loulou26March 4, 2006

Background information -- I agreed to rent a two bedroom apartment with a friend, everything split 50/50, signed the lease and everything was working out perfectly.

Until -- My roommate asked if I would mind if a friend of his stayed here for a couple of weeks while he moved down here, started his new job, and got settled into an apartment. I didnt mind this guy staying here for a week or so while making the transition. Was assured this was very temporary and that the guy was responsible, decent, ect.

Big mistake -- A couple of weeks has turned into a couple of months. (Due to him losing his job, car problems, and not having any back up money.) My roommate started having to be out of town for his job and I got stuck babysitting the unwelcome guest and roomie hasnt had to deal with any of it. Who in the short time he has been here has become a huge problem. Starting with having girls over every night (he sleeps in the living room, not a comfortable situation), leaving a mess everywhere(which roommate and I both have cleaned up), cigarette burns in the carpet(was told no smoking inside), to making so much noise I cant sleep and having the neighbors complain about it as well. Basically taking huge advantage of us.

What has been done -- I let my roommate handle dealing with the guest, as it was his friend. Thought it would be work better that way. WRONG! After several times of us both dealing with different problems, talking to him, laying out the rules, reminders, ect...I finally had enough and told roommate that the guest needed to find another place to stay. That it wasnt fair and I was tired of being taken advantage of and being stressed out over this whole mess.

SO -- We talked it over and had a meeting with the guest, told him to he had to find somewhere else to stay by the 5th of this month. He used every excuse, but I was firm and stuck to what roomie and I agreed to. Roomie was extremely vocal and supportive of this.

Well -- It is now the 4th and I realized that he hasnt been preparing at all to be out by tomorrow. Just talked to him and he tried again to use every excuse, but I told him that we had all agreed to this and that was it. My roommate is out of town and not able to be reached, so I am left stuck handling this.

Meaning what do I do if he refuses to leave tomorrow?

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Well, I guess it depends on how comfortable you are handling this by yourself. Does this guy have a key to the apartment? I'd try to nab that as discretely as possible. You could always take all of his stuff and put it down on the sidewalk and just lock the door when he ran out to get it...after you got your key back that is. If you truly felt you had roomie's support, I'd go ahead and call the cops and ask them to assist you in removing this unwanted guest. That would probably be the safest way to do it.

I feel for you though, it's going to be uncomfortable no matter how it happens until he's gone. Hopefully it will be a relief when it's over assuming you and roomie are on the same page about it. I'd imagine that his friendship with this guy is pretty much gone after this though. Good luck...let us know what happens.

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You're right, it is definitely an uncomfortable situation.

Today is the day. And of course he is not here, however his stuff still is... I think he is avoiding and trying to wait for my roomie to get back into town, so he can try to talk him into allowing him to stay longer. Which I will not agree to. I do believe that my roomie will back me up, however, the situation is difficult as they are still friends, just doesnt care for his behavior/being taken advantage of. It has put a strain on our friendship and we are working on that.

Unfortunatey he has a key, so in the meantime, I am either going to have to change the locks or call the police. I am unsure if there are any laws that would allow him to stay or give him rights. We didn't sign anything with him, he is not on the lease, he has not paid for anything, ect.

I am really hoping for the best and that he takes this seriously and leaves today as agreed by everyone.

It will be a huge relief for everyone when he is gone, I know my roomie regrets letting him stay here in the first place as do I for agreeing to it. It has been extremely stressful and I am just ready for it to be finished.

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My brother had a similar removal issue. He called the police (in Wisconsin) to see what he could legally do. The police told him that the guy had a right to be in the apartment as long as his stuff was there. My brother asked the police what would happen if the guy's stuff ended up on the front lawn. The police told him that the guy would no longer have a legal right to be in the apartment (my brother had already gotten the key back one night while the was guy passed out drunk). However, they also said that my brother would be responsible for anything that happened to this guy's stuff while it was sitting outside.

My brother and his other roommates threw this guy's stuff out. Then they called him on his cell phone and told him to come get it. Problem solved. Good luck to you!

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Great news...

He finally showed up (after being a no-show all day) and packed up his stuff and left! Made several comments that he hoped there were no hard feelings, that he was sorry for everything, that he understood why he was asked to leave, and that he hoped we could all still be friends.

I am so relieved and sort of amazed that it is over. Its feels like this huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. (Can sleep tonight!) Looking forward to getting everything back to normal! Some good has come from it as Roomie and I have both learned some valuable lessons and improved our communication with each other.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to read this and offer input. It really was/is appreciated!

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Did he give back the key? I'd still have lock changed if I were you.

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