combo washer/dryers

deolmsteadMarch 4, 2004

We live in a small condo and are thinking of getting one of these babies:

Does anyone have any experience with combo washer/dryers and, if so, can you recommend any specific brands or impart any words of wisdom?



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Try posting on the laundry forum.

My usual scepticism says they won't be nealry as efficient as separate units, nor as convenient. Would a stacked unit fit?

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If one breaks down, you're out till you get the other fixed. Been there.

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I had a Kenmore front washer/dryer. They could be stacked, or side by side!! Best washer/dryer I have ever owned!! Front load washers are the way to go! Clothes come out cleaner, they use less water, they come out dryer, thus u dont use as much energy with the dryer!! Cheers. Scott

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We live and travel full time in a 40' motorhome and have a Splendide washer/dryer combo. Ours works fine but loads are very small, so we end up doing a load every day. If you get one, make sure it's vented. Splendide offers some that are not vented and I've heard they take forever to dry.

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I had the non-vented (condenser dryer) variety. I hated it after a while. The problems for me: small capacity and long cycle time. They are small machines, so you have to do more loads. But you can't get the next load started while you're dying a load. That adds up to a lot of lost time.

For me that added up to big piles of laundry waiting to get done for just a two person household.

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Does anyone know of a VENTED combo washer/dryer unit on the market? Thanks in advance for your help.......

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