My new (old) corner cupboard

ccoombs1February 7, 2012

My husband and I have been searching for the perfect antique corner cupboard for over 15 years. This weekend, at an auction in North Carolina, we finally found it. The women who owned it were spinster sisters. They had no children so this piece was auctioned off along with all of their other belongings. An elderly woman at the auction told me that this cupboard was made by the sister's great grandfather. It's solid walnut, well over 7' tall and very well made. I am so thrilled to have this gorgeous southern-made piece in my home.

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After so many posts about furniture from the 40's & 50's it is great to see a genuine antique. And what a beauty it is! 16 pains of glass and a center drawer make it worth just a little bit more. It appears to be all one piece which is surprising to me. Assuming that the glass is glazed on the inside, that's another sign of quality. Auctions are seldom mentioned on this forum but I go to them all the time. There is one coming up this weekend in Dover DE (no sales tax). Whatever I know about antiques and collectables comes from attending auctions and observing.

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Thanks! I am so thrilled with this beauty. The glass is glazed on the inside. The nails are square headed. One of the front panels next the drawer was loose, so I looked at the shaft of the teeny nails that held it in place...the shafts are square and look hand forged. The cupboard is one piece which made it terribly difficult to move and get into the house. The door panels are quite wide and are single boards. Some of the shelves inside are also single board. The dovetails on the drawer are hand cut...there are 3 of them. You can tell the mortise and tennon joints on the doors were also hand-cut. It was so refreshing to see a genuine OLD American-made corner cupboard offered at auction, rather than the reproductions that seem to be so common.

It was raining the day we bought it so we had to wrap it in blankets and tarp it in the house before carrying it to the truck. I think the foul weather and the size and mass of this piece scared a lot of the potential bidders away.

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Wow, beautiful piece & worth the 15 year wait!

Going to auctions is one of my first memories & almost 60 years later, it's still a favorite thing to do.

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Thanks you. We really enjoy auctions. My dad took us to auctions all the time when I was a child and I have always enjoyed them. This one was hard. We had our eye on this one prize and knew it could blow our budget and would fill my truck if we got it. So while we waited for it to sell, we had to use restraint and not bid on anything else. So many nice things were sold very cheaply! We had to just sit there and wait. Boy was that hard!! But it was so worth it. And we got it for much less than I was prepared to pay which made the victory even sweeter.

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I have been waiting well more than 15 years for a corner cupboard like that!
There was one in an antique shop near here that I frequented. When I first went there i asked about the cupboard.....she said "not today". I continued to ask every time I went, finally she said that will never be for sale, It's for my daughter"....sigh!
Would you tell us what you paid so we can all collectivly gasp!?

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I remember from my childhood home a corner cupboard, which had been made by my grandfather. Sadly my mother sold it before we moved to Australia; I wish it was one of the pieces she had brought with us. I hope whoever has it now treasures it. Yours is lovely.

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I paid $2000 for it. What it's actually worth...I can't say. But I know I would not sell it for $6000. Around here, the good reproduction will cost $2000. The english corner cupboards I have seen that are not as good as this one start around $4000 and go up from there. Shoot, even a new china closet from the local furniture stores will cost $1500! Southern made furniture is really popular in this area so I was expecting this cupboard to go past what my budget would allow. Every time I walk into my dining room and see this thing, I still gasp. Lol!!

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Gasping in Virginia.....I haven't priced them recently (don't have a corner wide enough for one) but my guess would have been at least $4k.

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Yep....that's about what I figured it would bring too, at auction. More in an antique shop.

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Thats alot like mine,mine is cherry,the one drawer 2 dont open 2 doors,we bought ours at a sale over 2,000 we paid for it,has secret drawers?We have 10' ceilings its right up there.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

How absolutely lovely-lucky you! Congratulations!

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Absolutely gorgeous! I know next to nothing about antiques but I do know when something is beautiful. Great find!

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thanks again everyone. This weekend, I went to my dad's house and finally brought home my great grandmother's haviland Limoges china. It was given to me many years ago but I had no safe place to display it. So glad that I do now!

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