A Great LandLord Experience

bobb_2010April 1, 2010

Lordy, Lordy, all the problems. I just had to chime in my good experience, lived there for 10 years, until they decided to finally retire for good.

PROS: Landlord only rented by reference, they never put up ads. The neighbors were mostly excellent.

REASONS CONTRIBUTED TO GOOD EXPERIENCE: The landlord, an older couple were in construction before they retired and have multiple properties. They KNEW what they were doing. NEVER rent from first time apartment owners, else good luck dealing with insecure people who happens to control your lease. They maintained the apartment themselves (only 6 units), I consider that a plus because you are not dealing with a face-less management company.

Whenever possible, u should know sum1 who's already living there and he can give u a review b4r u commit the $ and time. This is win-win, you get to know who you are renting from ahead of time, and he knows that you are a friend of someone who's already there.

My new landlord, by look of things was a first-timer, oh my God, I lasted another 6 months and had it. He rented to families with at least 2 kids in there in 1-bedroom units. I had no energy to pursue legal action and instead thought God must had wanted me to finally buy my own place, which I did, so things came out peachy, but for a while there, what ugly people!

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You are so lucky. I have lived in so many places where it would take them weeks before they even looked at the problem. by the time we moved there were some things they never even fixed or tried to make us pay for.

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