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oldcraftyFebruary 18, 2013

I have never posted in this forum before. I post on garden junk and someone there suggested I ask here. I was putting together this mushroom that I planned on putting in my garden and was told there may be too much value in this shade to do that. I purchased it at a garage sale and threw away all the actual lamp parts because I only planned to use the shade. It is 21 inches in diameter and was a hanging lamp. No markings of any kind on shade as to who made it. I have in the past few days been offered $100.00 for the shade and am wondering if anyone in this forum has any input to help me know what I've got and if indeed that price is reasonable.

All suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Double clicking the pic will enlarge it

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This pattern is referred to as Dragonfly, for obvious reasons. I looked in my book "Tiffany - Color and Light" to compare an illuminated lampshade with your shade. It appears to follow the original very closely in the placement of the oval cabochon-shaped pieces placed in the pinky glass area.

Is it a Tiffany? I don't think so. Tiffany glass pieces usually have more variations in the glass. For example, the green glass above the pinky glass would have more colors of green and brown in each cut piece. On the other hand.....and without seeing the original base....who knows...

One can purchase very close patterns of some Tiffany pieces and fabricate a shade. The dragonfly is available also as a 'fitting'. There are a lot of cheap imports available that vary in following the original depending on the price.

There are numerous shades of this design on e-bay. One that appears to be the same as yours is about
$125.00 You are the one to decide how much you want to put into the garden.

One a glass lover, the beauty of this lamp is only truly shown when there is a light source inside the shade. I would encourage you to put some kind of light inside if it goes into the garden, and that would be stunning!!


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