Inspection day before Easter :(

czarinax17April 7, 2006

We told our manager at the end of March that we wanted to have our walk through AFTER we have vacated because there is so much furniture and things it's impossible to do one properly. I want a fair inspection too. We verbally agreed with the manager to do one on Monday morning at 9:30am bright and early on the 1st of May. She was fine with this but apparently changed her mind.

She came to our door yesterday and served us with a notice to entry and set it for April 15th at 4:00pm.

My in laws will be in town, we are all having dinner that day together, and I will be at an Easter Vigil that evening.

I went to the office to explain to the manager that Easter is our holy days and do not want to be tied up with business. She showed absolutely no respect. She said she will be there whether or not we are home :( I asked her why she switched the date from what we initially agreed on and she said "I need to do it this way".

I asked her again to please understand that this is going to be a huge inconvenience to us as we will be busy with Church and family but she insisted that she is coming in anyway if we are there or not.

I do not want anyone in our home when we are gone.

What can I do? Thank you!

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Verbal agreements aren't worth the paper they are written on. In most states, the landlord can enter for inspection by giving you as little as 72 hours advance notice. And you can't legally prevent it.

One loophole to look for in your state's Residential Landlord and Tenant laws ... if they specify that the time must be during "business hours", or other "unwarrantedly harassing" times.

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The Holy Day would have been your trump card. Religion is something the law respects.

So how did this turn out?

It was really rude also. You could always retailiate by not having the apt look its best for new potential tenants, and what not.

Sad deal when people act like jerks.

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