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crisisApril 16, 2006

I have quite the opposite problem from the usual. I'm 22 and me and my girlfriend run our own business, as well as odd jobs on the side. I work in between 60-80 hrs a week...and aside from all the working I too just like everybody else has lots of errands to run. We're busy people. However, for as much as I work I'm not a 9-5 person...I work late hours and often do not even get home until 2 in the morning. We never have anybody over. We come home, check our email and then either watch some tv (on low volume) or play video games, either with the sound low or off. When we talk to eachother it's not very loud. Now I will admit, sometimes there are times when we might be audible from another room but it's not like a fiesta or anything. I'm a serious and responsible working adult..

My problem is, my neighbor seem to have something against me and my girlfriend OR she just has delicate ears, I cannot figure out which. She has left a note on my door and just recently I got a warning from my landlord. I believe it is the newer neighbors the apt closest to our bedroom. They will not identify themselves or even speak to me about their qualms with us.

I don't know what to do, I cannot change my schedule and I'm absolutely livid that my apt. complex could just plop a note down at my door without even consulting us first to see what type of noise we might be making and why. To be honest we're so busy it's a miracle if we even get a shower everyday...I need to grocery shop at 4 in the morning.

I work VERY HARD for everything I have, I have a lot more than most 22 yr olds and I'm just upset and worried that I might get an eviction notice next...believe me after work and everything else that goes on in my life this is the last thing I want to worry about.

is there a way of politely getting the princess to invest in some ear plugs or something?? Should I really be that concerned about this?

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I think you should knock on their door or leave a note asking which neighbor has a problem with you and aks how can you fix the situation. Do you have thin walls cause if you do theres the problem. I try to knock on the people upstairs the first two times and they wouldnt answer the door when they made noise. Whatever it is she he/she hears it. Did you try talking to the landlord asking what is it that you did that got you a warning. Some people are light sleepers and I have a whole box of ear plugs after a while they hurt my ears.

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You need to speak with your landlord and ask for specifics. Tell your landlord - I am willing to fix the situation, but I can't fix it if I don't know what the problem is. You need to tell me more. Is it a certain noise? Is it a certain time of day?

It could be that it really isn't you. Maybe it is someone else in the building but they think it is you.

" I have a lot more than most 22 yr olds " - if you are as successful as you believe yourself to be, maybe it's time you invested in some real estate (a home). It's better than throwing your money away on rent.

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I talked to my landlords today and they think they might be hearing somebody else but they agree if it is me they hear, that my neighbor is being a little ridiculous.
I like living in an apartment. If I bought a house I could still get crappy neighbors and then that'd suck cos I took out a mortgage. I don't want to have to mow a lawn and I really loathe children and I'm never having any and since I'll be the last to die in my family, spending money on a house over a period of most my life wouldn't really be investing in anything much either. Plus, then you have to pay school taxes, take out homeowners insurance...honestly you never even really own your home anyway, the government could always decide to knock it down and claim your property if the majority decides they would rather have a shopping center or whatever. (I know that's a rare situation but it's just an example)
So, owning a home isn't all it's cracked up to be either.

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See you were worried for nothing. I uderstand you were a lil stress. As for my situation I am not so lucky. Honestly I never knew wood floors made so much noise. I guess you dont know a place until you move there. Just today the kid was throwing his dumbbells on the ground above me- if ppl take off their shoes on would floors because of the noise what do you think a dumbbell sounds like. If you said your room is connected to their wall just be careful at night coming in late etc. I think its all about respect. I think the ppl above me think I'm the same person who lived there b4, everyone is not the same. If any of us have a problem with our neigbors I think we who live with one another should try to from a resolution to the problem and not brush it off and say f@ck every1 I'll do what I want.

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Crisis - when you get short on money, try selling your apartment. At least you would have some equity in a home. You don't think you are paying school taxes? Think again. It is covered in your rent. No homeowner's insurance? I hope you have renter's insurance.

It sounds like you have ambition and the willingness to work - that's good. But you need to start building for retirement. Even at your age. A little bit today goes a long way into tomorrow. Who says you need to buy a house so you can pass it on to someone else? Think of it as an investment. I guess if you want to work all your life, that's fine. Personally, I'd like to retire some day and work on my golf game and do some travelling. You can hire a service to take care of the lawn.

You loathe children? Owning a home does not require children. I've never bought a house that already had kids in it. And I have lived in neighborhoods with very few children.

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You pay school taxes in an apartment--don't think you don't. It's just hidden inside your rent. if you like apartment living, consider buying an apartment. Then you'll have the investment, at least. And you wouldn't have to mow.

Also, on the thought that houses aren't just for "passing on to one's children"--houses also allow you to eat outside on the deck, or whatever.

And, you can find apartments or townhomes that will let you eat outside on the deck, and somebody ELSE mows the lawn.

I think over_n_under and I are simply saying, "you're ambitious and hardworking, so start thinking bigger and longer term w/ your housing dollars."

You may still end up w/ neighbor problems, but I have found that, in the apartment I owned, I was surrounded by OWNERS, who were just generally less likely to be weird and annoying and inconsiderate. It has to do w/ the socio-economically influenced odds. No guarantees, mind you.

And of course, I'd look pretty hard for a townhome or apartment that had thicker walls or floors, and a good system for dealing w/ neighbor complaints.

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Landlord got back to me and said that as it turns out its the upstairs neighbor and they're hearing the kids next to me...and that would make more sense because they are definitely loud. yeh, its definitely a preference thing. One of the other main things I love about apts is the fact I don't have to stay very long. Why travel and play golf when I'm old, when I can travel and (well play basketball) now. I realize that school taxes are part of my rent, however in the area I live, school taxes are in between 6,500 bucks and 8,500 bucks a year...and that's actually only a few thousand short of my rent a year. Also the home prices around here are ridiculous and I love this area of the country the best, I've been to every other area...south, midwest...northwest, southwest...I've actually gotten the chance to live in some of those areas and the northeastern area is where it's at for me.
I also realize that a home is an investment, but so are stocks and my business that I run...and that's enough responsiblity for me. Bottom line, houses are for some and not others.

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