Please help...the people below

tenngalApril 20, 2005

I live on the 2nd floor of a very nice complex, the people that live on the 1st floor are starting to work my nerve and I wnat to gather some information before I visit them. I takes alot to make me angry but I am reaching my point with them.

Has anyone else had to deal with the person under them jogging in their apartment? Sometimes it being done so hard I can barely walk around. The second thing is I don't know what they are doing do there but last night on the couch and when I went to bed I felt something that can be best described as a electrical pulse at my feet and my head that was releasing heat. Does anyone know what that is? It is very annoying and I am 99.99% sure it is coming from the apartment below. I have never meet them or had any sort of conversation with them. Please help!

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That's wild you can actually feel the downstairs neighbor running? Sounds like some freaky stuff is going on down there.

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or a very badly built building, which means that it hasn't OCCURRED to them that you can hear them.

So don't get mad--they aren't deliberately making your life tough. They don't have a CLUE--how could they?

And if you can hear them UPstairs, I bet they can hear you.

So just communicate with them. Start w/ the attitude that they surely would be willing to do something if they knew, but they don't, so you're going to politely tell them, and ask them to do something about it.

Ask them about the vibration/heat thingie, as though you're puzzled and wonder what it could be, and want to be sure it's not dangerous. (I'm stumped, frankly, at what would make a vibration & heat goint UP through the ceiling)/

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uhm... I think that's two separate issues.

the 'jogging' issue is one thing- what exactly do you mean by 'it is being done so hard I can hardly walk around'? is your floor vibrating or something?

the electricity and heat surge is different- and one you should be talking to your GP about, not your building manager. even on the off chance that you were living in a steel-frame building with an HUGE power line problem (that would have resulted in the place burning down long before you moved in) an EMP surge wouldn't be able to follow you from the couch to the bed.

it sounds more like the constant distraction of the first problem is causing an autonomic response in your own body- the next step would be insomnia.

I'd start by calling the building manager or landlord, and report a 'strange vibration' in the floor- it's is entirely possible that instead of your neighbors, it's something along the lines of 'water hammer' where a pipe has come loose, and every time the water runs anywhere in the building, the pipe 'shivers' against the wall or your floor joists.

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I am also surprised that you can hear your neighbors jogging. It does not sound like a nice complex if you can hear them running downstairs and feel the vibration. I am wondering what kind of activities go on down there.

If you go talk to them, ask them if they experience the same activities that you are experiencing. See what their reaction is before you go and make a complaint.

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One more thing I want to add...regarding the electrical pulse. Have someone over to take a look. When I first moved into my condo, I heard this piercing noise at night and it was very annoying. I was convinced that my neighbor (not sure which) was operating an applicance. I could not figure what it was and dealt with it for over two years. The noise was not constant. I could not complain not know where the source was or knew when the noise was going to return. Then later I found out that it was the building's water heater. It had something to do with the pressure. The people live next to it could not sleep and made numerous complains but the HOA and builder did nothing because they scheduled a time to come over, the noise was not there. The people complained and there were time they shut the entire building's water supply off because it got so bad. It must have gotten someone's attention and the problem was eventually fixed.

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I had a Honeywell air cleaner running in my second floor apartment. Eventually the people downstairs told me it caused a loud humming in their apartment. I tried raising it off the floor, but eventually gave up and just turned it off.

Your people may have something like that and not know that the wall/ceiling amplifies the sound.

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You can't walk because the people downstairs jog?
"electrical pulse at my feet and my head that was releasing heat."

You are joking right? Trying to see how many will take you serious? If not, Jerry Springer, Maury and Dr. Phil would all like to meet you.

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GammyT, maybe you should try Dr. Phil or Jerry Springer...I know what is going on, I may not be using the right words to describe what I feel but I know that it is weird. So much so that I bought out my lease and purchased a townhome. I still have the apartment for two months let me know if you would like to stay in it.

I appreciate everyone's suggestions, I went downstairs several times and never got an answer, this experience has turned me off with apartment all together.

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