Appt complex declaired bankruptcy

gor-gorMarch 12, 2009

They did this yesterday and left a long letter at the mailboxes and the now locked laundry rooms (after watching me load my laundry card for the month). They claim the staff has not been paid since January. Where have all the rent checks gone? (mine's on the debit card)

What should I expect in the near future? Should I be looking for a new place? What about rent payment? I assume pay as usual (I've kept every recipt). What if I pay rent to them and they forclose and I get kicked out? If the company that owns the property goes under (I guess it has) what happens to my rental history?

I'm a bit worried as I have bad credit and live paycheck to paycheck as it is, moving takes months of saving. Rent this low is tough to come by. Luckilly I can use the laundry at work, but I don't like to abuse that privilage.

I'm in Tampa, FL, near the stadium. Thank you for any responses.

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These situations never turn out good for anyone. Your situtation is complicated.

Chaperter 7 or Chapter 13?

Does your state require LL to keep tenant's security deposits in a trust fund and not co-mingle with assests? If the LL stole the security deposits you may have to start criminal proceedings.

You may need to contact the LL's bankruptcy attorney to see if any money owed to you is part of the proceedings. Does the letter you got suggest doing this? That is the proper way to proceed but don't sign anything right away!!

Contact a legal aid place to see if you need an attorney for something like this. You may.

Here is a link that might be useful: Landlord Bankruptcy

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I had this same thing happen to me. I was renting a very nice duplex & the same people who owned the duplex also owned an apartment complex that was down the street. One day, the property manager showed up at my door telling me that the property was up for sale & I needed to find another place within 30 days! I had 2 small children at the time so this wasn't going to be easy! I found out that the reason the property was being sold so unexpectedly was because the owners had not been paying property taxes so the property was seized. There wasn't much I could do but move. Luckily I found a place within the 30 days. Several people told me I could sue the owners but I didn't bother because they ended up going bankrupt, anyway. I also did get my security deposit back before I moved so I decided to just let it go.
As Dilly_Dally said, maybe you can contact an attorney to see if there's anything that can be done. The owners will owe you a security deposit. They cannot keep it unless there is damage to your unit. Good luck with everything.

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There is a big difference between a bankruptcy by owners of a property, and property being seized by the governemnt due to nonpayment of taxes.

There is no way to know the outcome of gor-gor's situation without knowing all the facts. Is there a lease involved? Is there already a buyer for the building? Exactly what does the letter received say? Was it a legal document from an attorney, or just an informal letter from the owners highlighting the situation? Too many questions. No way to answer.

Best thing to do is to take the letter to an attorney or tenants rights group and proceed from there. Google Florida laws before meeting up with anyone to discuss things so the meeting can go quick and everyone is on the same page.

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Your rudeness & sarcastic manner are NOT appreciated, Dilly_Dally! Why don't you go play with your buddies Lucy & Moonshadow now? You should all get along great because you're all the same. RUDE!

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Ignoring thegrinch17's bizarre outburst, it would be useful for gor-gor to find out if this is a foreclosure by a lender, or a seizure for unpaid taxes.

You may be able to contact the city to find out who is currently listed as the new owner (could be a bank or someone who bought it at auction) and try to contact them directly to find out what is going on.

Still, you'd better start saving for a new apt.

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Well gor-gor has not been back to clarify anything from the initial post. He titled his post *bankruptcy* and describes what sounds like a bankruptcy, yet mentioned the word "foreclosure" in the post. Two different animals. Many different ways to proceed.

Too many pronouns used in the story to figure out what is going on: "They claim the staff has not been paid since January." Who is 'They'??? why would 'They' be telling tenants that? Who wrote the letter?

Since gor-gor does not care to further the discussion and I am not going to worry about it.

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