does this little area need to 'breath'

andrelaplume2January 18, 2010

I have been insulating my basement with XPS. The other day, at the foot of my stairs, while on a ladder I felt a bad draft coming from the area directly above the stairway landing. I pulled back the fg insulation and saw this little cubby area. I realized this was the area directly below the entry closet above. I then reach over and down and felt concrete and realized this must be part of the bump out in my garage where the closet is. This cubby was the space under the closet but over the concrete garage floorÂI think! Well I xpsÂd the area in the basement off and the draft is gone. Now I am wondering if that was a good idea. Does this area need to breath? Will moisture come up thru the concrete and have no where to goÂie cause mold. Might the area nw just Âbreath into the garage? Should I maybe drill a few pilot holes in the drywall in the garage to let it breath? Or is it ok just leaving it xpsÂd off?

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The perm rate of XPS is approximately 1.1, so it does not trap moisture. Instead, moisture passes through very slowly. Leave the XPS in place.

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I just was not sure if it left enough go thru. So, since it lets the moisture go I in trouble where I affixed my drywall directly to the slotted 1.5" XPS...with no vapour barrier between the 2? I do not recall seeing one necesary on site instructions for installed the XPS?

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No vapour barrier is necessary.

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