the best course of action. If the landlord objects, especially if you are still in the middle of your lease, tell him or her to stop ignoring your complaints. If anything, though, the upstairs tennats should be evicted for repeatedly breaching the peace and creating a hostile living environment for other tennants. Good luck.

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Hi Nicole, I lived below a couple that fought all the time to where it was violent and we just ignored it instead because it was a regular thing for them. But it was the wife that was violent. She was not small either, but her hubby is. They broke there window 2 times which the had to pay for. We actualy got the popcorn ready to listen to there usual fight. had no choice because walls were so thin. The lady below us did call police though and it started a war between them. I was afraid of the lady above to and that is why i stayed nuetral. But we moved out to ge away from it all. The only suggestion i can give ya is to ask complex office if they have another apartment you can go to. But keep a dialogue on when you complain and what they say to you and when. This way if anything happens, you have it down. Kim

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Keep calling the police. If their fighting really bad, eventually the police will get there when their fighting and beable to hear them themselves... An arrest is not going to be made, unless their is a "sign" of domestic violence or one of the two says they were assualted by the other. Its a shame that the girl is "protecting" her man... and taking this punishment.

I would not move. Just keep calling the police and document everything. Inform your landlord that they need to do something. Keep on your LL.

I think eventually something will happen and someone will go to jail. If your neighbor confronts you again, just ignore her, I know it makes for tough living conditions... just call the police once in the saftey of your home. If they stomp around and bang things ect... call the police. Eventually the police are going to get tired of coming out and will take action against your neighbor. Police are obligated to respond to domestice violence calls. I'm sure your neighbor, though she or he will never admit it, are embarrassed as hell that the cops have paid them a visit a few times. Trust me, a little embarrassment goes along way...

Hang in there and stay safe.


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it's been a while since your post, but I wanted to make this point: you really MUST tell te landlord, in writing, that she has approached you in a hostile way. And that you feel threatened. Because establishing this could turn out to be one more piece of ammo they can you (or you can force them to use) to force them out.

If you ever feel you want to say something should the girl confront you, just say the same phrase over and over: "I'm afraid for you; I wouldn't want you to get hurt, and me not doing anything to help." no other words, just something short--maybe even just "I'm afraid for you." no matter WHAT she says, you stick to that phrase (whatever you do, don't say "it upsets me"--make it be about her safety)

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I agree with Talley Sue NYC.

I have a problem with my neighbor as you may or may not know... one two occasions they have made comments to me or about me while I was in ear shot. The first was no big deal for the most part; my wife beat on the wall when they were making way to much noise... My neighbor (he) didn't like that at all, and told us to "F#ck off" (or something to that effect), whatever shows there maturity level. Of course I don't go out of my way to find trouble, but if confronted by it I will respond with whatever it takes to address the situation... so I yelled back "F--- you to, come on over and do something about it"... infact I even said "PLEASE COME OVER AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT" (I know it was not the smartest thing to do, but I did it and its to late now). Needless to say they (he) didn't come over (was not surprised). The second time "they" made a comment was not to me but about me while I was in ear shot. There comment to most people would not of offended most people, but it did me. Though I did not respond verbally, because it was not directly to me... I did stop what I was doing (I was outside) and "looked" in their direction until they got in their car. As (he) was getting in the car, he yelled out "our we making to much noise for you"... whatever... Now fast forward to my point of all this... Since the loud music has been going on and on and I've complained 5 other times about it and never stopped. Last Friday I went to the Corporate Office of my Management Company... one of the things I made clear to the company rep, was that if they made comments like they had made before, that there would be a problem and that I will solve it on my terms; I told the Rep that it wasen't a warning or a threat, it was a promise because I didn't appriecate the comments they had made. Since that little visit to the corp office, I haven't had problems with my neighbor (so far), but I'm pesamistic (spelling) and I know its only a matter of time and it will happen again.

For you though, you must inform your landlord of what happened. She confronted you when she had "friends" around... my experiances in life tell me people that act "tough" when friends are around, are nothing when their all allow. But to be on the safe side, just avoid her directly. One day she will thank you, maybe not in person, but maybe through God (if you believe). Your doing the right thing for her safety, just make certain you stay safe. And keep calling the cops if they keep fighting.


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