No Dogs Allowed!!!!

katysanchezMarch 17, 2007

I'm so depressed! I have wanted a chihuahua for years and back in my old apartment we could have dogs. Now in my new apartment we are only allowed to have cats but I never thought I would get a chihuahua anytime soon. A coworkers chihuahua just had puppies and is offering me one free! I have been so excited and was just hoping to sneak it in and planning on training it not to bark and potty train it indoors on Puppy pads.

Now I am realizing that I probably won't be able to pull it off. In the lease it says under pets: "No animals without written consent from the management" Should I write a letter to management asking for persmission for a dog smaller than a cat!? I still have about 9 months left on my lease and I don't want to give up the opportunity! Any landlords think I have a chance?

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The ONLY way you will "have a chance" is if you follow the lease, and ask permission from the managment, and get the required written consent.

What on earth would be stopping you from asking them? All they can do if you ask, is either say "Yes" or say "No".

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As a landlord (and I'm more flexible than some):

Sneak the dog in, you've killed the deal. You will get busted at some point. No one likes to have anyone sneaking behind their back, KWIM?

You've got an opening, if your lease says with written permission, so ask. You're odds are much higher that way!

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"no kids"

God bless America! Didn't realize Canada descriminates on family status. Do they have special towns for those infected with HIV, people of color, or same sex relationships? How about religion? Are muslims allowed in are athiests stoned or burned on a cross?

Does Canada have any federally protected classes?

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nflifer - are you saying that there are no apartment buildings anywhere in the US that are adult only?

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Here in Southern IN we have several complexes that are adult only........... As a mother I am glad for those complexes! It means that those of us with families know that people who hate any type of noise have their own places to live. I also imagine if my husband and I want to stay in a luxury complex we would move to one with the no kids policy after our family is raised. Our area also provides very high end complexes that allow kids and big dogs so I don't feel any type of discrimination, I think it just allows for everyone to have their own "spot".......this is a HUGE rental area, just huge, we need to be able to pick and choose what we want.

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When my fiance and I were apartment hunting last year the one major thing we looked for at apartment complexes was the playground. If they had one, we were more likely to NOT stay there due to the fact that we don't really want to stay where there may be too many kids. We wanted a more adult oriented place that didn't really encourage kids. Where we live now has no playground and as a result it is mostly adults that live there which keeps it nice and quiet most of the time. They also allow dogs and I think half the people here own dogs because we are always comming across someone walking their pooch while we are walking ours. Just wish we had a community dog park in the complex.

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Well I am glad to hear there are some adult buildings in the US. When I read the above post by nflifer I was really upset. I am in Canada and I thought that everyone in the US thought the same way because we have some adult only apts. I dont know about any of the other discrimination he/she is talking about.

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We also have many apartments that are designated for senior citizens. The rent is usually half of a normal apartment in the same area and you have to be at least 65 in order to live there.

nflifer is just trying to create drama and is speaking out of pure ignorance.

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I know in our area the "adults only" are not for senior citizens persay, they are just for those people who don't want or are done with kids running, being loud and just want quiet, quiet, quiet. Now, here where we are, it is mostly attorneys,surgeons and well to do who have homes in Fla for the winter. There are 2 buildings that are for people with children. As long as your kids are 14+( as is ours) you can live in the adult sections.

Our specific complex is waaaaay overpriced for the area. We have a 3bdroom/2bath........1300 sq feet, right off the pool with front and pack door and private entry. They are going for $1055 with a garage. The comparable apts go for around $900 with cable and washer dryer included. So, seems they have the market on making sure you are gonna not only have the rent but also the $$$ to pay for all your own bills and appliances. Can some give me what a high end 3bdrm/2bth goes for in your area?

One thing that drives me nuts is this, the 2 buildings where all the kids live have a different "look"......the patios all filled with bikes and big wheels and most other residents get so irritated. I don't understand why people don't remember those days. It is impossible to have pretty wicker furniture and huge ferns on a patio if you have children, their toys have to go someplace. As long as they aren't draped all over the parking lot, what does it matter? In a residential neighborhood, toys are piled all over the backyard, what are you gonna do about it then??????

Well, that is my rant for the day! :)

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I cannot count the number of times I have been called by prospective applicants when I'm advertising a house for rent and the first question is "Do you allow children". I deal with houses, not apartments. I never cease to be taken aback by this question. But apparently, in my area, there are landlords that flat out say "no kids". Based on what I hear, this comes from a landlord of a house, moreso than an apartment. I cannot fathom how this can be legal, but have not delved into it because we welcome children.

angel, a high end 3br/2ba with garage and square footage you describe would easily go for $1055 in my area, I've seen some as high as $1200. (Depends on the complex or the area the house is in.)

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Thanks for the price info, moon.

We live in a cheaper area of the country so I was curious what other rents were. We sure have thought about leaving the area and would rent since we just sold our long term home to get out of the whole upkeep thing. We are young though so I am sure we will buy another home at some point. I, myself, like renting better.

Most ads in our area say "no kids" on all house ads, and then most apts, if they allow kids, have designated buildings where they put those families. In our complex there is one little side street with 2 small buildings, those are the ones for small kids. The rest of the complex sits on a huge lake. My landlord said that they don't allow kids in most complexes anymore that are built around water because parents are sooooo negligent. He said that is always a plus for a complex to have a huge lake with a fountain put in so they can say "no kids"..........he finds it worth the cost. Perhaps that is why all complexes are springing up with the no children rule.

The new one across from us has no area without water, like ours, so they are strictly no children?

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Its illeagle anywhere in the US to discriminate against kids.

Its called Fair Housing
Race, Origin, Religion, Sex, Family Status(Children, or pregnant woemen), handicap and Aids.

Adult complexes are complex. Anyone over 18 is an adult, and you should never rent to a minor as the landlord leagally can not sue them for a broken lease, non payment of rent.

You are allowed to have senior apartments however.
The rules are
#1 everyone there has to be 62 or older
#2 specially designed unit, or building for elderly
#3 It houses at least one person who is 55 or older in at least 80 percent of the occupied units, and adheres to a policy that demonstrates an intent to house persons who are 55 or older.

Any lanlord in violation should be reported. Fines are very stiff.

The law is common knowledge, (or I thought so) It applies to housing, and similar laws for employment etc. Those that don't follow the law or aren't aware are the ignorant.

I have first hand knowledge. I rented an upper unit of a town home complex to a single mother of two. I was informed by the association a month later I was in violation of their by-laws stating children could not live on the second floor. I told the association president she was wrong and why. She had her attorney call me. He came on very strong and arrogant. After getting my tail chewed I said no you are in violation of fair housing, did you say your office wrote these illeagle by-laws. He said he had another call and had to go, he'd call me back the next day or evict them himself. Its been 5 years and I still haven't gotten this call, since then I've helped owners sell and rent up stairs units to people with children.

I also encourage those aware of violations to turn bad landlords in. I'd love to have no kids policy for select buildings. Higher rents less complaints, less wear and tear; but its not an option for me.

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This thread is supposed to be about dogs, not kids.

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It's also nearly 4 1/2 yrs old. ;)
Threads wander, like conversation, it happens. If you'd like to discuss a dog issue, perhaps start a new thread?

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