What period furniture, use & name

Katrinka_FidoFebruary 4, 2012

Here is an odd ball I've not been able to id what it is, original use, era? I've racked my brains as to if it can be or should be repurposed for what? This was one of mothers quarter garage sale finds intenting to do something with...as you see, it still sits. Opinions & any suggestion welcome. I'm not afraid to tackle a project such as this. TIA, Katrinka

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My first thought was a music cabinet that's missing all but 2 shelves....but there is no sign of it ever having had a door.

Then I wondered if it has already been re-purposed. That it was at one time part of a newel post on a stair or part of a colonade. That someone took one side off and made grooves....and put some shelves in....and bought some screw on feet...???
Because of that applied doodad I would say 1910 to 1925....
Turn the open side to the wall and put a fern on top!!!
Linda C

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I'd also say a music stand ... although I've never seen one without a door, either. It might be a conversion; however, the fact that the front and back are apparently not splayed (if I'm correctly interpreting from the last photo that they are parallel to each other) and that there aren't doodads on anything but the front suggest that it might not be. It's a fascinating piece, and quite a mystery!

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It's a magazine stand. I've seen that obelisk design before and they are open shelf. No doors. The feet are probably intrinsic to the unit, and if it's like one other I saw it would be about five feet tall? I can point you to some examples in Mission style.

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Places for 24 shelves. Alphabet, minus the z and x? Some kind of organizer file?
Maybe the larger bottom shelves would fit 33 1/3 LP's, the middle ones for 78's and the smallest ones for 45's?
It's just stained pine, so no telling if it's 40 years old or 100.

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A vernacular version of something like this. Probably some kind of music, magazine, or file stand.

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It's a magazine stand with some of the shelving missing.

Here is a link that might be useful: magazine stand

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THANKS SO MUCH! calliope the link cinched it for me. I don't subscribe to THAT many mags & hard to believe anyone besides a doctors office would have need for such a piece. Dont think it would be that hard to bring back to life or turn it into a USEFUL something besides a fern stand. anyone have their imagination caps on?

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Wow! The exact same piece! Except for the applied carving.

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This is why I love this forum. I learn so many cool things! Never saw one of those before.

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Replace some shelves and use it for towels or linens? Replace ALL the shelves and use it for scrapbook paper.

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I knew what it was because I failed to mention in another thread what my largest collection was. Antique magazines. LOL. Some of those dudes are huge. One can see that point in history when they became the size they are now. They really were something you could not tuck away in a standard size book rack or shelf without them sticking out or being damaged. I'm sure back in those days the stands were also used for other uses. If I had that stand, I'd replace all the shelves and bring it back to its orginal appearance. It would be OK to organise any one of a number of things and look cool.

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