1930's Sears Roebuck Bedroom Set

MollyDogFebruary 7, 2012

I inhereted my bedroom set from an aunt I finally found an old advertisement that I believe is the set. I am wondering if this set has any value. I did have to have it refinished about 20 years ago. My set is the one advertised on the left. I do not have the side table and would love to have it.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I am a 30s afficienado..........that furniture just plunks my magic twanger. It has been so undervalued on the market, but is starting to come into its own and I believe it shall continue to increase in value .........although one can't say it's scarce to come by. So many pieces are now becoming available from estates of folks who wed in that era and are now passing away. It can sometimes be found on CL by folks who are cleaning out basements or come by it in inheritance and can't wait to get rid of it. Now is the time to BUY! LOL

The refinishing may have some impact on value to the purist, especially depending on how well it was done since so many pieces of that era were partially veneered. Since calling it antique is still a stretch, what one would be offered for it is all over the board, depending on the right buyer. Doesn't sound like you're planning to sell so that's not an issue. Just enjoy it.........and hope your kin after you want it. I passed a set similar on to my step-daughter whom I know would appreciate it for the family connection to her g'mother. I now ask my kids what pieces they fancy, because some I cherish, I'd hate to see be sold immediately. If they're not wanted, I'll sell them myself. LOL.

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"I am wondering if this set has any value."

Yes, as a bedroom set if nothing else. These were not top of the line pieces, are usually veneered or even have fake paper veneers, but they are usually well-built.

They are now popular for distressing and painting because fo the ornate lines.

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Thanks so much for the valuable input. You are right in that I do enjoy and value for sentimental reasons. The refinishing was of excellent quality. If I want to search CL for the night stand, not quite sure what to search for as not everyone would know it's from sears. I feel fortunate I was able to find the advertisement.

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