Arggghh!!! Homeowners in distress ,HELP( Cant stand neighborhood

angel_037April 29, 2006

OK I have posted before about the rowhome owners. Now tonight my fiance goes away and half hour after he leaves i go to bed about 2 a.m. I get off work at midnight. I hear someone in my back yard so I look out my upstairs bedroom window to watch some guy walk out of my yard with our lawnmower so I yell out "where do you think you are going". He just keeps walking with it and I said I was calling the police unless he turned around and brought it back. Well, of course he did not. I called a friend which happens to be a police officer and he sent a detective which happened to be around the corner. To much of my dismay, they could not find anything or anyone. But right now the police are outside 2 doors down for a domestic disturbance. I wish my fiance and I could of afforded a better neighborhood. But have to do what we got to do. Now I am alone for weekend and scared and my friend will be showing up tomorrow night to patrol here. I yelled to the person who was taking the mower that I saw him and know who he is, is or was that bad to say??

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Wow... that is terrible. If you don't mind me asking, but what city do you live in? As far as the "lawn mower" thing... WTF, that is so... (there ain't words to describe it). I really feel bad for you; and angry for you at the sametime. Do you or your fiance have family in the city you live in? If so maybe it would be better just to stay with them until he comes back. I doubt anything will happen if you stay there, but you just never know. Lock the doors, double check there all locked, along with the windows. Sleep with a gun, knife, bat, screwdriver, mace, or any object that you can use to defend yourself with. If you can, soon, put a lock on your gate(s) to your backyard.

I really don't know whatelse to tell you... you've yelled at the real estate agent for selling you this place right?

Hang in there and stay safe; call the cops if need be, not your friend who's a police officer, that's just a middle man, avoid the middle man on something like that in the future.

Stay safe

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Hi gregg,
We could not afford another house elsewhere but we are going to look. As far as a fence, we took it down because we are putting up a privacy fence shortly. And I have a metal bar that I keep by all doors are always locked when I am home or not. We live in Baltimore County, Maryland. I do not have family here. I moved here from New jersey 3 yrs. ago. My neighbors gave me there number today to call them if needed and there gonna be on alert with me. Fiance goes away alot on weekends because he is on a race car team. But we are gonna put motion lights outside that will be bright enough to light up whole This morning I thought I found lawnmower. I took a walk down alley and saw same kind and color and it was taken apart. Cops came with me to the house and the young lady answered door and let us look at it. But it did not have the bright spray paint green on back like the one we owned. I went to sleep the whole day so I can stay up tonight. I can't sleep when it is dark now until fiance comes home tomorrow. Well, ty for reply. I will be up if ya feel like posting back n forth or chatting. Email me if you ever feel like it. Kim

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Boy that is a bummer. I'd be po'd too if someone were walking off with my mower while I was yelling at them.

Would be helpful if you and the fiance could get that privacy fence up right away. sgtgregg had some good suggestions. If you have a cell phone, make sure that is next to your bed before you go to sleep. Can you have a dog? Even if you can't or don't want one, people have been known to put an extra big dog dish with a little food in it outside their back door to create the impression that they have one. Most burglars don't want to find out the hard way!

Glad the neighbors are friendly enough to give you their number. Getting to know as many as possible will help. Make sure those motion lights aren't accessible from the ground (or able to be shot out). I know stun guns aren't legal to have in Maryland, but it wouldn't hurt to have a nice big can of industrial strength pepper spray handy for those times when your fiance is away. ( wouldn't recommend a gun unless your licensed to carry one. You sound pretty intelligent. Just be careful, watch your surroundings and I'm sure things will work out.

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It's too bad you didn't have a recording of the sound of a shell being chambered into a shotgun that you could have played when you saw the guy walking off with your mower. That sound will send anyone running.

I wouldn't expect to find your lawnmower. It is probably in another county by now. Anyone who would be so brazen as to steal it like he did is not going to use it to mow his lawn. He is clearly a lazy SOB. I'm sure he was going to try and sell it.

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I agree with sgtgregg, don't call your friend, call the police. Why? Because when you call your friend there's no record. When you call the police directly, there is a dispatch record, the police will talk to you and file a report, etc. Very helpful when trying to get your homeowner's insurance to cover stolen property.

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Hi all, thank you for the replys. I did call the police station when I called my friend cause he was working the But as far as dog goes, we have a dog and she did not hear him herself and she usually does. Cant leave food out side in back because our neighbors next to us leave there garbage out in there yard and they have mice and dont want the mice here. My neighbor though does have a gun and for me, I have a metal bar for the next time someone comes into my yard Not that I would use it but just something inside in case anyone trys to get in. Yes, that privacy fence is going to be up soon. My fiance bought a motion detector that actually sets off some kind of alarm inside to me telling me someone is outside in yard. He is also getting the lights that will light the sky up too. We bought a new lawnmower monday and I booby trapped it so if anyone were to try to take it, it would be impossible for them to get away fast cause it would take to long for them to get it,plus, my fence will fall on them. hehehe.. well, appreciate the replys. ty. kim

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