Mystery Lamp

webbmeisterFebruary 7, 2012


I was on holiday in Budapest and I saw this lamp in one of their "Ruin Clubs". I have been on the lookout for one since, but I have never seen one in the UK. Can someone give me a pointer towards the "type" of lamp it is, plus an idea of country of origin. Maybe an idea of age too?

Many thanks


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It's not easy to see much detail about the lamp from your picture.
Is the shade paper? Skin? Glass? Does it hang from a bracket? The ceiling or a stand on the floor?
Do a google image search for things like hanging lamp or glass shade lamp or panel shaded lamp and see if you can find a picture.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hi Linda

I believe the shade was fabric of some kind and hangs from a wire from the lamp's bracket. All floor standing.
Sorry about pic quality - it was pretty dark. Added another one which is slightly better.


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I wonder if this isn't a reworking of an old bridge lamp -- a little creative wiring or a good yank on the socket, and voila! You could try adapting an old lamp to replicate this.

You might also try googling "wrought iron bridge lamp pendant" or something similar.

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Not quite the same, but I just ran across this on eBay.

Here is a link that might be useful: eBay lamp

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