Just bought a rowhome house and regret it

angel_037April 20, 2006

My fiance and I bought a home and unfortunately are next to neighbors that have no respect for other's none the less themselves. There yard looks like a garbage dump and that is no lie. They have 3 children in which there age range is from 3-7 yrs. old and they let them roam around til 10 p.m anywhere they want. They have a dog they stick in yard with garbage and blare there music all hours of day or night. I try to be civilized and say hi when they see me but when i see them, I want to tell them they need to clean up there yard and ask them to keep the music down a bit. But I dont want no retalation to go on. We are putting up a privacy fence soon and cant wait. They have been fined 2 times at 200.00 each fine but guessing they dont mind paying it. How d you go about it without offending them and having them start anything? thanks.

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If the garbage dump was there when you bought your house, you made a poor decision.

Start calling the cops if the 3-year old is roaming the streets after dark, the animal control about cruelty to the dog, and the cops again about the blaring music.


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also, who is fining them? The HOA? In which case, that's another avenue of attack. You're not the only person their slovenliness is bothering, surely. If you're going to live w/ an HOA, you might as well get from it what you need.

Keep them on the case. Eventually the fines will get to be too much, and they'll either decide to sell, or they'll try to clean up their act.

Also, you *can* ask them to clean up the yard and turn the music down. Just don't say it snottily. Be matter of fact, and SHORT. Avoid the temptation to lecture. Call and say, "your music is really too loud for us; please turn it down. thanks!" and then get off the phone as fast as you can.

When you see them (or, just dgo knock on their door) say, "the yard (notice, not YOUR yard--THE yard that both of you sort of share) is looking especially bad; would you please tackle it?" If you can couple that with an offer of some small assistance, do so--"we're going to the dump, maybe we could take some stuff for you"

But seriously, if the HOA has gone to the trouble of fining them twice, then keep the pressure on through that avenue.

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I feel your pain...

I'd keep calling anyone you can think of, CPS, Animal Control Housing Athority, Police, Fire Department, whoever... that's just me. You've tried to be nice to them, obviously they just don't care that there not respecting you or their other neighbors by having trash everywhere, music playing loud and their kids out at all hours of the day.

As far as the dog, sure I'd call animal control; I'm not sure if AC could do anything unless the animal in pretty bad shape.

Keep calling everyone. Money talks... those fines will add up.

Hang in there.

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Lazygardens, well, when you don't have the money for a more expensive house, you got to take what you can get and we have looked and looked and gone through alot to get a house. We thought that it was just a time limit thing for them cause they did mention they were having a dumpster come in to clean but they have not. We have complaned and complained and nothing is working so far. But not giving up. Thanks for reply.

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As far as their backyard is concerned, your plan for building a privacy fence is probably your best bet... Some people just don't grasp the concept of keeping things neat and tidy. Not saying they need to landscape the heck out of their yard, but it costs little to nothing (except sweat equity and maybe some gas for the lawnmower) to keep it from being a jungle.

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Hi cnvh, Yes, I can't wait to get our privacy Fence. We built a flower bed in the front yard because of there garbage coming under fence into ours. Now we just need the privacy fence and we would be set to hide there garbage from us. Now just to work on them keeping there music down at certain times of the day. But that I think has subsided for a couple days so far. Hopefully they will give there dog to a family that will pay attention to it and also start being parents to there children. Anyways, thanks for responce. Have a good weekend. Kim

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