Treadmill Upstairs

taraleeMarch 6, 2004

Our neighbor, it would seem, has embarked upon an exercise routine. Every night, for at least an hour, and sometimes much longer, there's an odd rhythmic thumping coming from upstairs. I'm fairly certain it's a treadmill from the sound, but I'm not positive. If it were only a few times a week for 20 or 30 minutes at a time, I could probably live with it, but this is often close to a couple of hours a night, every night. I'm debating how best to handle this...I'd like to approach them, and ask them about it, maybe see if they could move it to the opposite side of the apartment so we wouldn't hear it as much. Any suggestions on how to word things?

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If it really is a treadmill, you might want to hold out for awhile. If he/she is like most anyone else, the interest will fade and he/she will stop using it. If you do ask that person to move it, be aware that he/she may move it somewhere that could be even more bothersome (like over your bedroom). Also, maybe it just needs a mat under it (a good exercise mat can help to absorb some of the sound).

But maybe it is something else - could it be a washing machine and dryer? I don't know too many people that can sustain a couple of hours on a treadmill.

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mabey he is fat, and wants to lose some weight, let the man work :(

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