My Insanity and it's causes

hadenoughMarch 16, 2006

Hello everyone. I've never posted here before, hope everyone is well...I'm certainly not.

I've been reading many of the messages here, and I've noticed a large amount of posts concerning noisy/rude neighbors. I sympathize with you and my heart aches for anyone having to go through this.

Like many others I make a fairly modest living and simply can't afford the payments and upkeep of a house. I wish this was not the case, as every apartment I've lived in has been plagued with obnoxious people. It doesn't seem to matter how much checking I do beforehand, or how many questions I ask the management. I always get stuck with jerks.

I'm tired of constantly having to defend my home to rude people. I feel as though I should be entitled to some degree of respect but judging from past history, I guess I'm not. As a result I am constantly angry, paranoid, tired and just generally ill. I look forward to death.

Apartment "Living"? I wish I could experience this...

Good luck to those in similiar situations. I wish I had answers for you.

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Oh, gosh, wish you hadn't said you were looking forward to death. Let's try to think of alternative plans. I don't know where you live so it's hard to guess what renting a small house would cost. But at least you wouldn't have people so close. Check the Sunday paper to see if that's a possibility. Other possibilities might be single level apartments or finding a roommate. And one more, although slightly off the wall, would be for you to house-sit while people are away--possibly care for their pets. You could advertize and if you got enough business, you wouldn't need an apartment!

I'm so sorry you've had such bad experiences--sounds sort of like me in the supermarket. No matter what checkout line I'm in, it's bound to be the longest, most painful wait. ;-o

I'm sure others will have plenty of good ideas to help get you the peace you need so badly. Wishing you good thoughts.


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Like patti43 says, "I'm so sorry you've had such bad experiences-"

I've lived in many apartments and experienced the same crap. MY main complaint was that the management seemed to think they could enter my dwelling whenever they liked (without notice). I also lived in a building where the first floor tenant fed cats outside her back door. The food would attract other cats and they would be screaming and fighting at 4 am. Its hard to do a good job at work when your tired from constantly being awakened. So I know what you mean about being tired and grouchy. There are plenty of other stories, but I won't go into them here. My point is, that I kept trying new places and finally found one where I could have some peace.

Pattie43 had several good ideas. Looking into a totally different renting/house sitting situation might be what works. Try to rent in a smaller (4-unit?) building or a double. That will reduce the odds of living near so many inconsiderate persons. You might also check with a church/YMCA/Senior center in your area. Sometimes seniors have an extra room/in-law suite they would like to rent to a quiet person so they may stay in their homes. A cottage in the back of someone's property? Carriage house over a garage?

Here is a link for a newsletter I've subscribed to for years, The Caretaker Gazette. Lots of very interesting opportunities to house sit here. Some pay pretty well too.

If your willing to make a leap of faith, you might find a place to live as well as a job that is better than anything you ever dreamed of. Good luck!

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