Electrolux Icon Refrigerator Temperature Problem

creamcabsJanuary 23, 2007

We have a Electrolux Icon (Designer Series) cabinet depth freestanding refrigerator. We have had it for about two months now and the temperature has always been too warm.

Here's our problem and where we stand w/Electrolux as of today:

The refrigerator temperature is in the 42-48 degree range on the top shelf when set at 33, the lowest setting. According to our refrigerator thermometor, the temp should be below 40 which is considered the "safe" range. This is not good for milk, which seems to be spoiling a week early.

In a last ditch effort to cool down the fridge, I even tried to turn the freezer down to it's lowest setting, -6. It had no effect, as I suspected, but figured it was worth a try...

I would probably be ok if the refrigerator temp was off a few degrees, as long as I could adjust it to easily keep the temp in the 35-40 degree range, but when I have to turn it all the way down to 33 just to hit the low to mid 40s, that is a problem.

I just got off of the phone w/Electrolux to schedule our 3rd service call! The first two times Electrolux sent out Sears repair techs, who were not even familiar w/Electrolux and if they could work on them. After a call back to HQ, they did some tests and tinkered around a bit, but bottom line, the fridge is no cooler. And to top it all off, the ice maker is leaking now. Very frustrating.

After speaking w/Electrolux customer service I learned, that if the problem persists after the third service call we can then begin the process (with a whole different department within Electrolux) to have the refrigerator replaced. I guess, we'll have to see what happens later this week when the tech comes out.

Definetly not what I expected from a brand new refrigerator. As you can see, we are "going through the motions" with Electrolux, but I am wondering if anyone else has experienced similar problems, and what steps they may have taken w/the manufacturer to resolve...

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IMO, the refrigerator is no different than any other refrigerator. Brand differences are limited to finish and style. The cooling process is simple and the same worldwide. You have a compressor, and controls. Many problems can be traced to operator issues. Typically if the icemaker is leaking, it either is not level, or mot ejecting ice and new water is flooding the ice tray. Seldom but it is possible the water needs adjusting, due to a change in water pressure or volume available.

The typical Sears service guy is very experienced in his appliance and group. This means that a Sears refrigerator repair guy is probably ass good as it gets. Electrolux
is a part of Frigidare.

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Repairman came out today, and said it was likely the damper and temperature control unit, which was preventing enough cold air from going from the freezer side to the fridge side. He has ordered the parts and is scheduled to come out and replace in early February. Temperature in the fridge according to his equipment...48 degrees.

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I am having the exact same problems with my Electrolux Icon fridge!

Started last week when ice maker stopped ejecting ice and new water flooded the ice trays. Service woman came out, and removed the ice stuck in the tray and then adjusted the water level. After it made the first batch of new ice, the water started leaking down all over the freezer. Made a second service call and they are coming out today.

I then noticed that the items in the fridge did not seem that cold, even though the fridge thermometer was registering at 36 degrees. Yesterday, I bought a manual fridge thermometer at the hardware store and this morning it is showing the fridge temp at 52 degrees (the electronic thermometer in the fridge says it 36)!! It then occured to me that over the last couple of weeks, I've thrown away a couple gallons of milk and cheese that had spoiled.

The repair person is supposed to be here within a couple of hours. I had originally called about the ice maker problem, but now we're talking about a temp problem too.

FYI, when I asked the first repair woman who came out what she thought of the Electrolux fridges, her response was "I hope you bought the extended warranty". She said she has not seen problems with the ice makers but cooling problems. She said it's a cheap fridge that in her opinion should be in the $1,000 range but it's dressed in fancy clothing (fully wrapped stainless sides). I didn't feel good after that converstation!

I'll let you know what the technicican says today. I'd be interested in hearing your resolution as well.

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First off, sorry to hear about your issues. However, I am so glad to hear that I am not alone. I am at the point where I would like to initiate a Class Action lawsuit against Electrolux!! I am now on my THIRD Icon Refrigerator (I have the free-standing Pro-Series, basically the same as the Designer, with nicer drawer glides and bigger handles). This dates back to last May. Who knew a refrigerator could cause so much grief in one's life. Where does one begin? Well, early last year I was in the market for a fridge. Saw the Icon, researched it, found out it was acceptable, not great...but acceptable to Consumer Reports. Loved the design, which is obviously the only reason they are continuing to sell these pieces of crap. First refer arrived, beautiful. Opened refer, dented top shelf. Top trim piece scratched. Kept the thermostat set at 38, as was set in the factory. Just happened to have my old refer thermometer lying around, so put it in. 49 degrees, turned the refer down to the lowest setting, 33 degrees, my thermometer registered 45. Called for service. Thermostat replaced, dampers adjusted. No change. repair person back out, put a sticky rubber piece over the sensor in the fridge, still 45. Back out a third time, his answer was to move the top shelf, which is a crank-up and meant to be on the top, down-so that the sensor would not be interfered with. Still no change in temp. So a new fridge was ordered. Three months went by, and my new fridge arrived. Still looked good. Temp was adequate when refer set to 33, and freezer at -3. However, when I rolled the refer back into place, as it says i can(straight back), it left huge crease marks in my 3 month old 5" maple plank solid hardwood floors. I was furious. on top of this, they had switched to a lower grade of stainless, which I only discovered when I happened to put a magnet next to the front and it stuck!!! Decent quality Stainless is NOT magnetic. Repair out again, ordered new rollers. Put rollers on, and guess what, more new creases. According to the repair person, the refer's frame was warped or bent and was causing all of the weight to be put on the outer edges of the rollers, causing alot of weight in a small area which caused the creasing. He said it was not repairable, and an order went in for my THIRD refer. Oh, it gets better. I contacted Electrolux, who by the way, almost never returns calls and filed a liability claim. Two wks later I received the paperwork to file a claim. They required 3 estimates, a statement from the repair company, as well as the part causing the damage. Now, I ask you, how am I supposed to send the entire frame in the mail to them. I did get a waiver on this from them in a subsequent call, or so I thought. So I get the estimates, about $650 in damage. Sent everything in registered receipt US Mail, and waited, and waited.... I received the receipt back in the mail. It was signed and dated by their representative. Three wks later and I still did not hear anything. I called the dealer, who called electrolux and they said they had just received it one day earlier. Well, this was NOT TRUE, we had proof that it was received by someone there THREE WEEKS prior. So they not only make a cruddy product, but they are dishonest. A few days later, we get our Denial of Claim letter. They said it couldn't be proved. We even sent several pics. They never did offer to send someone from their company to check out the situation. I have much more....but I need to end this post for now. TO BE CONTINUED.... (Thank you for letting me rant-ARGGGH)

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Oh Boy! Now I can't wait to unwrap my new Electrolux sitting in my garage waiting for my new kitchen to be finished.

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I love the look of the Electrolux and was going to order soon-but the posts are really upsetting. Is anyone out there having a positive experience with this frig-should I take the chance or steer clear?

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I've had mine since May 2006. No issues whatsoever. Just don't ask me about LG! Now that's a brand with service issues.

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PART 2: Lynnette63, glad to hear yours is working well. My first refer was delivered last May as well. Back to the story(See a few posts above for Part 1.....The dealer could not believe that Electrolux denied the claim and has agreed to pick up the costs associated with our damaged floor. Thank you BASCO of Portland, Oregon. It took quite awhile before we got the go ahead to get our 3rd refer which was delivered last Monday. Off the bat, it turns out the refer door hinge is out of whack and needs to be replaced, the gasket too, is defective, and needs to be replaced; a chipped basket in the freezer needs to be replaced. A little tinkering needed to be done to the airflow to get the temp in the safe range, although it is still off by 5 degrees. Refer temp set to 33. Temp in fridge 38-41. If you have one of the fridges or a Frigidaire Gallery GET A separate thermometer and use it. The repairman, who we know very well at this point, says ours was the first one he worked on last May, and since has had MANY more calls. He thanked us for the learning experience :) He also said Electrolux/Frigidaire is the worst at providing them assistance and by far, have the most problems. It's still a beauty though. Forget about me getting the matching ovens and cooktop. (Despite the ovens being made by Dacor in Canada) Oh well, live and learn.

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Biber, I've got the ovens and cooktop, too, and haven't had any problems. It was the ovens that I really wanted, and since they are right beside the refrigerator, I got the matching set. Now I just hope my luck holds out! And I hope you get everything ironed out soon. What a mess! Seems like a lot of us here have had problems with one manufacturer or another. Buying appliances shouldn't be the luck of the draw, but sometimes seems that it is.

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My Electrolux fridge saga continues as well.

Second Sears repair person came out two weeks ago to look at the ice maker (second service call) and the new temperature problem in the fridge. This kid (who looked all of 19), walks in without even a tool bag opens the freezer, fiddles with the water line that goes into the ice maker, manually ejects the cubes and says "it's working fine"! Doesn't matter that I had frozen water all over the food in my freezer - he said it appears to be functioning normally! I insisted there was a problem and that he get it fixed. He says he'll order a new ice maker.

On to the temp problem in the fridge side - my thermometer is registering 52 degrees - the electronic thermometer in the fridge is set at 33. He doesn't even bother looking at it or checking the temp himself, he says he'll just order an new thermometer. I ask if he's sure it's the thermometer and he said yes, this part controls the entire fridge. I ask him at what temp. is it not safe to be eating the food in the fridge and he says "I don't know - use your mother's intuition"!! When I asked him where the parts were being shipped from - he tells me "Mexico - I think Albuquerque"!

The new parts came in (from MD) within a couple of days. Yesterday a different Sears guy comes to install the parts. This guy appears to know his stuff - tells me he's been working for Sears repairing refridgerators for 12 years. I'm feeling hopeful. The first thing he tells me is it is not normal to have frozen water on top of the ice maker and that water should not spilling inside the freezer. He replaces the ice maker. He also replaces the thermometer. After he left, I noticed that when he pulled the fridge out the check the power it left a huge crease mark on my brand new wood floors!!

1 day later, it appears the ice maker is working properly. Unfortunately, the temp in the fridge is set for 34 degrees and my thermometer is registering at 50 on the top shelf and I can tell my milk not cold. I'll be placing another service call to Sears after this post!

If anyone else has had this same temp problem, I'd love to hear what the resolution was.

Hang in there Electrolux fridge owners!

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This is Biber from above posts. Well, just had my 2nd service call on my THIRD refer yesterday. Hinge problem fixed by tech manually torquing (bending forcefully), the piece. Basket fixed. Gasket - still does not seal. No improvement at all. Temp problem which was probably there all along, but confirmed yesterday and by spending Saturday morning throwing up due to bad meat. I went to get some chicken out of the meat compartment last night and it absolutely stunk! I had just bought it from a butcher two days prior. Temp booster knob was allegedly supplying meat tray additional cold air, but either the hole doesn't go through (which, at this point, would not surprise me), or something else is broken. Temp in the "cold" meat tray....50!!!!! Refer is going back, I am getting my money back and I will NEVER, EVER, EVER purchase another Electrolux, Frigidaire, Poulan/Weed Eater ....product in my life!!! This has been going on for nearly a year, and none of this is being made up or blown-up to sound more exciting....really. Dealer said they will credit my VISA and I will be FREE!!!! Now does anyone know of a nice looking counter-depth refer that doesn't cost $5K or more????

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Wow, Baver I am so sorry you were sick. Enough is enough-thank goodness they gave you a credit on your Visa, however, I wouldn't want to calculate the time, effort, wasted food, and aggravation. I am purchasing Bosch appliances, range, dishwasher, microwave-I wanted the Electrolux-not worth the try. Take a look at the Bosch-stay away from the GE models-nothing but trouble with maintaining temperature,leaking or frozen ice maker-can't wait to get rid of mine. Good luck

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My Electolux fridge temp problems have not been resolved. Next week will be my 8th service call They have now replaced the ice maker, electronic digital control system, the damper & circuit board. The problem from the beginning has been that "state of the art" digital display shows the fridge temp at 33 degrees when the actual temp is reading between 52 (top shelf) to 38 (bottom). I keep a thermometer on each shelf to keep an accurate reading of the temp.

After this week's service still did not fix the problem, we told them we wanted a new fridge. We were told we had to speak with the "lemon law" dept who said we first had to have three major failures. They are coming out again next week (8th visit) to verify that the last part replaced did not fix the problem. This would be the 3rd failure and we could at that time proceed with filing a claim. I'll believe it when I see it. In my opinion, they've spent so much time and money replacing parts, it would have been cheaper to just replace the thing.

Buyer beware - you've been warned - don't buy it.

More Coffee Please (without cream, because it keeps spoiling in my Electrolux fridge)!

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morecoffeeplease---I was interested in this fridge since I am considering the Electrolux speed oven and single wall oven--but was concerned with getting a sxs having never had one before-- but you basically convinced me to take this refrig off my list once and for all. Thanks. Now the refrigerator saga continues...
BTW the appliance saleman told me Electrolux fridges are manufactured by Dacor. Is this true? I always heard Frigidare made it.

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Dacor makes their ovens, Electrolux makes the refrigerator. Electrolux owns Frigidaire. Electrolux refrigerators are JUNK!!!!

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I didn't read all posts yet. Wanted to say I have a Frigidaire "Twin", the all refrigerator, no freezer model. Made by Electrolux as well I believe.

It worked for one week and then still ran, but had gone very warm. Thankfully we lost less than $20 worth of stuff. It was between 45& 50, can't remember exactly. But obviously the compressor was okay, lights on (so not a power issue) and the food was stinking dead.

The local appliance store sent out a guy, and he replaced the temperature switch - something about the connections not being solid (any movement was breaking said connection). I think he replaced the whole thing for us, ie the temperature gauge and the long probe that attaches to it.

The fridge is still working fine (been quite a few weeks). I have a freezer/fridge temp gauge on the shelf, which has a little red zone to be within (in the 30s) and it has consistently stayed there since the temp gauge replacement.

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Last week we had our 8th service call. The Sears service tech we had was excellent and confirmed that we were still having the temp problem but went the extra mile and called Electrolux's techincial service (apparently none of the other Sears tech's had done this). He was told by Electrolux that there is a design flaw with this fridge and that the blower blows air onto the sensor which makes the fridge think that it has reached the desired temp when it has not. They told him to put tape around the top of the sensor and that should solve the problem. I was skeptical, but a week later, it seems to be working properly - for the first time since we purchased it in January. I have to admit I'm a little worried that this is a temporary fix and that we'll have more problems, after the warranty has expired. And if Electrolux was aware of this design flaw/problem, why were Sears service technicans not? Shouldn't Electrolux send out a permanent fix or a patch kit of some kind to their consumers? Do you think I should push this issue further or just be happy it's working now?

I would not recommend this fridge to anyone.

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I also have the Frigidaire twin (all refrigerator), made by Electrolux. This thing broke 3 times in less than a year of service. I have the same temperature problem. It is currently broken and have been out of service for 3 weeks now. I've requested for a replacement and got denied. Without going into all the gory details, they tell me they're not convinced my refrigerator is broken, because I said that "my refrigerator is not cold enough". I think room temperature inside the fridge is not cold enough. Oh, and by the way, when we took out the glass shelf for cleaning, it exploded literally.. glass went all over the kitchen! They sent us a free replacement... yeah.. they replaced this 1/8th inch THIN glass shelf.. it's gonna happen again.. Do not buy these..they look pretty.. but they're good at spoiling your food. Junk.

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I talked to an appliance salesman (who does not sell Electrolux Icon but does sell Fridgidaire) about these refrigerators last week and he told me that the whole brand is being pulled from the market. He mentioned the temperature problems which Frig. has supposedly rectified in their new models of refrigerators. Another salesmen, who does sell E.I., told me he hadn't heard of any temperature problems. Right. I find it hard to trust any of these people.

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I purchased a frigidair side by side.I have had nothing but trouble since the day of purchase.Called Electrolux.What a run around.I can say they fall under deceptive and unfair trade practices.Dealers sell the products.They do not manufacture them.They do not report the failures of these products.I paid over 1700.00 for this problem. I have followed up with a complaint to Consumer Affairs and demand recalls on these expensive defective products.I request that all who have experienced these same problems, join in the complaints and watch for a class action through settlements and lawsuits.This is a rip off company and they need to be held accountable for there own deceptive behavior practices.There is no excuse for this.

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Hi all,
I did some last minute doubting of our choice of the Whirlpool Sidekicks last week and looked into the Electrolux Icons as well. I was worried that the Whirlpool name was not high end enough if it came to resale in a few years. Our neighborhood is a little snobby about those kind of things (which is why we may not stay forever). I liked the look but once I heard they were associated with Frigidaire, I went ahead and ordered the SKs. I have heard nothing but bad from customers and salesmen about Frigidaire in general for all their appliances. I also found in my research (months ago) that the Kenmores had a similar problem with the temperature. I am not sure which mfr makes them, but I would not be surprised if it were Electro/Frigid.
If you are given your money back, the Whirlpools are awfully nice. I have only had them for less than a week, but I am impressed with them so far (see my posting about them).
You cannot get them in counter depth, so that may be an issue for you. They sell for a slight bit more than the F. Twins, but much less than the E. Icons. I got my set for total with delivery, tip, icemaker and tax in NY for $1,950.
I also liked being able to get them in white which Kenmore and Electrolux don't offer. They do sell them in stainless as well, but white works better in our plan.

I am sorry to hear about all your troubles and you should seriously consider a class action suit. It sounds overwhelmingly like they are ripping off consumers by selling a product with a known defect. There should have been a recall.

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Well, I probably spoke too soon in my earlier post. The repairman is here again, and dh is on the phone with Electrolux/frigidaire.

The fridge went wonkers again - got warm over several days, food died, much unhappiness. The repair guy pulls it apart, and this time the defroster unit is shot. It was all iced up inside. I am ignorant, but why does an all refrigerator with no freezer need a defrost unit? The repair guy, who is a wonderful person, said frigidaire just revamped their freezer units to make this all refrigerator unit.

The place we bought it from said it was up to the repair dude to make the call on replacement; repair dude told dh that it was up to the Frigidaire/Electrolux and that they get snarly (my phrase not his), so dh is on the phone. He is pretty persistant, and like me, he is a lawyer:) That isn't like having a magic wand, but sometimes it helps.

I am staying out of the fray. Even if I get a new one, this puppy is headed either for the guest house or overflow in the basement - I will just make flipping lemonade out of a big fat lemon. We live in middle of nowhere, and I am fast approaching having almost lost as many $$ from dead food as the cost of the fridge. Plus, from all my reading last night online, not sure I could trust even a replacement. This is a broad issue, with defrost units, and warm temps over various electrolux products, like the Icon, the frigidaire brand and the Kenmore brand. I want reliability, and this was a really wrong choice. It has a great design inside, but honestly, we've had two major "die off" issues in what, 60 days of operation? Ridiculous.

If the local place I bought it from takes it back, maybe as a goodwill gesture, I will buy another fridge from them - am looking at a Liebherr (can't find complaints! People say temp controls work!) or the Thermador freedom tower. We have chest freezers, so I don't want any freezer in the kitchen. No matter how hard my Frigidaire Twin is trying to imitate one. Otherwise, I really enjoy the interior of this fridge - lots of room, comfortable to use with big items and I will miss that.

Otherwise, I have my other dealer, which also happens to be BASCO over in Portland (did the appliances in my house there 20 years ago, and soon I will have them upgrade some. I won't use anyone else over there for that house, they are super people). Didn't do it for this fridge, because it is an 8 hour RT to this vacation house. Earlier thisyear, this local store refused to deliver a Wolf range without a really big delivery charge, about the same $$ I could take instead and drive over to Portland to pick up a Blue Star from Basco. So I sent dh on a road trip:) By the time we needed the hood, Basco had a "Central Oregon" run, so we picked it up from their truck in Bend. I hope they open a store here.

Here, when my milk spoils in a day from a 50 degree fridge, I drive 20 miles RT to get more at a gas station type store; if the produce rots overnight, I drive a 50 mile RT to get more. So that is why I am not particularly psyched to get another one - this seems to be some kind of part/design issue, and that won't necessarily be solved by replacement.

So, we will see how this goes. I would advise anyone to avoid Electrolux/Frigidaire all refrigerators until they have resolved this issue.

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I think we have progress! The repair dude says it can't be fixed. So when dh gets back up, I will see if that means we try a new one or if we can get something completely different.

While I have spent bigger dollars on other appliances like my gas range, buying the Twin was the most I wanted to spend on a box to keep things cold. In fact, it is more than I have ever spent on an "ice box". I nixed a Sub Zero originally because of cost, the white plastic interior, and all the repair reports. I mean, it sucks to have this fridge blow out; imagine if I had spent SubZ sized dollars to have issues.

I also have a small refridge in the guest house: formerly, it was an inexpensive Kenmore; made likely for them by Electrolux. The food began freezing in the refrigerator section (got a replacement temp control part made by Electrolux) but were sent the wrong part, so have to try something else. Put that in the basement and am using it to store various flours, grains, oats, which are without preservatives, so cold helps, and it won't kill them to have temperature fluxes until we can get it working right. I replaced that one with another inexpensive Hotpoint fridge. Wonder how long that will last? I mean, at my other house, the elderly 20 year old GE is still kicking.

What has happened to refrigeration or am I just having some bad luck or making bad choices?

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I don't know what has happened to refrigeration, doubleshot, but I have a brand new Bosch side-by-side that won't keep food cold either. The repairman tells my dh there is a relay switch that controls the fan in the fridge side (freezer seems to be working okay) and no cold air is blowing into that side. I know nothing about fridges, but I've got the fridge set at 33 degrees and the actual temp is in the low 40's. Even higher in the storage drawers. I guess I have to give them a chance to fix it, but Sheesh!!!

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hopesprings - okay, a new Bosch doing this would bite! My condolences....

I just told dh, who said "but, but, wasn't Bosch on your short list, too?". I reassured him that since I wanted an all refrigerator fridge, the new Bosch can't qualify because it is just coming into production.

Besides, the last thing I would trust is a brand new out-of-the-research-dept. product, given how dicey all the old standbys are acting:)

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I hope all of you are reporting these faults to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. For the most part you see recalls being issued for children's products due to safety reasons but food poisoning is more likely with a faulty fridge and is just as important safety wise.

I had a high chair that collapsed with my infant son in it. Fortunately I was right there and literally caught the chair on the way down and no harm was done. I reported it to both the company and CPSC and sure enough within 3-4 months there was a recall.

Those who've suffered ill effects as a result of fridges not maintaining adequate safe temperatures should also insure that a health care professional submits a report as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Consumer Product Safety Commision Report an Injury or death

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The new Bosch fridge has the Good Housekeeping seal of approval on their website. I wonder if that will help me get some help??? So far the tech is telling us he hasn't gotten the part from Bosch yet, and I'm approaching one week with the temp in the high 30's and the bottom drawers unusable for any kind of meat, etc. As well, I had to tear out the upper cabinet to fit the fridge in (grrr), so now I'm waiting the fridge solution to put my kitchen back together. All in all, this has not been a great experience so far.

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Having had 3 defective ICON refrigerators, all purchased through BASCO in Portland (who has been pretty good to deal with, but their delivery dept is inept), I believe these temp problems are caused by a few things. "Value engineering" (make it cheap, sell extended warranties, replace in a couple of years), Energy Star, and single compressors. Sub-Zero says they meet EPA standards, but say nothing about Energy Star. The two compressors also allow the freezer too maintain a temp without having to chill the refer as well. This allows a dedicated compressor for the refer to chill only that compartment, allowing for more consistent temps in both. Now, I went and purchased a 48" freestanding Liebherr(actually 2-24" units put together, which I was led to believe had two separate compressors for each unit. However in these 2 models, each unit shares a compressor, but has dual evaporators(which prevent smells from tranferring), but still requires one unit to do all the cooling. What's odd with the Liebherr, is that you have a continuous freeze/thaw frost on the inside rear of the refer where the cooling comes from. So when the refer is at its desired temp , the back is frosted up, then will melt and the temps will rise. It does make for a more humid refer, which is great for veggies, but I am finding my temps range from about 34-42 on the bottom shelf, when set at 37. There is an optional fan button, which allows for "ventilation", making for a more uniform temp throughout the compartment, but when I have this on, the temp in the entire fridge goes up by about 5 degrees. I'm not sure if people with the 30" or 60" have this same problem. I would be curious to find out. As it is, the "ventilation" is off, the temps in the middle and lower racks are mainly where they should be and the top shelf is about 42. If you have a Liebherr, check this out with a refer thermometer and let me know what your results are. Otherwise, I really like this refer. Could use a dedicated meat tray and more lighting though.

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I was considering an E-lux firdge as they seem to allow the drawers to open without pulling th fridge out of its corner. No decent sized counter depth fridges that allow the drawers to open fully!!!! Agh!!! Why don't the appliance companies ask the people who use them what they want in an appliance before they make these dad-blasted things!!
They build hospitals without asking the people who work in them and without asking the patients who are sick in them too! Money not well spent and engineering talents not well used. Very frustrating!!!!

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Has anyone had any recent experience with the all frig all freezer units? I'm building a house and am ready to order my appliance and was going to order the E-Lux all frig all freezer until I came across this post. Any input would be greatly appreciates.

Has anyone had any experience with the Northland frig & freezer unit?

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I am also looking at the all fridge/all freezer so I hope someone has some recent experience.

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Hi guys,
I just installed the Electrolux Icon all refrigerator/all freezer units in my new kitchen (model #'s E32AR75FPS-E32AF75FP). The units I have do not have a temp readout, instead they have a digital setting of 1-7. I am buying refrigerator thermometers today to check my temps. It sounds like these are the same units in this post. I wonder if Electrolux/Frigidaire have changed the temp control to not show the interior temperature, rather than actually fix the problems.

Thanks for the info, I have set my fridge at its coldest setting(7). I will follow up with the actual interior temps.

On a side note, I installed a Thermador 30" Dual Fuel Pro Grand (model # PRD304EG). The oven didn't work after it was installed, I have learned that it is common for Therm's to have problems with the mother boards that control the oven functions (which is what the service tech determined to be wrong with mine).

I have a sinking feeling that I have a kitchen full of stupidly expensive appliances that are going to be nothing but headaches.

Anyone have input/experience on the Thermador problems??

Casey---Fort Worth, TX

Here is a link that might be useful: Thermador Range Problems

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Hey Casey!

Please let us know what the temp stays at. I just ordered the same fridge and freezer you have. I would really appreciate any insight you can provide on these units.

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I think this issue is going to get me back to the drawing board to consider kitchen layouts that don't use the Electrolux Icons as I had intended. It will also force added cost for "preservation," as SubZero so coyly puts it.


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I monitored the temp in the refrigerator over the weekend. I originally had the temperature setting on "4", this gave me temps between 45 and 52 degrees. I changed the setting to "7", the coldest setting available and have temperatures between 37 and 40 degrees. I have only had them installed and operational for about 2.5 weeks now, so I don't know if the units will maintain the current temps.

BTW, on my Thermador issue, my range has had a new mother board installed (under warranty for now) and it is finally working. The technician advised me that I make sure power never goes out to the range, and if I need to turn power off to the house (which happens quite a bit when you are remodeling) that I leave power on to the range, or unplug the range from the wall. Otherwise the motherboard will probably fry again. He also said that if power goes out or surges in my area, that there is a good chance the mother board will fry, and to avoid this I should consider an APC backup specifically for the range(another $500.00). This is the most insane thing I have heard!! Any input on the Thermador issue would be GREATLY appreciated. Any one actually have good luck with the Thermador Dual Fuel models??



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Update on my Twin story: we did prevail and were given a replacement Frigidaire all refrigerator.

The replacement is still working perfectly. I keep it around 32-33 degrees. Not a single bad episode, so perhaps they have fixed the temp problems. I do enjoy the interior space of this fridge - would have been nice if it had been taller, but I still enjoy it alot - now that it works:)

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Had to sign on to this thread....

I have a new GE Profile Arctica SxS with similar temp problems as mentioned by owners of other brands....read out says 34, thermometer readings vary from low of 39.7 to high of 43.3 first thing in AM with door closed all night and after an 8 hr turbo cool the afternoon before....

Will be calling Sears and then GE, if needed, for some service

My old fridge is in the basement and still operational so if i want my milk cold like i like it i will have to put it down there :

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Anyone out there who is having a problem with a Frigidaire, or any other frigerator made by ELECTROLUX watch out and expect a long fruitless battle with them and in the end all they will say is claim denied, it wasn't our products fault. As I have personally found out with a frigidaire side by side. They (Electrolux) knows that there are design flaws (several and varying) will do nothing to correct it. Anyone who is having/had a problem(s) let me know. Someone needs to do something...I'll do it!!!! PS ELECTROLUX MAKES/OWNS ALL OF THE FOLLOWING BRANDS-------I WOULD STEER CLEAR IF I WERE YOU-------- ROPER FRIGIDAIRE ROPER ARTIC FAURE EUREKA GIBSON KELVINATOR MARIJEN PROGRESS ROSENLEW SIMPSON TORNADO VOLTA VOSS-ELECTROLUX WESTINGHOUSE (FORMERLY WHITE_WESTINGHOUSE OWNED BY SEARS) ZANKER ZANUSSI ZOPPAS WHIRLPOOL!!!!!!!!! There may be a couple I've missed. And another item of interest is that FRIGIDARIE (ELECTROLUX OR ELECTROSUX) contracts most if not all of their service contracts to SEARS. So please if ANYONE would like to get in touch with me please do so. Also if anyone else knows any other forums/info/blogs please let me know!!!!

    Bookmark   January 16, 2008 at 10:55PM
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I am very sorry for anyone that has purchased anything from ELEXTROLUX. I can identify with each and everyone of you. After going through a similar situation with a FRIGIDAIRE SXS that totally went out in less that 90 days, waiting over 3 weeks for a replacement, and after recieving that model is when the real nightmare started. It contaminated our HVAC and thus our entire home with mold, due to what I have research is a number of design flawa that ELECTROLUX IS AWARE OF but does nothing about. They include: recalled water filters(FCT&DEPT. OF JUSTICE), Temperature problems, water dispenser problems, ice maker problems, refrigerator seal problems, and the list goes on and on. After months of testing on my home (I hired 2 diffrent people also, my insurance also sent out an inustrial hygenist, and a structural engineer) I recieved a denial letter from ELECTROLUX/FRIGIDAIRE/WHITE CONSOLIDATED INDUSTRIES (ELECTROLUX INSURANCE COMPANY) simply stating that their refrigerator did not cause the problem, but when I never recieved a copy of their testing results (AS THEY PROMISED) and contacted my claims adjuster with them she stated that if I were ever to see their results that I would need a supena to recieve them!!!!!!!!! FRIGIDAIRE'S claims adjuster instructed me to vacate my home and stay in a hotel until they could test and determine what type(s) of mold was in my home, to keep the room under $300/day, that they would cover food,gas,daily expenses, ect. So after almost a month and a half living in a hotel and THOUSANDS of dollars in living expenses they cut a check for a WHOPPING $500 dollars (YES THAT IS CORRECT FIVE HUNDERED DOLLARS!!!!!!!!)
then shortly after denied the claim. FYI----ELECTROLUX MAKES/OWNS ALL OF THE FOLLOWING BRANDS----(I WOULD STEER CLEAR IF I WERE YOU)----GE,ROPER,ARTIC,ELECTROLUX ICON,WHIRLPOOL,FRIGIDAIRE,ELEKTRO HELIOS,EUREKA,FAURE,GIBSON,HUSQVARNA,KELVINATOR,MARIJNEN,PROGRESS,ROSENLEW,SIMPSON,TORNADO,TRICITY BENDIX,VOLTA,ZANER,ZANUSSI,ZOPPAS, AND WESTINGHOUSE (FORMERLY WHITE-WESTINGHOUSE OWNED BY SEARS). They own more brands I sure, this list can be found at www.electrolux.com, also for the people that have placed service call(s) for thier appliance(s) and recieved a tech. from SEARS, as I did, it is b/c ELECTROLUX has a contract with SEARS for this. Also if you lucky and recieve a tech. like I did (that knows what he is doing, they will tell you that ELECTROLUX knows and has/still has major problems with thier lines and to steer clear of them to save yourself much trouble and a load of heartache. Since I KNOW THERE ARE MANY MORE PEOPLE OUT THERE WITH THESE SAME PROBLEMS PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME, AS I A COMPILING A LISTING OF PEOPLE,THEIR PROBLEMS,AND THEIR OUTCOMES FOR A FUTURE (CLASS) ACTION!!!! ALSO IF ANYONE KNOWS ANY OTHER FORUMS,BLOGS,ECT. PLEASE FORWARD THIS INFORMATION ALSO, AND BEST OF LUCK TO EVERYONE. JUST KNOW THAT THERE ARE OTHERS (MANY OTHERS) THAT SHARE YOUR FRUSTRATIONS!!!!!!

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New problem with Frigidaire side by side. I purchased a Frididaire SS Side by Side in summer '06 from a local dealer on "emergency" after the total failure of our "old" (very old) previous unit. Beginning last Tuesday, 1-22-08, had 31 degree freezer and 45 degree fridge. Thought maybe I had not gotten a door closed. Turned unit way down and monitored doors CAREFULLY. Everything looked good for the week and temps improved, even measured by analog thermometer on top shelf and in freezer. Today, 1-27-2008, get up to find 41 degree freezer and 48 degree fridge. Not happy. No local service guy can see us for at least a week. Sales offers NO apologies or help of any kind.

Will keep you all posted.


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My Frigidare...same problem. This will be the second time I've had it fixed for the same problem. Can't wait to boot that darn thing out of my kitchen.

Now excuse me while I go dig in my cooler full of ice keeping my milk cold while I wait for a repair tech. Grumble!

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Reading this again, gets me so aggravated. I did turn my GE Profile Arctica in for a replacement; a KA. Works like a charm; keeps the milk cold and the butter solid and the temp it says is pretty much the temp it is.

The Arctica had the (2) condensers also and i'm wondering if that was the problem.....GE did away with this line....

Good Luck to all of you; i too was doing Electrolux until I read this very informative post, unfortunately it didn't matter still got that lemon ;

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we have the electrolux icon and are having the dreaded temperature problem.
i read where the temperature sensor has been covered and that this might solve the problem,
but where is the temperature sensor.
i have taken the control panel apart with no success.
right now we force a pencil into the damper door to keep it open so the refrigerator can cool but then it cools too much.
any help on locating the temperature sensor would be appreciated.
the diagram is not very clear on that point and telephone support couldn't figure out the drawing either.

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i finally found the sensor behind the crank down top shelf on the back wall of the refrigerator.
i put a piece of masking tape over it and will now give it the 24 hr temperature test.
wish me luck........

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Here is wishing you luck!! Keep us posted. I have am ICON Pro 36" on order. I am supposed to get it in July. I choose this fridge, as my kitchen appliance budget was quickly approaching 20k. It was cheaper than a leibherr or sub-zero, and the handles match my 48" bluestars perfectly.(better than leibherr, and at least as well or better than sz) I hope the new models have this problem worked out.

Again, good luck.

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no good,
after about 10 hrs, the temp on the top shelf is 42.
so it's back to keeping the damper door open and screaming at the landlord.

also, our model is probably a year old or so and has an 'e' in the model no.
they are up to the 'g' series in the model numbers so maybe the problem has been resolved in the newer units.
sure would be nice to know what they did.

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A friend of mine, who is in the business, told me that what they are now doing with your model is removing the damper assembly, disassembling it to expose the gearing; the door is on a larger gear that is set at the 5 o'clock position; they are moving the gears (with the assembly apart) so the door is at the 3 o'clock position then reassembling the damper assembly. This adds the necessary cooling needed to keep your refrigerator where it should be as the freezer section cools the refrigerator section. I would not be jamming something into the damper assembly as it has motorized gearing so you can easily damage the damper's internal parts. I hope this helps.

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I follow several forums, and here is an interesting take on the problem listed here> Electrolux Feedback

What's is even more interesting is how this person solved the problem.

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Where are these units built? I'm having a hard time with the idea that someone decided to skimp on cooling capacity and then forgot to order Assembly and the item vendor to physically modify the damper setting. It all sounds like low cost Bandaids on a much more expensive problem.

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Update again: the replacement we wrangled out of them is still working fine.

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We've had our electrolux fridge for a little over a year now and have had no problems with it - so far we really like it.

However, we have had LOTS of issues with our electrolux dishwasher and are in the midst of trying to get it replaced. Anyone out there with defunct electrolux dishwashers? Hoping we're not stumbling into an appliance nightmare! Can't believe all the awful stories about the refrigerators...

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Is there a difference between the Icon and regular Electrolux? I don't see anything on the models of the oven, DW or Fridge that we are considering, that indicate Icon. So I am wondering if these would have the same problems that have been discussed on this forum.

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Has anyone had problems with the 42" built in electrolux icon fridge?

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We also purchase an Electrolux refrigerator. Within 2 months we knew something was wrong. The refer was always warm. We had a repair man come out 3 times. He said what did we expect with a Fridigare. Electrolux replaced our unit.

The 2nd arrived and I was so happy to finally have a cold refer. Within 2 months the refer was warm again. I called the repair man out and he said he could not fix it because there was a flaw w/the computer board in the unit. He had to come out 3 times though before Electrolux would do anything about it. They finally replaced the unit.

The 3rd unit arrives. I am so happy to finally have a cold refrigerator. Within 2 weeks I had a ice built up on the inside walls of the refer plus the refer is warm. We are done dealing with Electrolux customer service. We have instead contacted the store where we purchased the unit and they are trying to find us a unit that will fit into our custom kitchen cabinets that we had built around the Electrolux unit.

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It looks like many folks are having problems with these units. Seems like they are made but don't cool. The question is what kind of quality control process is allowing these units to be designed, made, and sold, while not being able to keep food cold?

At this point Electrolux is Electrolux, regardless of the ICON model name. I would be careful.

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Thanks, Jerrod6. I have decided not to go with Elecrtolux at all. Decided against the fridge after reading so many things on GW and although I love the looks of the oven and keep going back to it, I don't think I will get that either. Thanks.

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My Electrolux refrigerator makes a very strange sound like he would soon explode. And itÂs only 2 years old. If I turn it off, leave it like this for ten minutes, and turn it back on, itÂs starting work normally again. But thatÂs lasting only for a couple of hours, and then itÂs starting again to do that sound. Someone told me that I will have to buy some appliance parts to repair it but I am considering to buy a new refrigerator. But after this experience, I donÂt know what brand I should try this time.

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Hello all,

My first post. I too have an ICON Energy Star SxS. I have had this for a year now. Glad I purchased the Extended Warranty from Famous Tate.

I have suspected that the internal temp was not correct for some time now. Recently put in a thermometer and the coldest it gets is 42 degrees at the top shelf.

The door seal has now shreaded, the door sqeaks when opening and closing and now the internal lights and electronis temp monitor assembly do not come on right away when opening the door. When they do come on they do not stay on for long. ON, OFF, ON, OFF etc...

I called the warranty center and just found out that there is no repair center which services my town and, that while the warranty says parts and labor, door seals are not covered. They are trying to locate someone to come out to look at the refrigerator and are supposed to get back to me within 2 business days.

We'll see.

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this post scares me! We bought our Icon fridge 2 years ago (an the extended warranty, b/c we were not familiar w/ the brand). We got it at our local sears scratch and dent center, so it was super cheap, and actually the only counterdepth that was short enough to fit in our existing opening. Anyway, we have a year left on our warranty, and while we haven't had any problems yet, it is good to know what to keep an eye on. I just bought a thermostat this weekend so I can keep track of the fridge temp. So far, top shelf is measuring 36 degrees when the fridge thermostat reads 34 - I can live with that difference, I just hope it doesn't change. Sorry to all that are having problems- how frustrating! We are about to buy a new range, and I am paralyzed with indecision, b/c I am so paranoid about getting a lemon!

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Here Ye, Here Ye, I too have been a victim of the intolerable acts of Electrolux/Frigidaire Professional ICON 48" All Refrigerator/All Freezers. AS it seems, there scheme to schlep crapola on the masses in guise of Designer Appliances is all to apparent. All the above complaints I have read applies to my experience as well, temperatures hovering around 50 degrees in a refrigerator, which this is not only wrong, but dangerous due to food spoilage occurs without your knowledge, which has been twice in my case. And of course the customary 4-6 service calls has gotten me on the horn to yours truly and they ARE aware of this issue, but MUM is the word. This goes as well for my ALL FREEZER matching model next to this refrigerator, same issue, overchilling, ice-ups, defroster thermostat issues, etc. As well, the magnetic gap filler trim could prevent doors from closing properly when these are in the DUOSKIRT trim. As well, make sure these units are properly balances, as if your doors seem to swing open on their own, the units are most probably more balanced to the front and thus, during AUTO DEFROST, the water that is produced during the meltdown of ice is flowing to the front of the floor of the refrigerator and then freezes up, and thus ice formation, which send the wrong messages to the thermostats. This is the case on both freezer(more prevalent) and refrigerator. In this DUOSKIRT trim they have you remove the front levelers to install the riser roller base for this DUOSKIRT setup, and thus seems to limit the ability to get a good balance on these units, especially on flooring with an unlevel potential. Another issue, whew, the front trim seems to be inherently installed wrong on these units, if your DUOSKIRT BOTTOM TRIM STRIP in installed along the floor level, this is wrong, and it shoule be installed onto the white portion right under the door, which was mistakenly installed by in "Installation Professionals" from my place of purchase...just a handy hint.

The shame is that Appliance Personnel should report this occurence to the Consumer Product Safety to alert the proper authorities, but I guess maybe that would be money out their busy Frigidaire repair schedule, which is full, belive me. My latest visit, he showed me his clipboard line-up...ALL of which were Frigidaire appliance calls, and I am not making this up.....

So please take heed, IF you are having issues with Electrolux/Frigidaire Appliances, do not take it...you have rights. Report this to the link provided. This is a food safety issue, these products are unsafe if your are experiencing ANY temperature flunctuation issues, get a little thermometer in your refrig and keep it handy...these units are widespread.

For the most part, I liked these units WHEN they were working properly, but my so-called BARGAIN DESIGNER APPLIANCES had a dirty little secret, and I wish it wasn't the case. We had cabinets installed specifically FOR these units and now, of course there is NOTHING on the market that will fit in the space, these are unique in size....if anyone seems to be having NORMAL experiences with these units, PLEASE inform us here, since Electrolux will probably be replacing my two defective units, I do not want to muck around with another epidsode as I have read and it is fair to let people know what they are in for IF these are inherently just a bad product....

Thanks for listening......

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I have the Electrolux Icon built in fridge / freezer combo with cooling problems in the fridge since day one. The reapairmen - kinda like family now - tell me that the automatic defrosting controller is not working causing the cooling coils to freeze up. End result - hot fridge. I filed a complaint with the consumer product safety board and Electrolux. I am not having much luck with Electrolux - the supervisor tells me this is the first they've heard of any cooling issues. I am going to contact the store that sold it and complain as well. I will try to post a resolution if one occurs.

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Would someone please clarify if this is the all refrigerator or the side by side. What are the model numbers you are having problems with?


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Thanks for bringing up this thread, or I never would have seen it! I just put a thermometer in my Icon fridge and sure enough I am between 45 and 50 degrees on the top shelf with the fridge set at 35 and the freezer set at -6!! I have not had trouble with the ice maker, though.
I was lucky enough to purchase a Master Protection agreement recently, when the warranty ran out, so anything they do is covered at least. It was a floor model and less than half retail, so I thought the service agreement was a wise idea.
Thanks again!

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What a crock! It took them a year and a half of producing refrigerators that wouldn't cool properly to figure this out. I had three of these pieces or crap and oh the technician covered the thermistors with special foam, moved shelves, told us where we shouldn't place an item over 5" tall, blah...blah...blah... Horrible company, horrible service. Never again!!! Difree, godspeed.

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FYI, I had a regular Electrolux refrigerator that had the same temp problems everyone else described. As Difre states, they did come with a redesign of the cover over the thermister and sent us one. The repairman installed in and made absolutely NO DIFFERENCE. Thankfully, Electrolux customer service has always been great to work with and they issued a return authorization. I worked with Electrolux directly to ask for the return authorization. Once I had that, I exchanged the refrigerator for a different brand at the store I purchased it from. And, as a side note, I had to return my Electrolux dishwasher too - it did not get anything clean! I would not recommend Electrolux to anyone.

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Just today I picked appliances for the house we're building, and after stumbling upon this, both of my top choices are gone!
Has anyone with an Electrolux all-frig/all-freezer purchased after the June'08 "fix" (see 3 posts above) had the temp problems? Please respond either way.
Also, has anyone recently purchased (within past 6 months) the Frigidaire "twins" and experienced the temp problems? I have a few friends with the (PLRU1778ES/PLFU1778ES) and haven't heard any complaints.
So, if both of these options are unreliable, what's the best full size frig/freezer choice?
Thanks for your help!

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We installed our new Electrolux Icon All Refrigerator and All Freezer about 2 months ago. The freezer is fine so far. The fridge is too warm. Had a service call. The Sears repairman took the back panel off and it was all iced up. Ordered a part. Second (different) repairman came to install the part. Told me my store-bought thermometer didn't mean a thing. (It was always in the "danger" zone!) Also said that the refrigerators are made with 7 temp settings so you can choose.....Well, I don't choose to set it at 7 (the coldest) and still drink warm soda, compared to my old Whirlpool which is out in the garage. Wish I had read all your posts before buying! Anyway, he replaced the thermostat and went on his way. Problem NOT solved. Today I am calling Electrolux and I am armed with all the info on this site. Will update....

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I had a nice response when I called Electrolux. (The first 2 repairmen were from Sears) They sent someone over who seemed to know his stuff, but I am still unsatisfied with the bottom line. I had the temp set at #7 which is the coldest setting. When he checked the temps with his machine, they were all in an acceptable range. He said that my cheap little thermometer was several degrees off. I told him that I thought it was ridiculous to have to keep the setting at its coldest just to keep food from spoiling. He said that the design of the fridge, with all that space and that great big door allows a lot of warm air to enter every time the door is opened. I do see his point. I've decided that it's just a very poor design with a motor that just can't keep the fridge cold enough. He checked with Electrolux directly the next day, to see if there was anything else he could do or if this is a common problem. Of course they said no. I'm not sure what our next move will be.

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I'm looking at the Electrolux 42" built-in side by side. Is the temperature problem in these units as well?

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We are interested in purchasing the freezerless Electrolux Icon refrigerator, and continuing to use our current freezer. Since there is no ice maker in this unit, I am hoping that the problems sited in the many postings will not plague us. Does anyone have any experience or input re this All refrigerator refrgerator?

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Electrolux Models E32AR75FPS2 & E2AF75FPS2: Both models are defective...DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!! Contact me and we can start a Class Action Lawsuit if anyone is interested.

My First Electrolux ICON DUO Units (All Refrigerator/All Freezer) were replaced and my new units after 4 months having the same instances of Ice-Up, Temperature Regulation Failure (fridge 45-52 at "setting 2" and higher and produce freezes) and Auto-Defrost Failure (Both Fridge and Freezer Ice-up on back wall), and Food Spoilage. Pull out your two bottom drawers and check the bottom wall of either units if you have temp issues. The problem is ice build-up on the coils retards the cooling unit thus it seems these units run and overcompensates. Lay-man terms and please correct me ANYONE if you have the real soluton. Have had both units repaired x3, Defrost thermosistor, defrost rod, thermostats, and that's all there is, just goes on failing ....very disheartening...especially while every Appliance Repair Company (Four different and counting) all curse the poor quality of Frigidaire/Electrolux, but love the business it provides...can't blame them.

Yes, these are for the most part "Electrolux ICON PROFESSIONAL" is praying on fools like us, which feeds into our need for the must-have "Chunky Hummer-Sized Custom Built-In" applications and then they bring out "Kelly Rippa" spinning around on TV feeding us with that look and the of course that "PRICE IS RIGHT" uhhuh, then you find out you been TAKEN!!! What a crock...

PLEASE: If you happen to be able to see inside of these two units while the repair man is there, which HE WILL BE SOON, they are as cheap of one could not even imagine...

Flimsy refrigeraton coils, cooling fins on these coils are like aluminum foil, the mounts for these coils is cheaper, and the defrost circulation fan is like a $5.00 computer cooling fan, and the BACKING is made of aluminum so thin...be careful if you remove it.

I am so dis-illusioned by Electrolux and the rest of Appliance World, conveying this high-end category, chunky "Professional" scheme, which I hope we are all over with people??? Especially when, for the most part it is is all just a box coverered scratched aluminum sheeting....

But these two units have caused contiual disruption to not only my own but to hundreds out there, to have to "Manually Defrost" a "Frost Free" Refrigerator or Freezer, and "Food-Borne Illness", why should I have to go through -5- boughts of it because of this company "Electrolux"....WHIH are hopefully going to be recalled, for I am on the move to get somewhere with this...anyone with any information PLEASE!!

Contact Consumer Affairs Below and state your problems as well....

www.dca.ca.gov And let em know people out here are not going to TAKE THIS LYING DOWN!!


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Can any of the posters above provide an update of their Electrolux ICON refrigerator experience? Anyone else that bought the 42" professional model more recently experience similar issues or have any views?

A last minute cabinet change requires a change in our planned referigerator. I need a 42" professional style stainless. Leaning toward the Sub-Zero, and there does not appear to be a lot of other options in the 42" size. If anyone has other suggestions, fire away. Thanks.

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Stay way from electrolux appliances at all cost. I have now had 3 fridges and 4 freezer side doors. The waterline keeps freezing, I am on my 2nd electrolux dishwasher, the first one had the electronics blow. Now the second one has the same problem. You order any part from electrolux, takes about one month. I also have the Electrolux dual gas range, I sm on the second range. On the first one, The right front burner took to long to ignite. When it did their was too much gas build up, and caused a flare up. I actually singed the hairs on my arm. Coast appliances are now replacing my dishwasher and fridge with other brands, As I no longer want them in my house, They are not safe.

    Bookmark   March 31, 2010 at 7:56PM
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There is a design problem with the location of the thermistor on the frig side of the ICON. The problem is that the thermistor is located directly above the first top center column vent, where the cool air feeds from the top down the center air channel to the veggi / meat bins.

Because the thermistor is located at the top when cooling kicks in the thermistor prematurly tells the system it has successfully met the temp setting before the entire frig has actually met the temp setting.

A Electrolux ICON certified technician aware of this issue will move the thermistor to the left or right side of the top back panel away from the center air conduit and tape it there. Therefore the thermistor will no longer be in the direct path of the center air conduit.

Thermistors are also problematic at elevation according to my technician and will cause a wider range of temperature variations. While I came across this forum, yes it is disappointing that Electrolux has yet to fix this defect since 2007. Mine was manuf in Nov 2009.

    Bookmark   June 20, 2010 at 9:39PM
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Thanks for the info macthetiger. Does anyone know if there are instructions on how to move this thermistor around on the Icon? Possibly with moving the problem piece and playing with my temp settings, I may be able to find a solution to the problems I am experiencing. Read below.

I have had the Icon Professional for almost two years now. Here is what I have found. I have the fridge set at the lowest temp (33 I think it is). The bottom shelf is usually close to this temp, my thermometer usually reads a bit warmer, but it isn't too far off. However, as you go up on the shelves it gets warmer to the point that the top shelf is usually around 40-41.

    Bookmark   June 21, 2010 at 12:09PM
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I purchased an Electrolux French Door refrigerator in May of 2010 and I have had horrible problems with the temperature being too warm. I've had MULTIPLE service calls, and my story is exactly like "morecoffeeplease"'s. In fact, I can pretty much just say "ditto" to all of what they've posted.

I was told it was a design flaw and really there wasn't anything I could do about the temp in the refrigerator being too warm. I have it set to 33 degrees and the temperature in it this morning was 52 degrees.

NOW, a few days ago, my ice maker started dripping and the ice was melting. I thought maybe there was ice or something stuck in the tray, making it stay open and that's why the ice melted, so I pulled it all the way out, dumped the melting ice, cleaned it up and also checked the chamber where the tray slides into to make sure there was no blockage. I put the ice tray back and let it make more ice. It did, but by the next evening, the ice was melting and there were big puddles forming in my refrigerator and in the dispenser area, dripping onto the floor. I'm so disgusted with this refrigerator I could just take it out and shoot it for target practice. It's a VERY expensive refrigerator, but all it's been is a headache and a source of contention in our household. We purchased it from an appliance repair company, who told me it was a return from a gentleman who wanted a less complex unit (he didn't like all the touch controls, etc.), and that he had only used it for 3 months or so, so it was still under factory warranty. It seemed like a great deal at the time, as it was a lot less than it would have been new, but it still cost us quite a bit. I wish I had never BEGGED my husband to get it for us. :(

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Sorry that we didn't see these posts before buying our all fridge Icon last spring. Now we have ice on the back wall, frozen produce in the bottom drawer and 50+ degrees on the top shelf - could the associated small leak (from a drain hole near the bottom lower level) be part of the answer to our problem?

Repair person is due out next week - I'll let you know how it goes.

In the mean time, we'll check the balance as suggested by trumanii in July 08.

If the repair doesn't work, I'll be on internet sales sites sharing my reviews so that others don't get caught up in an ongoing problem.

    Bookmark   November 4, 2010 at 5:34PM
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Repairman Alex is here now and tells me that we have a bad controller board. He is defrosting the coils (located behind the panel behind the produce drawers) and will order the part which he said should come in ~5 working days. Hopefully, this will be the answer to our problems.

So far, so good... I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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I would never buy another Electrolux ever. The icon refrigerator has been a total nightmare. Its a worthless piece of garbage. Not even worth for recycling. I am going to throw the thing out in the trash and just buy a new refrigerator.

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Simply said.... ALL Electrolux appliances SUCK!!!! DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!

    Bookmark   May 26, 2011 at 9:09PM
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No details?

2 people who post to an OLD thread, have email addresses instead of member pages, and no previous posts? Am I wrong in thinking this is odd?

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In 2008 I remodeled my kitchen and replaced all the appliances.
I also have the Frigidaire twin Electrolux Icon All Refrigerator and All Freezer, made by Electrolux.


Definetly not what I expected from a brand new refrigerator.

It has been broken 3 times in less than 3 year of service. I have the same temperature problem.

I have replaced the unit in the Freezer twice. Still freezer Ice build up on the back wall behind the panel. Temperature is to warm in the fridge, produce freeze in fridge drawer, Food spoils to quick in the meat drawer, Milk seems to go bad fast and its realy never that cold.

As of now our food is in the old Refrigerator in the garage (Jenn-air) its about 14 yrs old and have not had any problems with it.

    Bookmark   June 30, 2011 at 1:16AM
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OH NO! We were trying to save a little money in the kitchen and were looking at the ICON Professional All Fridge and All Freezer twins as opposed to the Thermador, Liebherr or (Gasp! at the price) subzero units. Now I'm very concerned. I know there is at least one person out there happy with her set - I think she even posted pictures of the inside of her fridge (how brave - I could never so that!). Anyone else have thoughts?

    Bookmark   June 30, 2011 at 5:43PM
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working - I went through the same thought process and the price and looks are very appealing but I couldn't find any good reviews - they seem consistently bad. I have also heard issues with the Liebherr from a reliability standpoint. I think your best bet is the Sub or the Thermador or some sort of alternative arrangement (extra fridge in garage/basement, fridge drawers, freezer in pantry/laundry/garage) to get the capacity you want.

We are doing a SZ 48" plus fridge drawers plus a freezer in our laundry.

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Working...The person who wrote that recent complaint above is another poster who resurrected this very old thread, and whose name is listed with an email address instead of 'my page,' which I find very unusual.
They also said:
I also have the Frigidaire twin Electrolux Icon All Refrigerator and All Freezer, made by Electrolux.

The Frididaire Twins are not the same as the Electrolux Icons, even though Electrolux does manufacture both. But no one I know that has either would refer to it by both names? (That'd be like someone talking about their car saying I have the Honda Prelude Acura Integra. ???)

The Electrolux Icons came out after the Frigidaire Twins and have nicer interiors, and I haven't seen a lot of negative reports here about those in particular. We've had 2 of the Icon all-fridges, and 1 all-freezer for almost 3 1/2 years without any temperature problems. Someone from the forum did email me recently about their all-freezer, about the same age as mine, needing a new board (the fun of electronics)...but I can't find it to confirm details. It could have been the fridge, but I think it was freezer.

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We have an Electrolux fridge, on 3rd trip by service in under 2 years of ownership. E-lux CS very difficult to deal with. Unhappy with entire line. We purchased the double oven, conduction top, and dishwasher and refrig unit. Only the dw has not had a service call. Would discourage anyone from purchasing this line or anything the parent company sells. The service technician agreed that these have issues. He attempted to gloss over that its electronics, I work with high end electronics and lasers, that is bull. It's design flaws and or issues with raw materials in production of boards or the QC process in testing and releasing these items, bottom line. It's not worth the headaches. I am kicking myself in the $%^&* for putting all our eggs in one basket, never again.

    Bookmark   July 8, 2011 at 11:25PM
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I have a Frigidaire Gallery that has been experiencing the same problem with the refrigerator cooling. It was just short of a year when we noticed the milk spoiling long before the "sell by" date. We've had a serviceman out while still under warranty and he replaced the control module and temperature sensor. Everything was fine for about a month before I noticed the temp was running high again. I have worked my way from the initial temp setting recommended of 37 degrees down the lowest possible of 33 but the temperature in the box hovers around 42-43. Now the warranty has expired. I contacted Frigidaire and they agreed to supply any parts and pay for the service since the original problem had started under warranty. That was a push. I'm going with a different service company and they are expected to come out with a few days.

Question: Maybe my answer is contained somewhere in the many previous posts but I would like to know how the icemaker problem described in several posts is related to the refrigerator temperature fluctuation. Our reefer doesn't have any icemaker issues as of yet.

    Bookmark   July 27, 2011 at 7:09PM
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I wish I had read this blog before buying my Electrolux refridgerator. The temperature of the freezer is 42 degree even after I set it to -6. As soon as I close and open the door the temperature goes back to 42.

I called for Sears repair, and pay the visit cost of $82. He does not know what it is for the first time and recommend the controller is not good and he needs to get the part.

On the 2nd visit by a different tech, the controller and labor cost $275. The temperature still does not register when I lower it down to 3 degree. He said to leave it for 24 hours for it to freeze.

Call Sears again for a 3rd attempt, another tech came and the diagnostic is the compressor needs to be replaced and the cost to order the part is $834 and if order after 2 weeks he would come out again.

I was flabbergasted with the Electrolux and Sears repair. Oh by the way, to schedule Sears for Brooklyn, each time it would take 10-16 days.

Never again with any Electrolux appliance.

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Wow Brooklyn Guy that really sux. What model was it and when did you buy it? I am (was) planning on installing the Icon fridge. This is not rocket science! What is their problem!!!

Where is the Elux rep to respond to thses threads?

    Bookmark   August 10, 2011 at 9:15AM
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Fortunately, I read this thread in time. I was considering an Elux FD standard depth with the wave touch controls and ice and water thru the door. I wound up buying a KA (made by Whirlpool) Architect series II eith the LCD display and ice and water thru the door. Just got it last week, but it works perfectly.

    Bookmark   August 10, 2011 at 11:50AM
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YEP....I bought a Frigidaire model P/N 241543911 with the silver front.

It worked for about 4 years and I started increasing it gradually to the cooler number...over a period of 6 months..it got warmer and warmer...so there was NO AIR coming below from the freezer to the bottom fridge area. NONE.

I had a repair guy..come and defrost it after he removed tons of ice from the behind the back panel. Worked good for about 4 weeks..and BAM..the food below was room temperature. So I removed the back panel..to defrost with a hair dryer. Then it gets warmer over a period of about 2-3 weeks.

I called for service again..and took some photos of the glacier in my freezer over the coils.

    Bookmark   August 20, 2011 at 11:16PM
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What kind of fridges are these? With icemaker/water at the front or without ice/water at the front models?

    Bookmark   August 21, 2011 at 3:13AM
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i cannot even believe this problem has been going on this long!?! i'm reading in here because i'm in the process of picking out a new refrigerator to replace my frigidaire gallery that... surprise surprise.. will not cool! i can't tell you how appalled i am that this has been going on with their products for 4 years and yet they claim there are no known issues with warm fridges. OHMIGOD! what a HORRID company!

we are actually on our FOURTH replacement... so i'll give them that... with me that are at least willing to keep replacing... however i'm sick of dealing with them... sick of not being able to go to the store and stock up for a week or two... sick of throwing my money in the garbage (food that spoils too soon because it's not at a safe temperature)..... sick of having to take time off work to meet service men and delivery guys! so this time instead of taking the replacement (which matches my stove and hood) i'm looking for another option that will actually keep my food cold!

electrolux/frigidaire... you really are horrid! i will be informing the consumer safety ocuncil.

    Bookmark   September 3, 2011 at 12:17AM
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A refrigerator is not rocket science! What is Elux's problem?

    Bookmark   December 13, 2011 at 2:43PM
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A refrigerator is not rocket science! What is Elux's problem?

    Bookmark   December 13, 2011 at 6:05PM
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I am sick to my stomach. I have three Electrolux ICON products on order, the all-fridge and all-freezer, and the IQ full depth Frech Door refrigerator with external water and ice. I can still cancel this order which I am seriously considering after reading this thread.

On another thread I read that these were old problems and had been fixed and that the all-fridge and all-freezer did not appear to be plagued by the same problems.

Is there ANYONE who has had a good experience?????

Is there anyone who has had their situation resolved to their satisfaction?

Did anyone buy extended warranties? I have read that these warranties are mostly a crock and there's always a loophole for the seller when you go to use it, so generally I do not buy them. Perhaps there are extenuating circumstances in this case....

    Bookmark   February 1, 2012 at 1:26PM
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This is a very old thread started 5 years ago. I'm sure they have made progress. Purchase an extended warranty and rest at ease.

    Bookmark   February 1, 2012 at 2:08PM
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For what it's worth, I have the Frigidaire Pro all fridge/freezers. I've had them in since October and they've been fine. If I understand correctly, these are essentially the same as the Elux, with less bells/whistles and less refined bins/shelving/lighting. After reading this thread followed up by more recent favorable threads, I decided it was worth the risk on the assumption that they improved the line. I have thermometers in each unit and they've been spot on.

    Bookmark   February 1, 2012 at 6:51PM
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Mine died today. It needs a new compressor and control panel. Parts and labor are almost the price of a new one. Customer service said I should have bought the extended warranty. I have owned it for 2 years and 4 months. It has been in service for 2 years. This is on top of the numerous frozen water line issues and temperature control problems. There were 8 service calls in the first year before I finally gave up and decided that I really did not need chilled water from the dispenser. My Electrolux dishwasher has also died. $4500 in appliances dead in 2 years of use. $2250 a year for a dishwasher and fridge seems expensive to me.

    Bookmark   February 20, 2012 at 7:56PM
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Well I am willing to send you photos of what junk these people make and don't stand behind their product. I will be putting them on Facebook as well as Youtube soon for everyone to see. My entire Icemaker, which never worked right to begin with, broke down and when I removed the Ice bucket which is stationary to my surprise is all rusted and the some metal platting has been peeling and going into our ice little by little. I will add more photos after the ice was melted.

    Bookmark   February 20, 2012 at 10:14PM
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I ended up biting the bullet and purchasing a new refrigerator. My new Kitchen-Aid arrived yesterday. The overall quality feels much better.

Electrolux finally agreed to replace the parts but I must pay the labor to fix the old one. Labor is still too expensive and I am sure I will still have issues with the refrigerator. They also emailed me the information on what I would need to do to file a claim with them for the water damage caused by the leaking. Basically I would need to send the entire unit to Electrolux for an undetermined amount of time so that they can inspect it. So I would have been without a refrigerator for months, incurred ridiculous shipping costs, and still probably have a claim denied.

I will never purchase another Electrolux product and I advise you to do the same. I am really considering painting the refrigerator up like a lemon and driving it to their Corporate offices which are 3 hours away, parking it outside and call the local news.

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Keep those fingers crossed - we have an elux fridge and love it!
Let's start a new thread

    Bookmark   February 23, 2012 at 7:57PM
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I have read through all these posts and it just makes me want to cry. I have owned my very expensive ($3500) Electrolux Refrigerator for four years and now it seems that there may not be hope for it. I have had issues with the water line freezing up. I had an issue where the paddle for the water/ice despenser BROKE OFF completely and had to be replaced because it was made out of garbage pot metal. And now, finally, after four years I'm am experiencing the Temperature problems as described by everyone else. I lost over $500 worth of frozen meat because my fridge just started warming up one day without any warning! I begged my husband for this refrigerator because I THOUGHT that you might get a quality product when paying this much and I am horrified that this is the outcome. I have two children and I never realized how badly I rely on this appliance to store my food so I can cook and provide for them. We do not have the money to buy a new refrigerator and the whole thing just makes me sick.

    Bookmark   July 8, 2012 at 10:40PM
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I have an E Lux side by side fridge and freezer. Both have warm temperature issues on the higher shelves. The fridge is freezing food in the lower vegetable bins. The problem that I'm experiencing on both units is that the defrost circuit is not completely defrosting the evaporator coils allowing them to ice up. The evaporator coils are located in the lower part of the units and their function is similar to the radiator on your car except they are cold and suck in heat instead or being hot and giving off heat like on your car. The coils are what cool the inside of your fridge and freezer, but will ice up when moisture is blown across them as the fan circulates the internal air cooling your food. According to E Lux, every 12 hrs of compressor operation the heating element that surrounds the evaporator is supposed to turn on and melt any frost buildup on the evaporator coils. The controller that you can set form 1-7 is what powers the heating element. If the heating element does not melt the ice build up on the evaporator, the evaporator eventually becomes a block of ice and won't allow the cold air to circulate. The evaporator is right behind the vegetable bing causing them to freeze in the fridge. I've taken apart both units to de-ice the coils which became blocks of ice causing the units to not operate properly. They both work great for a few days until the coils ice up again. As far as I can tell, there is a defect in the electronic control circuit in these units and for whatever reason E Lux hasn't been able to figure it out. I've had my units for 1.5 yrs now and was surprised to see how long this has been going on. I've also had little luck with the substandard help from the 877 help line posted on the labels on the units. I think there is a design issue inherant to the controllers that the technicians cannot fix by simply replacing parts (the controller).

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Most of the modern fridges are nothing but problems plus they are not built to last thats how the manufacturers stay in business its a revolving door they make you buy anyway had major issues with our american fridge freezer and it took us a while before i found a service agent in the uk london area agsrefrigeration.co.uk
they manage to fix damm thing so far so good next time think i will be getting something a bit simpler.

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Are you aware Electrolux is Frigidaire? If you check all the reviews on Electrolux/ Frigidaire you would have purchased this as buyer beware.
But also , folks usually only post with a problem not when they are happy with product !

    Bookmark   June 30, 2014 at 11:08AM
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