Valuation of a Vintage Doll?

cherry123February 3, 2013

Hi everyone !
I found this doll hidden in a box in the garage. I dont know anything about her. There is no label but as you can see the doll is in an excellent condition. The make up, clothes and the wooden hanger are quite preserved.

Judging from the photos ,what can you tell me about the doll? Which period is she from? How valuable is it?


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more pics

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last pic

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From the look of the fabrics and other materials used, I strongly suspect this is a very good modern reproduction, not vintage at all.

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Yes, the modeling of the face is also very recent -- 1990s on. Plus, it looks like the eyelashes are glued-on "hair," not painted.

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Yep, I agree. New(er) doll. Not vintage. That doesn't necessarily mean she has little value. I don't collect dolls but know that there is (or *was* pre-recession) a strong secondary market. If she's not marked would seem to me chances for value are much less.


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Dolls are usually marked on the back or neck area near the wig line... If you find no mark examine the rest of the dolls body. Any newer dolls worth collecting are marked with a signature (designer) and a number. She looks to be a quality doll!

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I am a doll collector. This doll is one that might have been sold by Ashton Drake or a similar company. They aren't vintage nor are they molded after antique dolls that were made in Germany or France. Her face is just someone's artistic creation made to sell to the doll collector who likes pretty dolls. At best, the original price might have been in the $50 plus or minus range and might have been sold with a "certificate of authenticity" which does nothing for the actual value. I think you might be lucky to get $10 - $15 for her.

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Sorta like a "collector's plate", huh?

Didn't Marie Osmond used to sell dolls on QVC? I watched a few of those shows and remember a few had those certificates.


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Exactly! The Collector's Plate is a good analogy!

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cherry123, Go to your local library & look at Doll Reader magazines or check out 2 or 3 from different yrs if possible & you'll likely see her in there. Lot of these dolls sold for more than $50 so try to find out which 1 she is. Also the other company that had collector's plates sold dolls, oh, Bradford Exchange. Look on their website & you may see her.

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cherry123 - not to burst your bubble, but these dolls are a dime a dozen! Doesn't matter how much they cost originally, it's what a buyer is willing to pay today that is the price you'll realize.

She appears to be a run-of-the-mill doll, nothing particular stands out to put her in the category of "valuable". MHO only though.

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