Upstairs Neighbors Stalk Me!

devon_2008April 3, 2008

Hello Everyone. I Live In A House Thats Divided Into An Upstairs And Downstairs Apartment. I Have Been Here Almost Two Years Before The Upstairs Neighbors Moved In A Year Ago. I Thought It Was A Coincidence, But I Realized I Was Being Followed Around The House. No I Am Not Paranoid, They Really Do Follow Me From Room To Room. This Older Woman And Her Younger Daughter Moved In With Her Three Little Kidz. Her Kidz Constantly Follow Me Around The House Stomping On The Floor , From The Moment I Wake Up Till I Come Home From Work. Also When Im Occasionally Watching Tv Or Listeing To Music, They Will Concentrate On The Audio And Stomp In An Attempt To Scare Me If They Hear Something That Pertains To Violence Or Death. I An Very Aware Of The Noise I Make And I Believe I Am A Good Neighbor. I Don't Want To Go Knocking On There Door Because They Will See It Disturbs Me And It Might Get Worse. But One Can Only Take So Much. I Have Retaliated Back By Boucing A Tennis Ball Off The Ceiling, Stomping,Jumping Rope In Doors,Blasting My Stero,Banging My Dishes, And Slamming Doors:) This Whole Family Does These Things On Purpose. I Have Not Done Anything To These People. I Believe They Are Absolutely Crazy. I Kinda Feel Sad For Them Because They Don't Have A Life Outside Of Concentrateing On Me 24/7. I Believe There Family May Be Tied To Gangs. I Am Not Afraid Of Them And They Try So Hard To Instill Fear Into Me. I Think They Have Been Doing This To Try To Get Me To Move? But I Am Strong, And I Just Dont Want To Give Them The Victory. But My Landlord Is Selling The Building Within 6 Months, So We Both Will Have To Move. I Also Have A Fire Arm Just In Case They Want To Try Something Stupid. I Want To Them To Be The First To Move, So What Else Can I Do To Make These Last Few Months A Living Hell?

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Ps. When I Move Im Buying A Town House. So Glad I Wont Have Any Crazy Psycho's Stalking And Stomping Above My Head. Why Do Landlords Rent Out Upstairs Apartments To People With Small Children. Its Just Not Right. Apartments Suck!

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You know, when you capitalize every word here, it makes it very difficult to read! Have you actually asked or told the people not to follow you around? You're being just as weird as they are if you're doing all the bad behaviour you say you are - and has it helped? That's not the way to handle things.

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I can't even be bothered to read that format... owww, my eyes!

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wow, what an insane post!

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Devon, have you moved yet? Are those crazy neighbors still bothering you?

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@Jannie. Yes, I moved last week. I just couldn't keep up with the foolishness, I have better things to do. It is amazing to me how some people will spend there But anyway, I love my new place so far(knock on wood). Silence is golden.

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What is wrong with these little maggots? It's like these stinkin' whos don't teach their kids how to behave. Why would anyone rent to these vermin? Well, the skank will slap a fresh coat on her face and get all gussied up -put on an act. When they get does everyone else they move in. It's like they have no other purpose in life but to be a hemorrhoid. Maybe they did want you to move so they can move in some of their incorrigible people and turn the whole area into a wasteland.
>> I Also Have A Fire Arm Just In Case They Want To Try Something Stupid.
You waited too long! Instead of stooping to their level with that tennis ball business, you should have tossed a few Molotov Cocktails through their window and tested out that firearm when they come out with flames on their backs. 

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Get some dry ice and make a pressure 'bomb' (loud noise but no fire)... Do this outside at about 3am. It makes a very loud noise and scares people but is completely harmless when no one is in the immediate vicinity of the bottle (like throw it in a metal trash can, the echo will make it even louder and act as protection from potential shards). As with everything being safety cautious is very important.

I had a neighbor that would play loud music all night every night, asking him to stop or banging on the wall didn't help. He quit when I let one of those off on his balcony one night. I know it sounds psycho but some people are just not kind and need to be shown that you can be evil too.

I wouldn't do anything with your firearm since you will probably get thrown in jail even if the little kid comes at you with a knife.

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