Help me identify this gorgeous pole lamp please!

Granite123February 12, 2012

Can anyone tell me anything about this green beauty?..thanks!

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picture is not coming up for me

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It's from about idea who made it. They were a furniture store item back then for people who wanted to fill a corner.
Linda C

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My in-laws back in the mid 70's had the same one only with yellow glass.

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Thank you Linda for posting the jpg and ogoopogo as well for the comment...We had a couple of the cone shaped plastic pole lamps that invariable suffered burn marks from the bulbs and one that was like a milk glass cob style that us kids pulled down in a fight!..This one seems pretty classy compared to most and I can buy it for 70 dollars..just wandering if that is a pretty fair price..thanks!

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Depends on how much you like it....I think $70 sounds like a lot.

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So do I.......because similar pole lamps show up at our local GW and yard sales. However, it is quite difficult to come by new pole lamps and swag lamps and I think their configuration is so accomodating they still could be used in modern situations. I was looking for a swag lamp a few years ago for a difficult corner, had a friend argue me they were still common in stores and on the inet. I could find only one new one, a specialty item priced over four hundred dollars. I think she was thinking of pendant lights and they're everywhere but are of course hard wired in. I have a two century old house and all electricity is housed in conduits running up the brick walls, much like old homes do in Europe and therefore wanted a lamp I could use without hard wiring in. Green/yellow glass like that is indeed prevalent from the 70s.

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Thanks Linda,,it does sound like a lot but I guess if a person "has to have it" then I guess it is only 70 dollars. I agree with calliope too in that I don't see these things at any garage sales here in BC except for those cheapy plastic poles and such.appreciate the comments,,still would like some type of origin on it..I guess if I buy it I can snoop around for a mfg, mark...thanks everyone!

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Fori is not pleased

I love those things.

Tension pole lamps are making a comeback (the "Madmen" meets Hollywood regency revival?) and finding one you like in good shape isn't easy. You might be able to score one on eBay for that, but shipping will eat up any savings. Go for it!

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I'd offer them $50 for the lamp to start..

Waving to Granite123 from Blind Bay.

Let us know the outcome..

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The time to buy when you see it. You may never run across just that lamp again...
Frankly I think it's awful.....but if it makes your heart sing....why by all means buy's only $70.....and if you back out over $20 you will think about it as the one you missed.
I have more than a few things in my house that raised a few eyebrows whey I trucked it home....not the least of which was an oak ice box, covered with oil cloth ( with a pristeen finish beneath)...
Go for it if you love it!

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Well said Linda..If we listened to all the naysayers and haters of all things vintage then there would be nothing of any "antiqu-ey" value left in the world..It would have been tossed out in the rubbish heap or burned in a bonfire..and on that note I think I will snag it..Cheers!

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Hi Granite123.... I just wanted to add that while reading this thread I was thinking... "Hmmmm $70 doesn't seem too unreasonable... I think that's what it would go for around here"... and, as it turns out, I'm from BC too!!

The fact that it's vintage and in such good shape makes it a hot comodity around these parts. You might want to try bargaining a bit... but I wouldn't feel ripped off if I paid $70 for it.

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Waving to old stuff too!! Can't wait for garage sale season to start up here.. What part are you from oldstuff?

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@ ogoopogo .... I live in Coquitlam (about 45 mins from downtown Vancouver)

I too am excited about garage sale season!! The garage sale/thrift shop/consignment/flea market/etc market is pretty fierce here.

There are so many dealers that arrive early and buy up everything... I'm going to have to be on my game to compete ;) Haha!!

I'm guessing from your screen name that you're in the sunny Okanagan?

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I used to live in Westbank for 30 years & now call home in Blind Bay ( Shuswaps )

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