Scum bag neighbors got evicted hurray!

vw-driverMarch 7, 2006

For now I'm still in the same apartment since I moved out of my parents home. It's a modest 1 bedroom. Since I moved in I haven't had any problems with anybody until almost a year later. There was this guy who was always out tinkering with his junk cars. It's against regulations to do vehicle maintanance on the property. It's like he was turning a part of the parking lot into an auto parts yard. That's not what bothered me though. It was his attitude towards me. The worst thing I did to this guy and his dork brother was walk by to check my mail, or get something from the convenience store. Or just drive by coming home from work, or where ever. He'd spit at me, and curse at me.building is just further up from his. SO I can't help to pass it by. The first instance I just shrugged it off, just regarding him as ignorant. It was when I was wlking back from my mailbox. This guy called me 'mother f---er'. One time I walked by and he'd spit at me before going to his car. To this day I'm still have no real idea what his issue was. He looked like he was angry all the time. All I ever heard from him was swearing. The last draw was when I was just going to get my mail. Suddenly I heardf an angry voice behind me saying (I was hoping he wouldn't be coming out that time) 'I'm gonna kick your a** mother f----er! Go back where you came from!'. I got my cel and called the rental office right away. The next day, I was putting laundry in my car (because I still wash at my parents house), that guy was pointing at me saying 'I'm gonna punch that M-Fer out over there!'. That is not a nice feeling, when home is supposed to be like a sancuatry! Beside him threatening to physically assault me, I also reported his mechanical ventures on the property. After I told the manager in the rental office, she told me 'All we can do about it is tell you they're moving out!'. I was seriously considering not renewing my lease because of the 'mechanic brothers'.

They must have gotten their eviction notice the next day, because I saw him outside on his cel phone. He looked and sounded furious. When I was bringing groceries in my apartment he shouted 'you a**hole' at me. They brought it on themselve. Believe me, I felt tempted to taunt them, but I held my cool. I was laughing when I got inside though. Until they finally moved out for good, I just tried my best to stay as far away and out of sight from them as possible. Wait until early morning on the way out to work, to check my mail to avoid them. I did shopping for everything I needed so I didn't have to trek over to Wawa. Until those guys the next building down got a rude awakening, they acted like they owned the street. The bigest sign of relief was coming in the driveway and seeing the U-haul truck. I really wanted to point and laugh, but I restrained myself. They looked like the living breathing stereotype of trailer trash.

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I find it kind of hard to believe someone had so much hate for you if they had never even talked to you.

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The intense hostility with no provocation is a clue they aren't sane.

Some schizophrenics are like that.

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I still find it hard to believe myself, but I wasn't going to risk it. Home is suppossed to be a place of retreat and tranquility, not conflict. I just wanted to go about my daily home life, with worrying about somebody wanting a fist fight. Other people have been getting evicted left and right where I live, but it's not because of me. I'm moving to another place in a few months, because I've had somebody tapping on my back window, and strange people knocking on my door at odd hours of the night asking for so and so. My door stays closed though. If I don't know you, I don't open. My biggest pet peeve, is being panhandled in the parking lot by some acoholic. They always get a big no from me.

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Sounds like a rough neighborhood. If someone were tapping on my window, I'd sure want to be out of there.

Here are a couple of links I've found useful in the past. Forum

When Your Landlord Is a Jerk

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When I read your story it makes me worry for you. I mean, are you worried they will retaliate in some way? I would be careful if it were me.

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HOORAY for you! I would be careful, keep an eye open for friends of the trailer trash, and keep your door locked as you've been doing. Too bad Tilex doesn't come in a 55-gal. gets rid of scum really well!
Emma in PA

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Just an update. A long time has passed since the Mechanic Scum brothers got the boot. Yes I have taken caution. However, the high drama left with them and their mini junkyard. I did consider the possibily his freinds could've been coming around. He can't enter the apartment area anyway without being slapped with a tresspassing charge. Other than that, there' my mace and liscensed CCW.

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Thanks for the update! People do hate for no reason at all. Its happened to me before! Hope everything stays the way it is now!

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sounds like they're two anti-social, ignorant, racist animals. eviction is too good for them. hanging's too good for that type of sub-creature.

good for you. hope this never happens to you again, you sound human.

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