Driving me crazy! Need help identifying age/maker?

suvothFebruary 7, 2011

This vase has been driving me loopy! It looks very old to me but I can't find any info on it. Posted some pics below. Ugh, age would be nice and since there is no "made in" or anything on the bottom other than what almost, ALMOST looks like a pie symbol on the bottom. I've posted a pic of the "mark" (handrawn by me lol). Thanks!!

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I have never seen anything quite like it, but I found something interesting on it and perhaps it is pertinent. In addition to the 'pi' and the "A" looking like a potter incised it with a stylus, is a number 15 stamped in and also what looks like 4337 under the glaze likely mould or pattern numbers. But, in addition to that is a hand painted black what looks like a "C" with a dash over it. That is the Japanese hirogana character for the vowel "U" pronounced "ewwww". This may have been painted on by the finisher as a signature mark and been an initial. If that is the case, it may have been made in Japan. That doesn't mean it's not old or not valuable if it is. That piece would have involved more work than a typical piece of pottery and it's quite pretty. It may have been made in several pieces, even. The rest of the styling is reminiscent of some early thirties/forties American art pottery.

I hope you get a more definitive identification on it. I'm just going on a hunch.

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Thanks for the info Calliope. There is a painted ".5" on the bottom of the vase..is that what you are referring to as far as the Japanese vowel? As for the incised number, it's 7337. I'm sure it must mean some sort of pattern number too. Just wish I knew where! lol. I've been told it looks like "art nouveau" pottery? Someone guessed around 1900's but I really don't know. I've never seen this type of pattern before either which would have been so useful. I'm the type to never give up so this is a particular painful experience for me not being able to find anything on it lol

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Yes.....I don't think that is a .5 I think it's a letter

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Interesting. I`ll have to look into it. Thanks!

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