How do I deal with Rude Neighbors?

CalipsoMarch 11, 2004

I would like to know how to deal with rude neighbors. They have done all kinds of things to my car. I am an easy going person and my other neighbors get along very well with me except for the people where i park.

Other neighbors have problems with them also. But since my car has to be parked in front of their door I have to see them all the time.

I have completly ignored them throughout the years. However, since my assigned parking points exactly with their front door. This has become a major problem.

Whenever i go to my parking, they stand in front of my car with confrontational body language and stare directly at me while in my car and remain staring until i leave.

I would like to know the best way possible to solve this matter which has gone on way too long.

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Do they think it is "their" parking space?

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Speak to your LL ... he may be able to change parking areas so that a non-so-desirable- tenant can handle their balogna and not you.

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Standing and staring is rude, but good grief ... you are overreacting.

How far away from their door is their assigned space?

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How is she overreacting? It doesn't sound like she's reacting at all, at this point.

Calipso, have you just asked them - in a nice way - if there's a problem, or if you can help them with something? At least they'll have to answer you. You could say something like, "Oh, it's just that I often see you standing here when I'm parking and I thought maybe something was wrong or you wanted to talk to me about something, so I just thought I'd check." Then smile pleasantly and wait for them to respond.

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Yup... It's that Dr. Phil thing again. Get to the point and ask if there's a problem!

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I had this problem at the first complex I lived in. I started smiling the biggest smile I could and I'd just wave and grin at them like I was thrilled to see them.

Funny, they stopped staring at me after that. I think they thought I'd lost it or something, but whatever, at least they showed some decorum, even if it was forced.

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