How long to fix dishwasher is acceptable?

volksgeistMarch 4, 2006

My dishwasher broke back at the beginning of January. I called and finally a couple weeks later a guy came to look at it and said it's broke. Fine. So I'm still waiting for a new one.. I called the landlord the other day and she didn't even know I needed a new one and said "well, we've been really busy."

Is that an excuse? I'm kind of pissed here.

My tub is also leaking (i told her then too), so I don't want mold to grow in the complex.. who knows how long it will take them to fix it.. not my problem if it does.

Also, my garbage disposal just broke (well stuff is down there too...) and I'm afraid to call because I don't want to sound like a nusisence.

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Wow! You've had some unfortunate luck! I think you should give them a chance. True, it's taken way longer than it should have to get someone to look at your dishwasher, but you should call your landlord again and tell her that your garbage disposal is also broken. You could ask her to send someone who could look at both the garbage disposal and the tub. This would serve as a reminder about the tub.

If nothing is done, there are things you can do. I don't have the details, but there is a legal way to withhold rent. It involves paying the rent to some sort of court instead of the landlord, in order to force her to fix stuff. Like I said, I know very little about this, but hopefully it won't come to that. Best of luck to you!

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I'd go ahead and submit your request for the garbage disposal repair in writing. Then I would just add little comment about how you hope it's possible to have this fixed at the same time as the tub and dishwasher. That way it's a little reminder to them that those still need to be taken care of and you've started documenting dates when you made repair requests.

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I'd submit the request for repair (and also notification of aproblem) in writing.

And call, tell them the letter is on its way, so that both of you are fully informed (make it a helpful gesture, not a complaint), and say, "would you like me to arrange the repair, or whatever? If you were planning to just buy a new dishwasher, maybe I could help? You tell me how much you're willing to spend, and I can check out the local appliance superstore to see what they've got in that price range. Then you can just call and arrange delivery, it'll be easier for you."

"do you have a plumber you usually use? I could call him on your behalf, if you'd like."

more work for you that shouldn't have to be yours, but it might get it done. Sometimes it's what's *effective* that matters, and not what's morally right.

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I had a broken dishwasher for 9 months. I called numerous times, but it was only when I called AND sent a letter saying that I was going to have it repaired/replaced by Sears and bill them for the work, did they actually do someting about it. Here in NY, I think that it is within renter's rights to have repairs done yourself if the landlord doesn't respond to your requests, especially if it is something (like a dishwasher) that is included with the apartment, and you are technically paying rent for.

In any case, my landlord responds very well to threats of withholding rent, or charging him for things... I don't know if that would fly with yours!

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I've lived in several apartments, and all landlords seem to be like yours. If a repair was needed but they wouldn't fix it within a reasonable time, I'd hire a professional, pay him myself,get a detailed receipt, then deduct the cost from my next mionth's rent. It always worked ! If I were you, I'd call an appliance repair place and a plumber.

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note from a landlord,
hi there, it is really too bad about having to wait that long. My husband and I usually get our repairs done the same day or the next, especially with leaky water. But depending if we are out I also sometimes forget if I am unable to write it down. And also knowing that the dishwasher isnt something you need to live, such as something like a fridge, it sometimes takes a bit more time to get them in. Fridges we get immediatly. Calling the repairman yourself, doesnt always guarentee that they will refund you, so make sure to check with a rentalsmen first before going ahead and doing so. because with holding the rent can also get you evicted. I disagree with how long it has taken them there is no reason for that but try giving them one more chance, and arranging a time for them to come and fix everything, if they have to phone someone even call them back the next day to see whats going on. Somepeople you have to get on there case if you want to get anything done. I used to have a guy that cleaned our rugs like that, and sometimes I would have to call him 3 or4 times a day just to get something done, and also to let him know im serious.

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Where I live, a tenent can withold rent for certain repairs BUT the rent money still must be sent and held in an escrow account. You can't just decide not to pay rent. A tenents rights group in your area may be able to give the details on how this can be accomplished.

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