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melkingMarch 2, 2005

I have lived in an apartment for 3 years now, and am about to renew my lease. Overall the apartment is in good shape, however, the vinyl flooring is really old and scratched up and looks dirty all the time even when it's not. My landlord won't pay for any updates to the apartment. Any ideas on how I can improve the look at minimal cost?

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if that flooring stuck down really well? If so, you could tile right over it w/ Trafficmaster tiles ($1 per square foot)--I hear it's easy and looks great.

Of course your landlord would have to approve--would he let you do it, if you paid for it?

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In my last apartment, the vinyl or linoleum floor in the kitchen and laundry room had rips in it. So, maintenance laid another design of square tiles over it. Except for the odd corner (which I don't think was cut to fit properly), you'd never know that there was another layer of vinyl/linoleum underneath it.

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My sister is going to lay some tile in her home, that can be taken up and moved with you when you move. It's not suppose to harm the floor. I had not heard of that, but it is suppose to work. You might check it out at your local home improvement store.

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you can lay tongue and grouve floating floors. There is a moisture barrier that you put between it and the previous floor. It is NOT screwed, glued or nailed down. It simply floats. It can also be put over carpet. They are beautiful and almost work free and can be picked up and taken with you when you move.

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Laminate, real linoleum (not vinyl), cork, engineered wood - all come as floating floors. I have heard that in Europe, people often take the floors when they move, along with kitchen cabinets.

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