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ImTheRoamingGnomeMarch 24, 2005

Hello. I just found this site today. I was looking up information on noisy upstairs neighbors and what to do about them. I'm glad that I'm not alone on being bothered in such ways, that it's not just me being over sensitive.

I am wondering what is the most annoying thing a neighbor can do.... in your opinion.

For me it would be 1. Extreme noise (stomping, radio, T.V., dropping that bowling ball that the Landlord obviously gives as a move in gift to each and every upper level tenant).

It's sad that I have to "train" the people upstairs. When they get out of control, (I have two surround sound systems-- one in the bedroom 500 watts 100 watt subwoofer, and one in the living room 600 watts 100 watts subwoofer)that I gladly turn up making sure the subwoofer is on my computer desk pushed right up against the wall. I leave the apt. and let them enjoy. Needless to say, it has a soothing calming effect on them... like white noise does for me. Afterwards they show that yes, they actually can listen to their radio at decent levels and that they are actually very capable of walking.... not running from room to room.

I don't mind hearing noise from neighbors appliances, or even themselves, but when I can't hear my not even loudly turned radio, T.V. or my windows vibrate from their joy of dropping from swinging chandeliers, than it's a problem. I have tried to be nice. Some people's mind just has not developed to reciprocating that. I don't like to be rude but I only have one door mat and that lays outside of my apartment door.

Lastly,,,, has anyone ever had the problem with neighbors running all the hot water on purpose so that you wont have anything but cold water? Here in New York the landlord pays the water bill so most tenants don't care how much water they use but I'm surprised the landlord doesn't either.

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"the bowling ball that the landlord obviously gives as a move-in gift" - that's very funny and so true. Believe me, I understand.
We have upstairs neighbors that my husband swears knows when we turn off the lights to go to bed. We hear foot stomping and walking immediately. We also hear them every morning around 5:00. Don't know what they are doing but it sounds like they are walking the marathon - it goes on for a good two hours. Part of the problem we know is that they do not have any carpet on the floors even though it is required here. Management seems to look the other way and does not seem to enforce it.

I don't think that turning up your sound system is the way to go here. It is going down to their level. The idea is to get them to stop the noise and doing this is just going to agitate them more. Could you possibly talk to them about it - neighbor to neighbor. This is what we plan to do.

Can't say that we've had a problem with the neighbors running all the hot water on purpose. Mention to your landlord that you are not getting enough hot water. Maybe there is something wrong with the hot water system.

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Hey romy2004. I hear what your saying but...
I have exhausted all of my options at this point. I am going to move this June. So, I'm going to let them enjoy my subwoofer's bass. It's not the adult thing to do but hey, I'm a kid at heart.

I feel for you having to deal with that stomp-walking. It must be awful for your sleeping pattern. Can you actually go back to sleep when your neighbor starts that???

About the hot water, no... I know it was the neighbors. Trust me, they were sent exclusively from the devil himself. In my building you can hear the water flowing through the pipes, so I would be taking a shower and they would turn their hot water on up all the way high. When I finished my cold shower, I would hear them turn their water off shortly after I turned my shower off.

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Nope, RoamingGnome, once they start their "powerwalking", I"m awake the rest of the night (or morning, so to speak).

Glad to see that you have found a solution to your problem.

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