Need advice on nite-owl neighbor!

chicagodwellerApril 18, 2010

Hello everyone!

My story is pretty similar to those posted here. I have a new neighbor. Previous tenant caused me NO PROBLEMS whatsoever. He was delightful (and a middle-aged single male). The new one is about 18 and doesn't require any sleep! His is a studio apt., mine is 1 bedroom. My bedroom wall (where my pillow is) is against his whole apt. First night he moved in, I was awakened by a blaring stereo at 4:00 a.m. I knocked on his door and thoroughly explained to him how thin the walls were, and the location of our walls, and how I am early to bed and early to rise. Very nice guy, and no stereo problems since. HOWEVER, the tv is another story. Every night. Apparently he can't go to sleep unless it's on. Equally as annoying as the stereo, but it does seem that he is trying to keep it low. It doesn't matter, even on low, I can clearly hear it, and all night long is unacceptable.

Ok, so here is my predicament. I complained about the stereo and he stopped. He was nice about it. I'm certain he doesn't realize the tv is just as loud. Now, I can just keep the peace and continue to sleep in my living room (which I've been having to do to and don't really want to continue), OR approach him again and risk the rapport that has developed between us (we run into one another frequently and get along quite pleasantly).

I have 10 mos. left, and I'd hate hate hate to switch apartments for less than a year. Advice from friends and family is let it be, but they're not apartment dwellers! Advice PLEASE!!!!

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Speak to your landlord. There are laws that say you have the right to "peaceful enjoyment of the premises" or however it is worded there, after a certain time at night (usually around 11 pm until something like 6 or 7 a.m.) and the LL should speak to the tenant (who at 18 probably has no idea about all this).

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Before I'd go to the landlord, I'd try a few things myself, if only to prove to the landlord that I'd exhausted all resources before going to the "authorities."

Also, since he seems like a nice guy and he acted promptly on the stereo noise when you mentioned it, he is probably going to feel blindsided if you go to the landlord about the TV before mentioning it to him. *You* can see the connection between the noise from the stereo and the TV, but he does not. From his point of view, you complained about the stereo, he fixed the problem, you haven't mentioned noise again, so all is good. If you are on a friendly basis with him, chances are he won't react badly.

First, can you move your bed so that it is not on the connecting wall? That might reduce some of the noise. Then, try out a white noise machine. This would help if what you are hearing is just the general noise of TV sound, probably not so much if you can clearly understand every word of dialogue.

Then, if the noise still bothers you, approach your neighbor. Explain that you've tried everything you can think of to mask the noise, but it is still a problem. You didn't want to bother him with yet another noise issue, but you do need your sleep and the TV noise is becoming a problem. Ask if he might be willing to move the TV (if it is on the connecting wall) or consider getting headphones. Be polite and understanding--you are aware of how easily noise travels in the building; he is new here and does not. If your lease lists quiet hours, mention those--not everyone remembers every single clause in their lease.

Give him a week or so to solve the problem. *Then* you can approach the landlord, with documentation of the efforts you have made to fix the situation.

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IÂm not 18 but I guess I would be the noisy guy. My tv can be on at just about any hour. Even though I have it as low as I can and still hear it, the neighbor bangs on the wall. Even if they did knock on my door I would not open it to someone that rude. Some neighbors complain if they hear so much as a pin drop in an adjoining unit. My tv is no louder than two people having a normal conversation. Expecting it to be any lower is unreasonable and would be violating my rights. IÂm pretty sure thatÂs why my landlord hasnÂt said anything to me and considers my neighbor the one who is selfish and unreasonable.

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"HOWEVER, the tv is another story. Every night. Apparently he can't go to sleep unless it's on. Equally as annoying as the stereo, but it does seem that he is trying to keep it low."

He is trying to keep it low. My guess is you would only be happy if he was completely silent?

You have to give him a break at some point because he pays rent too.

I cant sleep without a radio or TV on. Maybe he has my issue, you turn the TV quiet then when the channel goes off the air the infomercials are blasted.

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