Landlord evicted medue to roaches asking rent for lease pending

Alien8March 1, 2013

Almost I lived in the apartment for 3 yrs, and the roaches started spreading after 2 yrs from the unit above our apartment. The maintenance team did sprayed as formalities but no use. The people in the above unit has been vacated and the apartment maintenance called third party for this roaches infestation for treating both the units.
After 1m will come and do inspection..but they did not show up..then we went to vacation (we cleaned entire apartment before going to vacation and closed all the wholes in our apartment) ...they left the notice door locked for 2 times and 3rd time they opened the door without our presence and don't know what they saw...and finally sent the notice to evict the apartment other wise will come through Court. When we came back from vacation and find the notice...called them and try to convince them....but as they are very rude people did not listened me and ask to vacate. When I asked about the lease they said first you vacate then we will think about that. I little bit worried about the notice mentioned about Court and thought why I've to take additional problems with Court and vacated the apartment.
Till that date I've paid rent very promptly every month. Now they sent the notice that I've to pay the rent for remaining 6 months lease pending + repair cost + lease breakage cost...which is totally unfair ...I've vacated as per their notice only...that too they did not offer me different apartment in the same community...I could not understand what I've to do now....

Pls' send me your valuable suggestions for this issue.

thank you.

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To be honest, Alien8, I found your message to be somewhat confusing.

Have you been evicted? Are you voluntarily leaving the apartment? Your original post is quite muddled and not easy to understand.

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