Upstairs Neighbor/ vacumn

trayc04March 16, 2006

ok i just moved into an apartment 2 weeks ago. everything has been fairly well. The staff has been great about fixing things that arent working right away. The problem i am having is my upstairs neighbor. This person vacumns several times a day. That i can deal with but when u start vacumning at 7am and then u also vacumn at like 11 at night its getting outragious. we told the landlord and they are going to send her a letter about our quiet hours which are i think 10 or 11pm, until 8 am. Am i wrong into saying things to the landlord about this person

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I don't think so, if your building has official quiet hours.

I believe it's the landlord's responsibility to evaluate a tenant's complaint before they pass it on.

also, are they vacuuming the same space several times a day? Or just the whole place, one room at a time at different times of the day.

Also, do try to have some tolerance for the vacuuming--if it's not really waking you up or keeping you from sleeping, don't complain about it. In other words, if your alarm goes off at 7, and she is vacuuming at 7:15 while you're getting dressed, don't complain.

If you don't go to bed until 11, pls don't complain if the neighbor is vacuuming at 10. Quiet hours are mostly intended to allow for reasonable sleep.

Good luck--I hope it gets quieter.

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she vacumns the whole house multiple times a day.

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I think I would have to disagree somewhat with the not complaining in the evening. I know that both my husband and I need some wind down time before going to bed and it's really frustrating when there's constant noise from upstairs. It's kind of like Chinese water torture or something. And it's really hard to sleep when you're kind of worked up from being frustrated. Sometimes the noise here during the day is so persistant and repetative (pacing the same area in her bedroom over and over and over again for several hours at a time) that it's hard to even think straight. So if you're fortunate enough to have a building with posted quiet hours, by all means use it to your advantage.

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It sure would be nice if vacuum cleaner manufacturers made quieter machines. Most of them seem as loud as some lawn mowers.

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If she vaccuums so much, she probably has OCD. Feel sorry for her.

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my grandmother has OCD, she vaccums just as much. I used to hate it, she'd wake me up at 3 in the morning. I personally wouldn't complain because I understand how mental some people can be. But I do sympathize with you, this is pretty much a no win situation.

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