I can't believe this ( rant )

czarinax17April 24, 2006

The downstairs tenant, the one who railed us out of here with complaints against our 2 yo daughter's play noise, decided to spend the entire weekend blasting her stereo every single time I had to drag out a box and start going through things. I'm PACKING!!! ::pulling hair out:: and I'm getting things ready to be hauled off to goodwill or the dump. I cannot do it all entirely in a silent fashion for her.

I guess her turning up her stereo, is her way of being retalitory because I have to make SOME noise to move? This is so @!$## ridiculous.

I spent Saturday fielding everything my 2 yo needs in between packing while my husband, who is working night shift over time having to listen to her bump her stereo so LOUD that my floors and walls were shaking. When I finally got done for the day, around 7pm, I began dinner.

And during dinner, we had to listen to her insanely loud stereo. It was so unreal.

I didn't want to phone security - the manager would have just written it off as if we were complaining or being retalitory so I kept my mouth shut and tried packing quietly.

COME TO FIND OUT, she turned up her stereo and left for the entire day until they got back around 11pm.

SO UNREAL. SO UNFAIR. I can't even move in peace.

I was treated to the same ordeal today - I spent my day packing and moving things out of the closet, and UP GOES THE STEREO and it's STILL GOING as I type this.

I don't want to call anyone on her.

And you know, I have one week left here..... and every day I need to be packing and getting ready to go this saturday. I guess I'm going to have to be subjected to her stereo, as some form of her punishment or revenge.

I am not at all a person who likes confrontation. What would you do in this situation?

I am just so tired of this. We have been run out of here. She won. But for her to continually make life hell for me my last week here?

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My advice to you is being you only have one week to go, is to just try to ignore it. BUT,if I were you, I would call the police and call them every time she blasts it. If she leaves the apartment with music going, then call landlord or emergency number. Call police and have police come to talk to the emergency number to apartment complex t have them enter her place and lower it or shut it off. Good luck and your last day there, stick a pile of dog poop by her door..lol (kidding), but it sounded good..lol.

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LMAF ANGEL HEHEHE yeah or you can also leave her a Voo-Doo Doll with pins hanging from her door.

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I wish I could phone the police, but they will not come unless it's an emergency. Otherwise they tell you to contact your manager and go through them. It's hard to not be retalitory too. I just can't believe that I'm being attacked this way, when it was she who complained about my child's noise. I'm really beyond angry, and lacking sleep!

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who else lives in your building? You can ask them to call security or the office as well. Anyone who can hear it should call--bcs they'll have to live with her after you're escaped. (and lucky you!)

and I would write contact security anyway--be polite, apologetic, etc. If they come, they can document the noise level, and that no one answered when they knocked. And heck, security ought to know that you aren't the noise problem--they're the ones who came when you weren't even home!

Also, feel free to call the cops--tell them you're *worried* it's an emergency, because the stereo's blasting, so clearly she's home, but no one's answered, and you're worried she's hurt or sick.

And I think you need to talk, in person, to the manager, and ask him to make sure YOU are not tormented as you are leaving. Couch it like this:
"I'm packing, which means of course that I have to slide some furntiure around, and climb up and down the ladder, and walk around, and move boxes. I'm trying to be quiet, but it clearly bothers my downstairs neighbor. I can tell, because she immediately cranks up her stereo tremendously loud. Would you please tell me what are acceptable things to do in order to be ready to move? And would you communicate this to her?"

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Thank you! I think I have to say something now. I spent the day having a migraine....argh.

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She's a real "LUG NUT"!

Ok, but on a more legal standpoint... call the cops, they will come out, they better... Every community has laws, if the cops don't obide by them, write your local newspaper editor after you move, "diming" everyone out; they like stories about cops not doing their job.

Its seems as if your neighbor is a real b!tch. "Treat people the way you want to be treated". Obviously your neighbor wants to be treated like a b!tch. Your last day there, besure to leave behind a radio (cheap one), have it blasting that way it disturbs her all night long... what do you got to lose, twenty bucks???

quick story... being in the Army as I am, I was stationed in Eqypt for a year. Morning came very earlier there because of the heat. So everyday at about 4 in the morning everyones alarms would start going off, some would go off for awhile for whatever reasons (still drunk from the night before usually). Well after a year of hearing this, me and my best bud who where leaving at the same time, decided to leave our alarm clocks behind... So we set them to go off 30 minutes apart. But we didn't leave them in the barracks rooms we lived in... Since they were battery operated, We left them in the air conditioning ducts... haha. Now I don't know if they disturbed anyone or not, but we thought it was pretty funny at the time.

sorry... ok, your neighbor will get hers, don't sweet it. Hang in there. You can't stop that clock and in less than a week you'll be out of there.


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LOL Gregg. Your post made me laugh. Egypt! You should post some experiences about living there.

Well, I ended up coming back here to update: I didn't have to contact management or phone security. Someone else did. Apparently it was too loud for someone else. LOL I was in the hall downstairs getting mail when I saw security come in and head for their apartment. It's been very nice and quiet since.

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Well I'm glad to hear you were able to laugh at least, hopefully you didn't get a complaint against you for doing so... see what I mean, She got hers; for now.

I hope your new place is far better then the one your leaving.

I have a loud music stereo thumpin neighbor myself... I've tried and tried to get them to "turn it down"... last week I went to the Corporate office of the management company to complain (I had enough of going through my community manager)... needless to say, since I went through the corp office, their music has not "thump or bumped" nearlly as bad as it used to. Far better living conditions. I'm hoping my suggestions to the corporate office paid off, and that they checked with other neighbors to see about the noise. Maybe they received a "final warning" or something, but regardless their as quite as a "monistary".

good luck.


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Too late now...I hade a neighbor who would blare music at midnight when I had to be up at 4:30 to go to work. I just made sure to make smoothies for breakfast...and if my big, heavy, LOUD blender happened to be on the bedroom floor (directly above where I presumed there bed was) oh well. By the time the cops could show up, the noise had ended and I wasn't even home. :) They moved out 2months later...after having to pay (aparently) a fine for filing a false police report...

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In one week, you'll be rid of her. You'll be gone and won't need to see her or deal with her anymore, just keep looking forward to that.you can also look forward to the fact that she won't know where you live. You, however, will know where she lives.

You can always have her name/address added to the local Kingdom Hall.

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Anyone on the upper floor always has the advantage. Since you are moving, pack loud, stomp on the floors, let the toilet overflow, you get where Im comming from. Your moving anyway, dont worry about making noise. make as much as you want, your going, so what is the problem.

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