Noisy tenant above

charlie2003March 5, 2005


I live in a studio with a part-time doorman in Manhattan and a noisy tenant above me. I don't mind noise till 10:00pm but this tenant's music and TV is so loud that I can almost make out what the person on TV is saying and the songs.

I was just wondering how others handle these situations.

Do you talk to the tenant directly or do you go through your doorman?

I hate to complain but I don't want it to go on like this continuously.



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1: Go to the tenant first, and politely point out that the apartment below is now inhabited, and that noise after 10PM is annoying you.

2. If that fails, call the manager (who, I suppose, it not the same as the doorman) and ask them to have a chat with the noisy one. Point out that it's preventing you from getting the pleasure of sleeping in the place you are renting from them.

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Frankly as an ex property manager... I believe that you should always contact the person in charge of the building and let them do the dirty work and not the friendly neighbor thing...people don't like being called on the carpet and often times just get resentful and can make your life miserable...Talk to your manager..

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I live on the top floor of my condo unit and have been aware that I cause some noise sometimes. I was unaware of it and sometimes you can not prevent it. I can not walk around on my tip toes all day. I would see if the person is approachable before you just go up telling them how htey annoy you because they may super defensive and get mean :)

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I know how you feel! I live on the second floor of a three story apartment building. I make sure I am considerate of my neighbor living below me but my neighbor above me is the neighbor from hell! I say forget that 'friendly neighbor' thing and take action. Not retailation, but talk to your landlord or call the police. Approaching a neighbor yourself may make the problem worse.

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I think that you should always go to the person first--it shows that you have respect for them and you are reasonable but if they keep making excessive noise then you need to talk to the building manager (I think calling the police should be your last resort.) I would be polite and calm (they probably don't realize that they're making a lot of noise.) IMHO any building manager that wants to stay out of it is only showing that he doesn't give a rat's ass about his tenants. I think what people don't understand is that it's all about being polite and respectful--the people below need to realize that living below anybody in an old building is going to be noisy to some degree and some noise is unavoidable, the people above need to realize that living as if they are the only person around is selfish and disrepectful. The building manager or owner should have some kind of carpet with padding on the floors if the building is noisy. I know this sounds hippieish but apartment living should be a communal thing otherwise you might as well live in the country.

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Living below could be always a victim. The more you complain the more loud noises come from upstairs. I would suggest:

1) you write a polite and nice letter and point out the problems you have. Buzz the door bell and slide your letter under the door. If you are lucky enough, you may get a positive response. Talking to the person upstairs may expose you to the tenant. If you are such a person like small guy or gal or coming from other party of country, you may be discriminated to some extent. During that time you will be even "Well Treated" if you complain about the noise.

2) If that doesn't work you then have to approach your landlord, building manager. If they don't give a damn you then you have to keep calling the police. Of course the result you guess it even worse. You can't avoid being retiliated.

3) Move out permanently and get a top floor.

I know living in the apartment buidling in New York is indeed like a hell you will encounter all sorts of noises and all different kind of people. I hope those people live upstairs should really read those threads and try to be more considerate.

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