Does anyone actually like living in an apartment?

alllenApril 27, 2006

In addition to the noise I've just posted about, another interesting feature of my building is that the radiators don't switch on or off--they have to be always on or always off, so on a day like today, which will be in the 70's, the steams going full blast andf all I can do to survive is open the windows all the way (more noise!). There are also roaches, in a building that calls itself luxury and costs accordingly.

I have discussed these matters and more with a few neighbors and they seem remarkably fatalistic. They claim all NYC buildings have these problems and some are far worse. Many of these people lived their whole lives in apartments and intend to die in one. I myself am stuck in this awful city for career reasons and can't wait to get out!

Is there anyone out there who actually enjoys living this way? I'm all ears.

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I love it! Of course, I've never had any really horrible problems.

Once I had a neighbor who played his merengue music REALLY loud--normally, noise doesn't travel through the walls of NYC apartments, bcs most of them are old and therefore really thick. So it was really loud. I finally got him to understand that it was too loud. I didn't mind hearing that he had it on, but I couldn't talk on the phone. He had great taste in music, too--the best, most complex merengue I've ever heard. I still wish I'd asked him for the names of the artists & the albums he was playing.

And an occasional party. And once I was too loud too late over my neighbor's bedroom--was painting a shelf and just lost track of the time.

And now I own, ina building w/ thick walls but thinner floors. But it's still not too bad. i hear my neighbor now and then, but it's not like she's doing anything other than living. Once she was putting a shelf together in the living room late at night--as luck would have it, it was the ONE night we had company and people were sleeping in the living room. I figured, that was my just desserts from my earlier noise.

But I love not having to mow the lawn, or remember to take the garbage out every Thursday. I love not having to clean the gutters. I even have come to like the psychic feeling of being surrounded by other people. Separated from them, but surrounded by them. It feels safe.

The buildings I've lived in have all been prewar, so they feel thick and substantial; when I visit people in wood frame buildings, I get antsy; the building doesn't feel substantial enough to feel safe.

As for your steam radiators--there are valves that have a thermostat on them; I can't remember the name, but they're there. Go to the Heating & Air Conditioning forum and ask about them. It's simple to screw the old ones off and put the new ones on. You'll want to do it at night when the heat is off, of course. If you're nervous about it, you could ask your super, but if you think he'd balk, I'd just do it anyway.

I've lived in buildings with and without roaches; I guess I don't think it's possible in NYC to COMPLETELY eliminate them, but you can get it down to one a year or something. In NYC, you can't lean on the landlord very effectively, but I would be complaining.

I hope you can move away fast--those of us who like living here find it depressing and annoying to be surrounded by people who hate living here and complain about it all the time.

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First, no house or apartment is perfect. The trick is learning to live with the things you can't change.

Your comment about being "stuck in this awful city" bothers me. I've spent a good portion of my adult life moving from place to place, living in all sorts of "interesting" accomodations. You are only as happy in any location as you want to be. If you want to be miserable, then nothing can change that.

I've lived in NYC. I suggest that you get out in the city and take advantage of everything the city has to offer. You don't need to "break the bank" to find something to do. I had no desire to live in NYC, but found it to be a fascinating place to be. Yes, it is not a perfect place. I think I froze thru the winter and never had a hot shower.

Remember, no place is perfect. From Alaska to Puerto Rico, from apartments to houses, from large cities to small rural villages, they all have something to offer. The trick is to focus on the good stuff and learn to live with the not so good.

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To get a more appealing impression of life in NYC apartments, read the book "Letters from New York" by Helene Hanff.

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Well, I for one would go back to living in an apartment again before I ever moved into another rowhome house. My fiance and I bought a rowhome and our neighbors are just awful disrespectful people. I would rather take the fighting loud neighbors we had in our old apartment then then ones we have next to us in a house. My fiance and I will be looking for another house just to get away from the trashy ones next to us.

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Once we can afford a house; seems as if they keep going UP UP and UP in price... we will move and I promise that I will never move back to an apartment ever again. I hate apartment living. The only thing private about apartment living is when your inside; then you have to deal with other peoples private lives some times; sex, loud music, plumbing issues, arguing, maintence problems out of your control, ect... In a home most of this stuff is controlable by you.

I'd never want to live in a rowhome. To close for comfort I think... maybe my idea of a rowhome is wrong, but I picture them almost like a condo??? or a home like in San Fransico (one foot gap between you and your neighbors home)... I hope I'm wrong?

As far as roaches. The last apartment complex I lived in had them, I think they came from the tenants apartment below ours, or from the landlords apartment. Both were dirty.



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Gregg, I hear ya on that post. We could only afford what we bought and had been looking for a house for so long that when this rowhome house came along we got excited and it was affordable. The house itself is great. The neighbors to our left are great. The 2 neighbors to our right though are the nightmare of people. I never lived in a rowhome before and never will again when we can get out of here. We have had all we can take with the blasting of music like everyone in neighborhood wants to hear there music. I watched neighbors daughter which she is 7 I believe punch there dog and grabbed its jaw like it was nothing. They have a pitbull and it is not living in good conditions just as the children are not. Horrible people and parents for that matter. We have complained and the county actually came out but did not do nothing about it. But we are going to keep complaining until they do something or until they move or we do. Whichever comes first. Hopefully by next year we will be moving to North carolina. Good luck with your situation and all too.

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Angel 037,

Try calling your local SPCA about the dog. If they take the dog, they "normally" won't put down if there are no people interested in adopting it they will keep it as long as they can. Usually the local County Animal Control (the pound) will put the dog (animal) down if nobody adopts it in a certain amount of time... Pitbulls of age like these one seems to be isn't really much of an "adoptable" dog, its going to have its set ways already. What I'm conserned about is that this dog could just "snap"; next thing you know, this 7 year old little girl who really don't know any better then the dog does has a deformed hand or worse... Its not the dogs fault or the childrens... Call call call, the cops, SPCA, CPS (child protective services) anyone you think could help your situation.

I feel for your situation... You paid for a home, somewhere you want to call yours, to live in peace and quite with happiness; and you can't. You have neighbors that are crewl, lack care of, are rude and frankly are morons... I really feel your pain. For us Apartment renters, at least we can complain to someone (landlord). Who can a home owner go through...

Real quick, I just had an idea... I watched one of these silly real life tv shows the other day... The family that the show is about had neighbors go to the local "city councel" on them because they had to many animals... maybe you could go to your city councel and inform them of the whole situation??? I'm sure they'd hate to hear that a new resident in their community is moving because the local agency's won't do anything to fix a "problem"...

just a thought, probably way to much hassel though.

take care

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Gregg, we have called county and county did come out but handed them a warning. They got fined 2 times already for there yard. But as for the dog, the only place to call here is the pound and they will put the dog down. He is a beautiful brown pitbull but he is a wild one because he gets no attention at all and is neglected. I will try though the spca. We are trying to make complaints without them knowing it is us to save a war between us. The children service has already been called on them but not by us, and there youngest was taken and then given back. It makes me sick to think of how many people out there that cant have children and this couple ignores there children like there just someone in the way of there life. Anyways thank you for responce and info. I am gonna keep trying my best to get things straightened out so hopefully we wont have to move. But would love to. Take care, ty

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Interesting comments, thanks all.

I don't want to be miserable as has been intimated, I just don't find it appropriate to live as an adult as I did in a college dorm, and can't imagine who would. Further, I find the notion that nothing is perfect a bit nihilistic in this context: there's a big difference between perfection and simply not being privy to my neighbor's bathroom habits. Yes there's lots of fun stuff to do in NYC as in many other places, the difference being that in many of those places you can also live like a human being in your (private) home. Here people actually raise families in these tiny compartments; some are even cruel enough to coop up their pets in them. True, a house means responsibility: it's called adulthood.

The internet has been a huge disappointment: when you look at all the possibilities for decentralization, telecommuting, etc., in my own brief experience there has been ever more concentration of activity in one place, and a filthy and demoralizing place at that.

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Alllen, I know what you mean about centralization. Nowadays for many young adults it's a choice between staying in a nice, detached house with a yard and minimal employment prospects, moving to the big city for a half-decent job and an overcrowded, decaying apartment, or buying an overpriced house in the suburbs and spending 2-4 hours a day in your car. The world's getting more crowded and more and more businesses are moving to the largest cities. Many of us will have to give up the dream of the bungalow and garden and learn how to use entertainment to distract us from the daily stress of our environments. Perhaps in a generation the "normal" American home will be an apartment, not a house, and apartments of the future may be constructed with better soundproofing. Right now, apartment dwellers are treated as second-class citizens.

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I sold my manufactured home in late December of last year and moved to a nice apartment complex closer to work and shopping. It has taken time to get use to it, but now I really like apartment living. No more mowing the lawn from spring until fall, no more snow shoveling, less gas used to get to work and shopping. Now I love apartment living because it is carefree. I do hear my neighbor upstairs once in a while when he is in his kitchen or bathroom, because those areas are not carpeted and the sound travels a bit through the structure, even though the floors are concrete. I have an end unit on the lower level, so I only have two neighbors next to me; one on the back side of the apartment and the one above me. As Talley Sue mentioned in her post, I just hear the guy upstairs now and then, but he is just living his life there, no loud music or anything like that.

One thing that I like about this place is that there is lots of green space and a rail-trail that goes into the woods or into town depending on which way you go. All in all, I am happy here and I agree that I like having people around me. It is a safer feeling somehow.

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I agree severus. I felt safer in my old apartment then here in our new house we bought. In apartment there was people surrounding us and felt safe with lighting cause of being on main road. Use to the noise and traffic. Had no loud music players, just fighters above us but no big deal. Here where we are now in house, neighbor blasting music all the time, dog barking its head off, people robbing each other which we were just robbed last night, just feels horrible to live like this. Anyways, would go back to apartment living in a heart beat. Kim

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I have lived in apartments all of my life - with the exception of staying in my grandparent's Victorian. I've lived in apartments that were in buildings as old as the mid to late 1800's, early 1900's, the 50's, 80's, and now going on to one built in the early 90's. I've had all sorts of different experiences in them as well. Some good, some not so good, and since moving to the west coast I can say I have had ALOT of difficulties never experienced before in renting. The housing here is more competitive, the landlords tend to be a little lazy, nosy, or pushy.
At least in my experience so far!
The best landlord I ever had was one who lived an hour away, who was never in my business, and whenever something went wrong he immediately had it taken care of!

Anyway, I think I'm about ready for a house LOL
I like the idea of having control over maintanance and doing some yardwork for a change.

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Krustytopp sums it up. Your choices are: a nice house and land without a job, a dismal, crowded apartment amid ghetto trash but having a job, or an overpriced house in the middle of nowhere which you don't get to enjoy because you spend all day commuting to and from your job.

I don't see it getting any better as urban blight spreads and developers continue to cut costs (such as on soundproofing). And housing prices are still insanely high, though they may go down soon in some places... but I doubt they'll decrease enough to matter. When the average household income is $60K in a given area, the average home goes for 5 times that, it's a long way from affordable.

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I actually don't mind it at all. Funny.

I have been very fortunate in my living arrangements. When I lived in the dorms, the architecture was a style in that concrete was widely used. They were set up in suite style and 20-some floors. We had 5 girls to the suite separated into three bedrooms and a bathroom, pretty nice. They were also a complex of towers that were interconnected with a movie theater, fitness center, two dining areas, two laundry facilities, a branch of the CITY police department, and a convienence store.

When I moved out, it was to a house that was shared with a few others... needless to say I moved into an apartment a year later. I lived there for a few years without any problems.

Our managers lived onsite and were always very timely with helping with all work orders. If any appliance broke, their theory was get the best and most energy efficiant to replace it to hel with bills. Speaking of which... that place paid for heat.. this is key for wisconsin winters! (When I lived in the house, our heating bill got up to $371.00 on the BUDGET PLAN) So again free heat = AWESOME!

The construction of that building was very well done, the only time I had ever heard a neighbor was when I was next to my front door and they were in the hall.

Our place was very clean, cheap rent, spacious, laundry on site, and security cameras in the lobby and the undergound garage. I couldnt have felt safer.

The next place only came because work was further away. I changed it up a bit and moved to a townhouse. It still has the feel of the apartment though. It is a complex managed by a company with a clubhouse that all the residences share the amenities to. My 'building' is my townhouse and a mirrored townhouse on the opposite side. There are nice garages, the management company is great, the property is kept up, I am on a lake (actually 3) in the middle of the city. Here I am allowed to show a bit more personality in my home. I am able to paint garden, build a fence, etc. easier access to the outdoors and about double the size for the same amount in rent.

I will eventually buy a house, but I cant afford it yet, so I will continue to enjoy my townhouse.

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I like living in my apartment now, but in general, I don't like apartments. My apartment isn't a typical apartment, we live in the historical downtown section of a semi-small town and I love the personality of the buildings. We have no one above us, a hair salon under half of us and no shared walls with anyone. We also are hidden from the street by the building in front of/somewhat connected to us and the alley behind us is level with our roof. We have a old stone wall and a huge brick patio, stone stairs to the front door, and a gated, arched brick walkway. All to say, it's really more like a house than an apartment. We do live next door to a bar, but that's just part of living downtown (and it blocks the noise from our summer parties ;).
What I don't like is not being able to just go ahead and repair things ourselves or fix things up the way we would like. Our landlord is pretty awesome, he built the patio for us and got us a great stove when ours died, but our fridge, dishwasher, washer and dryer and garbage disposal are on their last legs (to the point that we have to run clothes twice or more to get them dry) and we would rather just replace them as we get the money than wait for them to break and then wait for a replacement. Plus, it's just frustrating to not be allowed to replace heinously ugly light fixtures, or fix burnt, stained linoleum.
I would never ever be able to live in a high-rise or generic apartment building. They seem so soulless (and just scary, what happens during a fire and I'm 14 floors up?) to me. Plus, I need outside space. Gotta have my garden and my grill!

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I own a house. It is nice, in a nice neighborhood, but boy am I tired of housework and yardwork. I used to love my garden, now it just stresses me. My neighbors are subdividing, with dollar signs in their eyes. They have caused problems with the property line, septic, etc. The house is too big for me to keep up with. I would love a nice apartment. My sis and boyfriend say it is a relief to no longer own a house. So thank you for these apartment stories.

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I had to smile when I read your post friends think I'm crazy when I offer to mow their lawns for them. Its the thing I miss most about having a house - just walking out the door and having a yard to mow, play in, sit in, plant in. I don't miss the other things about a house, but I sure do miss the yard :-)

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allen, don't let anyone discouraged you, it's not in your head. living in apartments is hell. you're at the mercy of other people, and that's rolling the dice. could be good people. good be a bunch of anti-social f***s that'll make you wanna off yourself.

apartments are not normal or natural living environments for humans or any other mammal as they violate our need for living space and safety. when a neighbor plays loud music or stomps around, it's not just the noise that bothers you. natural defense mechanisms kick in telling you danger's a foot. of course, in "modern" society we're taught quite the opposite, and apartments have come to be seen as normative rather than the disgusting product of a resource-hungry, production-based social constellation.

you have every right to be angry because by sticking us in unregulated apartments where developers and bad tenants pretty much have carte blanche to terrorize the good people of this world, society is denying you of the ability to live life happily.

and i don't want to hear from folks who have apartments that are so good and rare it's like they won the lottery...that doesn't necessarily help alleviate the pain and suffering..

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Wow. I am sorry that you have had such a bad time living in an apartment. I've lived basically all of my life in apartments; most of that time in NYC. If you don't own your apartment I know that the whole heating thing can be kind of a bummer as it seems most apartments are overheated there. If you own your apartment you can change out the building heat for your own system and keep a bit cooler.

I think that there are many advantages to apartment living. There is always someone in your building to fix stuff for you. You don't have to worry about being home for deliveries for a FedEx or UPS pick up. If you are worried about your apartment when you are out of town you can call the building and have them check on it.

I truly can't imagine living in a free standing house...unless it was a townhouse. It would freak me out. I'd feel a bit too alone.

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Well I actually enjoy living in an apartment. But I will admit that I have certain issues with it. I have two really stupid roommates who have their boyfriends over all the time and one of them even has a baby that cries like there's no tomorrow. All this in an apartment complex designated for students. We don't have much of a bug problem except for an occasional cockroach and sometimes these little bugs that fly around and irritate the hell out of you. They usually show up when the others leave their food sitting out for a long time. I think our biggest issue is the utlity bill, which gets split 4 ways. But I will admit through all this that I love living in an apartment because of my roommate Peggy. She's been here as long as I have and meeting and living with her has had an adverse effect on me. I love living with her and she has become my best friend. When the other two move out in August one of Peggy's old high school friends will be moving out of the dorms and in with us and that leaves one room open, which will probably end up being the roommate he has in the dorms now. I only hope that when we receive our new roommates we can work out a system for getting along and living together in peace and harmony.

But yeah, it has its ups and downs, but overall it's been a fairly enjoyable experience for me. It's more like living with a family than living by yourself in a house is. The noise can also be troublesome at times but it always reminds you that you aren't alone in the world.

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I like living in apartments...I dunno why either but I do. I would rather live in an apartment then a house. I think I'm just weird make no never mind about me :)

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At this point in my life, apartment living is alright, but there is something to be said about owning your own home. That's my dream. Right now my hubby and I are the Proporty Managers of our 2 apt. buildings. It's hard work, but the people here are super...well most of them. We cut the grass and shovel snow for our tenants. Anything that needs to be repaired is our responsability, not the tenants. Pretty much if you can deal with the small space and occasional noise, it's pretty sweet here.
I do feel for you though. I can see why you're miserable. I would be totally horrified to move to a place like that. It's true there are worse places to live, but thight now that's your home and you should feel safe and comfortable in your home.
Talk to your landlord about the rad. I don't know if it'll help, but he/she should be looking after you, not just collecting the rent.

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I wish I could own a house/townhouse than live in an apartment, but with the way the housing market has shot up in California, I will never be able to on my income. I lived in my first apartment for over six and a half years and I liked the little place, but different neighbors over the years made it miserable. Management was always good at fixing the situations and I even got my upstairs neighbors evicted because they were just downright awful! Now I live in another apartment complex and just like my old apartment, I really like it, except for my upstairs neighbors. They think that the complex rules of "quiet between the hours of 10 to 8 a.m." do not apply to them. At 11:30 p.m., they vacuum and bang the vacuum into the walls. They do a lot of hammering as well. Sounds like they are knocking out walls. They do laundry and I can hear their washer/dryer. They slam their sliding doors and their cabinet doors in the kitchen and bathroom. They have little kids over sometimes that run through the apartment and out on the balcony over and over. They have very loud, spring squeaking, headboard banging love sessions. I have contacted management and they gave them a notice to quiet down. They have quieted down somewhat. I still hear the loud intimate sessions, the sliding doors and occasional hammering. I have to sleep, if I can sleep that is, with ear plugs and noise reduction headphones. At my old complex, it was always quiet at night, well except for the nasty neighbors I had evicted. I keep thinking that they are the ones that live above me now! The only reason I moved from my old complex is because the property owners want to turn it into condos. So, if it wasn't for nasty, disrespectful neighbors, I wouldn't mind apartment living.

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no. no, i don't like living in apartments. i've lived in NYC for the last 12 yrs & have yet to really like any of the apts i've lived in. it could be, that maybe i just haven't had an amazing apt (they exist i've heard). anywho... mine is dark (gets No light), can't completely open bedroom door (hits the bed), can't open closet door (hits the bed), kitchen is horrendous (not even a real kitchen- it's a closet that has a tiny stove & sink &) and i live next to a drug invested building (which my only 2 windows face) where drug deals, fights and cops showing up are constant (at least they show sometimes).

so... i can't stand it when people try to talk me into looking on the 'bright' side, too. that annoys the hell out of me. in fact, yeah.. i'll say i hate living in my apartment. thanks for the rant.

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I lived in lots of apts. over the years. Looking back, most were 'just okay', but I enjoy having people close by. Majority of my neighbors were fabulous, a few were horrid; it's always a toss up which type will move in next/over/above you.

My only complaint is the noise factor - enough posters have covered this area, so I won't add to the horror stories.

My best experience was when I rented a condo apt, Great price & pretty much rent controlled because the owners adored me (no rent increase in 4 years). I didn't have to deal with the "rental office" when something broke, and my landlords always responded quickly to any request I had. After a few years, the neighborhood started going to pot (literally), so I bought a TH. Had some noisy neighbors for a few months when I first moved in (they had an awesome dj/sound system :)

I'm currently in escrow for a SF, but worry about being "alone" since I'm so very used to having really close neighbors. With nice, decent neighbors, I prefer apt. living, hands down.

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well i`am new to apartment living, its an apartment style condo, so i own it. but so far i love it, beats the heck out of home maintenece, mowing,snow shoveling, gutter cleaning, etc etc the list goes on forever. plus we are in a very nice city, with bike paths and great sidewalks, very important to me, and we saved so much buying this place after selling our home that we dont have a mortgage anymore. thats great allows us to save for our retirement. at this point i dont see a downside.

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I hate living in an apartment, I have never felt like I could live freely. I never had my own room as a kid and I still don't. I'm living with 3 other people and the bathroom is not rlly a bathroom, it's just a toilet. The tub were you shower is also in the kitchen. wtf. It is so crappy, I'm 14 and I never had the feeling of having my own room.

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I have had good apartments and absolutely horrendous apartments.
Even the nice ones I wasnt that happy about.Everyone who wrote there just isnt enough privacy I totally agree with.

The ONLY good thing about apartments that I can surmize,is that when something breaks I dont have to pay to fix it.Be it water heater,kitchen appliance,whatever.
Other than that,as soon as I can afford a house~I will never look back!

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If you rent you are not responsible for repairs. You can rent a whole house if you desire, rather than an apartment.

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Kev - most 14 yr olds don't have their own rooms either, so I wouldn't get too upset over that yet, though I know the idea seems pretty cool. Once you're older and paying your own way, you can live however you want to!

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I just feel embarrased whenever I visit my friends places, they either all live in nice houses or nice apartments. Whenever they ask to come over.. I usually just make up some excuse not to.

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Kev, there are lots of 14y/o kids out there in the same situation and worse. It might help to find a forum where young teens hang out and talk about things like this with them. Yahoo has lots of teen groups. Sometimes having an online buddy who shares our same experiences can help us through the bumps in life. Right now, concentrate on your education so that as an adult you will be able to have better options in your life.

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Well I have to say I like it a lot. When I first moved in 18 years ago it was my first apt alone.(divorced) All the neighbors were nice and I had plenty of people to talk to. I didnt feel so alone. So many ages and did become friends with one who were still friends till this day.
It is a 4 story 32 family tenement. I lived on the first floor so if I went to the window I always saw someone I knew, and it was a nice friendly place to be.
Since then I have moved to the 4th floor and bought my apt as it is a co-op building, I still love it, maybe not walking up to the 4th floor, but that is the only real annoyance. I had bad neighbors live on the side of my bedroom for 6 years and 3 months, (dont ask) but they are gone now (is that angels I hear).....anyway, quiet neighbors now....

So all in all I'm there 18 years, most have moved and me and 5 others are still the originals from when I moved in....
and I'm in no rush to move............

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I really like the apartment I'm currently living in. I have hated every other apartment, and I had major stress about moving back to an apartment when I moved here. It has been incredibly quiet, there is a market on the bottom floor, so I can pick up anything I forgot at the grocery store, there are tons of closets (two walk-ins, two regular closets in a one-bedroom!), I can paint, and my utilities are included. A five minute car ride (okay, without traffic) will have me at any number of the DC memorials/monuments, and everyone delivers here. I like it.

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I gues it depends on were you live and the type of building you live in. I love my apartment. It good for the life I want now i.e not having to mow the lawn, clean gutters, have a whole house upkeep etc. I don't have time or the patience to deal with all that right now.

I do realize I am very lucky for a New Yorker. I don't pay nearly as much as most are paying for thier apartments and I have hardwood floors, an eatin kitchen with dishwasher, loads of closet space including two in my bedroom (one is a walk in) and I can control the heat an ac on or off. I don't pay lights or gas. There is a laundry room on the premises and not in a dark dangerous basement but on the first floor. I get indoor parking in a garage for only $44 bucks a month. If anything breaks or needs repairs I simply call maintenance and they set a date to come out and fix it. There is a office where I myself can go and pick up say a lightbulb for the bathroom or kitchen when they go out instead of buying one. There is security that patrols the area and keeps it safe.

Overall I love where I live. Apartments are only pains in the butt when they are too small, nothing gets fixed, are filled with insects or rodents, you have noisy neighbors, have stupid rules like you can't put holes in the walls to hang photos, or paint or wall paper.

I thankfully don't have any of those issues so I am thrilled to not have to deal with the upkeep of a house right now when I have so many other things going on. Someday I'll get a house but not now and NOT in NY unless its upsate. I happen to like land with my home.

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Generally people who have money move out of apartments and into townhouses or detached houses. The amount of money needed to do so varies, and NYC is extremely expensive (but most people I know in NYC don't spend much time at home, they're out enjoying the city).

Some people who could afford a house choose an apartment because there is no maintenance to do. Toilet broken? Call the janitor. Snow on the steps? Call the janitor. It is a pretty easy lifestyle, if you match the building to your needs (ie if you are 72, don't live in a building full of students, and vice-versa).

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As someone who grew up in an affluent suburb in both small and big houses, I've always been an urban dweller at heart. I've lived in quite a variety of apartments over the years, and you can't generalize "apartment living" any more than you can generalize "house living". You can live in a tiny cape cod house on a postage stamp lot with loud and obnoxious neighbors, or you could live in a mansion set back on 15 acres of wooded property. One person's "house living" experience is completely different from another's, and it's usually dictated by economics.

It's no different with apartments: you get what you pay for. I'm sure the experience of the socialite living in a Classic Seven on Park Avenue is hardly the same as the college student sharing a tenement studio in the East Village.

I think many of the concerns raised in this thread are more accurately aimed at RENTING versus OWNING, rather than apartment living versus house living. Many of the problems I'm seeing here are landlord and privacy issues that simply don't exist for those of us who own co-op apartments. Even condos don't afford the same "privacy" as co-ops do, thanks to stringent controls on who can and cannot buy into the building, imposed and governed by the co-op board.

Frankly, I feel like I have the best of both worlds. By OWNING my apartment, I enjoy many of the benefits of "house living": I'm building equity ... I have a fixed rate mortgage that will NEVER increase ... and I can repair/renovate/upgrade my home to my heart's content. However, I also have the full benefit of apartment living: No driveways to shovel, no gutters to clean, no lawn to mow, and I'm within walking distance to everything, so no need for an automobile.

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I found this years-old thread when I was about to ask the same question!

I want to emphasize that NOISE is the biggest issue for me and probably most others. I live in low-level dread of when noisy people will wreck my calm, especially when a unit next to me is vacated and unknown people are pending. Old timers call it "waiting for the other shoe to drop" but it can take many insidious forms over long periods of time. I reduced the risk of noise as much as possible by taking a top floor end unit, but it's usually not enough. Some self-centered moron always has to ignore common decency.

As for someone's comments about NYC apartments being "really thick" by virtue of age, is that really true? Thickness or air gaps or cement, maybe? I'd like to know exactly how such walls and floors are made so I can pre-select something similar. I assume most older cities have apartments of that caliber, though I don't want to live in a downtown multi-story place if possible. Traffic noise would seem to outweigh some of those insulation benefits.

Here is a link that might be useful: Noise Free America

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I think living in an apartment building offers little privacy. There are people who spend their days and nights monitoring the comings and goings of everyone in the building. If you live in an apartment building with shared interior hallways, the level of privacy decreases even more. Homeowners, have the option of building fences along their property lines. As far as what goes on in the house, you control the âÂÂvolumeâ of your activities, you can be as private as you want to be.

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