When to buy appliances for remodel

overhearJanuary 1, 2012


We are about to start our renovation project -- hopefully within the next 2 weeks. According to our contractor the job is "expected" to take 5-7 months to complete.

We've started researching kitchen appliances and we've found a couple of attractive deals on close-outs, but I'm concerned about taking delivery of appliances that won't be installed for a number of months. I don't want to have trouble returning a defective appliance, or run out the clock on my warranties while the appliances sit in my garage.

Any thoughts on the best way to handle timing? Thanks in advance and happy new year everyone!

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Some manufacturers will start the warranty at installation rather than delivery but you need to check with each manufacturer to make sure. An estimate of 5-7 months seems very long for a renovation but I don't know the scope of your renovation and whether your contractor is juggling several jobs at once. Also, if that's his estimate now, it very likely will take even longer. You definitely want to select your appliances and know their dimensions before you start ordering cabinets but you don't need them on site months in advance. You do want your range/cooktop onsite for the countertop templating. Do you have a place to store the appliances? Some stores will do that for you but people have run into problems with stores going bankrupt and the liquidators seizing everything, even appliances that have been fully paid for.

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Thanks so much for your thoughts. That's very helpful. Our contractor doesn't have any other major jobs but we are doing a lot of work. I will speak to him and try to get very precise timing on when he'll be needing the appliances. And I will definitely check with the manufacturers we are considering to see how their warranties work.

We do have a big garage for storage so that shouldn't be a problem -- unless cold is bad for appliances ...

Happy new year!

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I would wait at least the 5 months your contractor quoted before buying appliances. As you've already noted, most of the time, the clock starts ticking on the warranty upon delivery, not installation. Also, when an appliance is in storage, all kinds of things can happen. We've seen all those threads here - posters discussing water in the garage or basement, or the appliances get jostled by the workmen, crushed by machines and tools being used during the renovation which were tossed into the area where the appliances are, the boxes being turned on their sides (don't do that!), and even, theft. Yes, we've seen it all reported here.

As to the "attractive deals on close-outs", there's ALWAYS another deal, another sale. EVERY holiday there's a sale. There's always another appliance getting closed out or discontinued. Don't fall into the trap of thinking this is the last time you'll see such a price. Which leads me to my next point. When appliances are closed out, it's sometimes because there was a flaw, or it's out-moded, its look is dated, its technology is dated, or the parts aren't being made anymore. Be careful of that.

My final advice for waiting to buy appliances is that, sure as the sun rises in the east, your tastes and requirements will change as your kitchen evolves, AND, even moreso, as you hang out on this forum. You think you want, say, a 30" range, but perhaps you'll change and want a 36" rangetop and separate wall oven. Your exhaust hood requirements could change (don't get that microhood, please). Or, you think you want a side-by-side fridge, but you may see other bottom-freezer fridges that make you want that instead, and etc. etc. Hang out on this forum, and then decide on your appliances.

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You must be psychic, akchicago. How did you know that I'm a complete sucker for a close-out sale? :-) I'm sure that is brilliant advice. I'll hit the snooze button on my buying impulse and watch the forums some more. They really are addictive. Who would have thought that appliances could be so fascinating? So much good info!

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There is a 10-20% off close-out and then there are 75% plus off closeouts. Sometimes 50-90% off going out of business sales.

I would pass on the former and seriously consider the latter.

I have been accumalating my appliances for over a year now.

Other than my range,I have spent about $3500 on appliances with UMRP of about $12000.

I really wanted a hard to find a deal on Bluestar RNB or Capital Culinarina range. I got a CC delivered for $5,088 that has a UMRP of 7,093.If I had purchased at my local dealer for just in time delivery it would have cost $7,713.64 or more if there is another price increase by the time I start my kitchen reno in the next couple of months.

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Forgot to include my dishwasher in my calculations.

I got a floor model La Perla II in SS with 4" SS toekick on closeout. UMRP $2504. I got it for $1669.

Miele Futura Diamond is now $2749. It comes standard with 5 year warranty and 24 hr monitoring via wifi that are optional on my DW.Plus LED lights and 3D cutlery rack not available on my DW.

I would rather have $1080 and my toekick:)

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Deeageaux - How have warranty start dates played out?

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Sharp MW Drawer warranty starts from time of purchase.

Independent Hoods-screwed because they are bankrupt and out of business.I got 80% off of UMRP so I don't feel regret.

Gaggenau Oven,Viking warming oven,Miele DW,Captial range from time of install.

I did not investigate Liebherr fridge.I paid $850 for $3200 fridge so I am willing to self insure.High end fridges are the most difficult to get deals on.

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So much for hitting the snooze button on my impulse to buy ...

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Not so fast, overhear--hands off that snooze button. I second the advice to hang out here and think carefully about what you want before you go out and buy. I didn't get nearly the deals that Deeageux above got--but, I did pretty well nontheless. My suggestion is to make sure that you have hung out on the kitchen forum for awhile to make sure that your layout is terrific. Then target some specific models of the appliances you want and start researching them here and other places. Pick a first choice, then a second choice...etc. Then go shopping and find your deals on the models you have targeted. Once you have done your research and shopped a little, you will be able to recognize a good deal and can pounce on it with confidence when you see it, and you won't have any regrets afterwards. It's not a good deal if the item wasn't something you wanted, doesn't quite fit in the space you planned for it, doesn't work the way you hoped it would or has design flaws or other 'gotchas' that you didn't know about. Good deals can be had--just wade in with your eyes open and your research done in advance. And yes, there will always be another sale, another closeout, etc. Stay calm. :-)

Good luck to you!

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Yes, you need to research your layout and appliances first.

However,Miele changes dishwasher models every four years or so. Gaggenau changes oven models every 8 years or so? There will not necessarily be great deals to be had on items you really want within a month of needing your appliances.

Sometimes you have to pounce earlier. If you want great deals on appliances that are not coveted then those deals come along more often. Deals on best or 2nd best in category does not come along very often.

If you find 50% off on 42" or 48" brand new Sub-Zero built-in in a going out of business sale pounce because you are extremely unlikely to see that again. If you want a random 30" sealed burner pro-style range then you are likely to find deals on a regulary basis.Want Wolf? Not likely to find deals very often.

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I'm in the same boat as the original poster, and this is my first post! I've been lurking for a few weeks, and I've already learned so much from the kitchen / bath forums. I think I'll wait a bit longer before pulling any triggers.

I have another newbie question. Is it better to buy all Appliances together in a package, or separate? Like Thermador has a free dishwasher if you buy a range,etc...I don't like Thermador as much as the 36" Wolf. So I could splurge for the Wolf I want and go less expensive on other things like a fridge or DW from Lowes/HD maybe.

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All good advice. I will try to keep some blinders on -- at least until I know the market and am past the waffling stage.

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Packages are almost always a bad buy.

No company makes the best of everything.

The discount/free dishwasher is almost never high enough that it is better than shopping for the individual appliances.

Research each appliance and get the best bang for your buck after setting a budget for each category.

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Sowega - welcome to the board! Check out the Kitchens Forum too, it is so helpful. You should start a new thread on your question, since it is OT from this OP - no worries, but you will get more responses to your particular question that way.

I too advise against packages. There are several reasons I don't like them, but most of all, no one manufacturer makes all appliances well; typically a manufacturer makes one or two very well, and the rest not as good, and some appliances they may not make at all (i.e. they sell rebadges of other brands under their own name). Also, you should diversify your "appliance risk", just like the stock market!

Appliances packages benefit the salesperson a lot - the salesperson doesn't have to put in a lot of time and effort helping you find the right appliances for your needs, as they're pre-determined in the package. And they get more commission from the manufacturer when they sell their package. I will link a previous thread on this issue, but meanwhile, this thread should get back on topic.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread about Appliance Packages.

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The only construction advantage to early buying that I can think of is having the appliances where they can be examined when there is some question about their physical, electrical, or plumbing interfaces. (This extends to sinks and faucets and garbage disposals vis a vis their possible interferences with each other, the plumbing, and the sink base cabinet.) I found having them accessible helpful in some cases, and essential in others.

Alternatively, some may find that working from manufacturer installation drawings is adequate. However, the product has to still be available when you want to buy it.

A related aspect is design for replacement. For example, Euro dishwashers are different in dimensions than US dishwashers. To accommodate both over a kitchen's lifetime, it is necessary to build so that a deeper and wider US dishwasher can be installed, yet have a way to trim out the gap that a Euro dishwasher will present. If a built-in look is intended, then it is essential that the depth be enough for the paneled door to align with the cabinetry. In such a case, decide early whether you prefer future sheet rock and partial stud removal (if going from Euro to US) or a deep enough counter.


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I bought too early. My warranty expires in two weeks. I am still at least 2 months from being able to install, probably 3.

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attofarad - Can you get an extended warranty? They're not very much, usually, and they give you peace of mind. Make sure it covers labor and parts. I got mine from the appliance store I used.

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