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ponnaraviApril 21, 2005


I live in an Apartment on the second floor (also top floor)in Sayreville, NewJErsey, USA. My apartment air conditioner is not working and when outside temperature is 72+ degree, inside it gets around 90 degrees. Even If I ran the AC for whole day and nothing happens. My apartment rental agreement says that I have to change filters every 30-60 days. I haven't done that. But I called them and request a service and they said that they will come and change it. When I called later they say that they don't have any service request from me. So I am looking forward for ways to resolve this ASAP as my wife is Pregnant.

They also say that they won't check A/C or do any service call for A/C unless the outside temperature is over 70 degrees for atleast 3-4 days consecutively. Is this a valid argument?

1. How can I prove that my A/C is not working.

2. Sometimes I call and leave a service call request, later they claim that they is no service call for me. Usually it takes about 1-2 days for them to come. How can I prove that I called them.

3. The time now is 12:21 A.M and outside temperature is 75 degrees but inside it is 90 degrees. How can I make them understand my problem.

Thanks for everyone's time

Any help is greatly appreciated


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"My apartment rental agreement says that I have to change filters every 30-60 days. I haven't done that. "

CHANGE THE FILTERS! They fill up with crap and the air can't flow through them to be cooled.

AFTER that, if it still doesn't work, THEN call for service.

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Don't bother with the Property Manager, go to the Regional or Area Manager. If it doesn't get resolved there, contact the Home Office. Works everytime.

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CHANGE THE FILTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CLEAN IT - It doesn't take very long. Take it out and run water over the filter and let dry, place it in and run the AC.

Write down when you cleaned it, how long the AC ran and ect.

If all fails let the landlord what all you have done. If all fails, buy one ur self and put in wall. I don't play games and will not wait for the landlord to jack me off after reporting. I have had the same problem, but cleaning the filter is part of the problem and your electicity goes up if not cleaned.

I have replaced the AC and bought a new AC and took my AC to the landlords office and dropped it off with a note "DOES NOT WORK" and left the instructions. Yes it torked them off, but I turn around and tell them do ur job.

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I thought the apartment maintenance were responsible for things like changing filters.

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In every apartment i've ever lived in (quite a few), the tenant was always responsible for changing the AC filter monthly, but the office provided them on request.

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Str8dyme -
When the AC filters are only accessible from INSIDE the apartment, it's unlikely that the maintenance guys want to have to schedule something that any idiot can do and that happens every month.

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