BBQ smoke from neighbor coming into my apartment.

WishUponMarch 8, 2013

I'm going to be honest, this is more of a rant than seeking advice.

I have a neighbor who cooks heavily on spices and the smells can be quite ... pungent.
That same neighbor thinks barbecuing ( ? I can't be sure but I can't think of anything that could produce so much smoke) is ok inside their apartment.

I do not live next to this neighbor or above or below. Yet my apartment is currently filled with smoke.
I have a air purifier on, have all my windows open (even though it snowed today) and have a fan running to get rid of this stank.

Smelling burnt smoke for the past 3 hours is making me so f--king pissed off.

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If it had just been the cooking odor, I'd have said there wasn't much you could do. But actual smoke is another matter. There are health concerns for one thing.

For another, if there's that much smoke that it is getting into apartments several units away from the one producing the smoke, then I have to wonder about the smoke alarms in that unit. The tenant must have disabled them in order to cook this way.

I'd play a little dumb about which unit it is. Contact the management or landlord and tell them that smoke is getting into your unit, and how often--daily, 4-5 times a week. You are concerned about 2 things--how this is affecting your health is one. And the second is that you are worried that so much smoke is being produced and no smoke detector is going off. Make it clear that you think something is wrong with the smoke alarms and that you are worried that in case of a real fire, the alarms won't sound.

That should bring management out in a hurry. Most leases have clauses about maintaining an operating smoke detector in the apartment, so this other tenant could well be in violation of the lease. And while I don't usually care if other tenants follow all the rules or not, in this case, it directly impacts your safety and I think you have a right to complain.

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There are two types of smoke detectors, and of the two, the photoelectric type is more sensitive to smoke. Buy yourself a battery-operated photoelectric one and see if the neighbor's cooking sets it off.

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"I do not live next to this neighbor or above or below."
If the smoke is traveling across the courtyard or alleyway (?) you should ask other neighbors if they are encountering the same problem. Maintenance should be notified. Your building should have carbon monoxide alarms, tell maintenance what the reading is. Maybe they are not actually BBQing but cooking at a high heat under the broiler ? I know I have filled up my kitchen with smoke when using the broiler(my error, too much oil). I use pungent spices all the time but once the window is open it doesn't travel throughout the complex. Maybe the neighbor upstairs smells it...but they cook with the same spices.
The last time we all had smoke(soot) was due to a boiler malfunction in our corner of the complex a very dangerous thing indeed.

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