New apt, bad neighbors. Rights please :)

pixiedustdivaMarch 5, 2009

So I moved into a new apt 2 weeks ago. The people unstairs from me own a huge barking dog that is left on their patio 90Z% of the time. When I go on my patio, and he hears me, he won't stop barking.

Also, this lady, I swear she never sleeps. All I hear is her walking back and forth on my ceiling, almost stomping, moving heavy furniture, banging things... all day long, and literally till 4am sometimes. I decided to be a good neighbor and let it go and not complain. It could be worse.

So today I get a note on my door for a noise complaint. The other night I had a couple friends over and we were on my patio, and having to talk OVER her loudly barking dog. So she complained because we were talking.

Then the other night, I was watching a Blu Ray with a friend and had the surround sound on. I walked outside my unit to see if it was disturbing. I couldn't hear it. But she was stomping on the floors, pacing back and forth so much, that even with the surround sound on, we could hear it quite loud.

I wrote the manager to see what the policy is on moving me to a different unit. I am not going to go through this. IF I was bothering her to the point where she was upset, she could've knocked on my door, or left a note. But to be the pot calling the ketle black, just left a bad taste in my mouth.

What rights do I have here? I am not a loud person at all. But she just seems VERY grumpy and is almost looking for ways to annoy us.

Any and all advice is helpful. And I appreciate it :)

Thank you so much!

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I feel for ya & I also know what you're going through! I have really horrible, rude, loud, obnoxious, idiotic upstairs neighbors myself! I have lived here for almost 6 years & have never had much trouble with my neighbors before. Then the moron in the office moves in these pigs above me. They have kids who run, stomp, pound & bang on the walls & ceilings & scream at all hours of the night & day with no consequences. The adults are just as bad. Right now, I am sitting here listening to their little party they got going on up there. Loud talking, shouting, banging on my ceiling, obnoxious laughter. And it's 2 am! This kind of thing goes on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but the lady in the office won't do anything about it! She also refuses to move them to a bottom floor apartment where they should have been in the first place! People like that have no business living in a top floor apartment so they can keep their neighbors awake! I have also called the cops but it never helps. The cops can't really do much but tell them to quiet down. Then as soon as the police leave, it starts up again. I'm trying to find a different place to move right now, but there's nothing available. I search every single day, so hopefully something will open up soon. I can't deal with this anymore.
About your problem, I would keep bugging the manager about moving you. Tell him/her that you are not making a lot of noise, but your upstairs neighbor keeps banging on your ceilings & stomping around. Say you would prefer a different unit, preferably top floor. If the manager won't do this, then tell him/her about all of the noise & ask him/her to speak to this tenant. If the manager refuses, then you may have to start calling the police on your neighbor. But use that as a last resort! Your neighbors may retaliate if you start calling the police, just to warn you. My neighbors pound & bang on my ceilings all the time, & when I get fed up & bang on the ceiling with a broom handle to shut them up, then they pound back twice as hard! Sounds like you have the same type of neighbor above you. They can dish it out but can't take it. I do hope your problem gets taken care of soon. It's complete hell to have to live with swine like this. Good luck!

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Has managment contacted you yet about moving to another unit? You might be put on a list (my parent's currently are).

Did managment say anything about talking to the loud neighbor? Are they going to get in touch with them?

All I can suggest (for now) is keep track of the noise. Also: I know the noise can get to one. Banging on the ceiling isn't a good idea. You want to have the "upper hand" so to speak in this problem. But don't get me wrong (and thegrinch) I've been in your shoes. I too have had my moments were I want to unleash hell on that ceiling. Just try to stay calm and keep us posted.

"They can dish it out but can't take it." true

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