Freestanding full-depth Fridge That can Look Integrated?

laurajazzJanuary 6, 2013

Some freestanding fridges (brands, and specific models within brands) "integrate" better than others. I have seen this GE counter depth fridge in person, which in fact is advertised as "nearly flush", and was impressed with how well it integrated. Problem is, all the GE models that I've seen, in the flush configuration with cabinetry around it, are counter depth.... Here is the GE ad -

I am looking for a FULL depth fridge (we are building custom cabinetry around it so "standard depth cabs" are not an issue.). I saw some full-depth fridges in a showroom with cabinetry around it, but it wasn't a good fit and the surrounding cabinets had dings on them. On the other hand, the Ge which I saw in the show room was a phenomenal "flush fit". (Goal - integrated look for the price and capacity of a full-depth free standing)

does anyone have a success story with full depth, nearly flush-to-cabinets, fridge? If yes, can you share brand / model? Thank you.

PS I am aware that it is all about the "hinges" -- and in fact the Kitchenaid KBFS25EWMS (but not other kitchenaid models) does seem to have a nearly "in line" door swing... but there's nothing like real world experience... thus, this inquiry.

Kitchenaid link:

Many thanks!

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I'll be following this thread as I'm looking for the same thing. I initially looked at fully integrated but have decided that, for us, it just isn't worth the expense. We had counter depth sxs in the last house and it just wasn't enough refrigerator space for us. We're a family of 6 so I also looked at all-fridge and all-freezer options but some of the full-depth combos have more refrigerator space and I have a space in a nearby laundry room designated for a separate freezer. We're doing a new build so we can recess a full-depth refrigerator pretty easily if planned at this point in construction. Sorry that I don't have a suggestion for you but hopefully someone will! I will also let you know what I find as I look at various appliance stores.

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Same question here for a new build coming up. Sorry, I'm no help.
One thing, though that I came across reading, and I may be wrong since I'm very new to all this is that a freestanding unit requires some clearance around it for "venting"... 1" to the sides and 2-3" on top- depending on manufacturer. Wonder if this is visible/noticeable. Or, I may be totally mistaken. Hope someone with more knowledge chimes in.

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I don't know about any of the full-depth refridges but my SIL wanted a full depth refridge and couldn't recess it, so she built the lower cabinets beside it extra deep and the cabinet maker added a filler in the back behind the cabs. The counters are now extra deep for prepping and her coffee maker, etc look like they don't take up as much counter space. It looks flush and integrated and she has full depth.

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