Please help ID settee

nutmegerFebruary 25, 2013

I purchased this cute settee at auction over the weekend. I have searched the internet a bit to get an idea on its age but can't find anything quite like it. Does anyone have any ideas? Please let me know if you need more info. It does have casters that are wooden in the front, the rear ones appear to have fallen off. I think the wood color was stained mahogany, but I don't think its mahogany as the scratched areas are much lighter. The recessed areas around the carvings are pock-marked.
Thanks! -- Pauline

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Examine the legs and casters carefully. It is possible that all it ever had was 2 casters in front. The sette could be moved by tipping up the back and moving it around akin to a wheelbarrow. Once the sette was put back down, it would stay in place and not scoot around.

If it had 4 casters and the back two are now missing, it would not sit properly; it would tilt back very moticeable. To correct this, either the front legs would have to be shortened, or a piece added to the rear legs. If the front legs were shortened, the seat height would be too low and its valued lowered - maybe ruined- as well.

If it sits right, the seat height seems ok, and there is no evidence of a piece added to the rear legs, it probably had only the front casters when new.

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Thanks for the info. The rear legs do have holes on the bottom where I assume casters once where. It does not appear to be tilting. It actually seems fine. Maybe it sit a little forward before?

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